How To Create A YouTube Channel From Scratch

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Step-By-Step Guide On Creating A YouTube Channel From Scratch 

YouTube is the most popular search engine in the world, second only to Google. With over one billion active users and a billion hours of videos uploaded, it stands as an avenue to create a presence online. From research, an average user watches a minimum of 40 minutes of videos daily while engaging in the act of liking and commenting on content deemed satisfactory.

While it can be easy to understand how YouTube works as a user, the same can’t be said when you decide to turn the table and become a creator. Creating a YouTube channel is the first step needed in making an online presence on this platform, and the video quality is another.

Here is a step by step guide on creating a new YouTube channel. This article also has tips on how to develop and optimize your videos. This also applies to people who have bought YouTube views on these new channels.

How To Create A YouTube Channel From Scratch for Business

Steps involved In Creating A YouTube Channel

To create a YouTube channel, you will require a Google account. By now, you should have already known that Google also owns YouTube. Once you have a Gmail account, you can quickly proceed to YouTube official website to create your channel. If you do not have, take a step back and create one before moving to the next stage.

With your Google account, go to and click on “sign-in.” Afterward, it should automatically take you to the sign-in session that looks precisely like that of your Gmail sign-in page.

Choose A Profile Picture

After you sign-in, Add a picture that will help people recognize you. If you’re managing a brand, a Logo should work better, and if it’s a personal channel, then the picture of a face Should be used. Influencers should use a headshot as their profile picture, while brands can use artwork if they feel their logo won’t be appropriate.

Whichever category you fall to, ensure the visual you use is of the highest quality and if possible, the same across all your social media profiles.

Create Your Channel

After setting your profile picture, now is the right time to create your channel. Still, at, click the user icon at the right corner of your screen. That button is where the settings for both your YouTube and Google account is.

Scroll down and click “settings.” From the settings menu, you will load your Account overview page. Once you get on this page, select “additional features” and click the Option that says “create a new channel.”

You will have to Create a brand Account and give it whatever name you deem fit. Remember to keep the name of your account short and catchy. Your account must not bear the same name as that of your Google account, but it should reflect the brand or idea you intend to propagate on this platform.

After you enter your brand name, next is verification. You will receive a code via phone call or text messages. Input the code you receive to complete the verification process. Once verified, you automatically redirect to your account dashboard. 

Now you’re ready to get started.

Add links for website or social media page

Your YouTube channel can serve as an alternative source of traffic for your website or social media accounts. Ensure you add links to both so customers can easily access new information. Just like you will do on your website, all contents to be posted on your YouTube channel ought to have optimization with keywords.

These keywords should be in your title, description, tags, and even Meta-Description. Remember, doing this allows viewers to find your videos from the search result. If the content is well optimized, there’s no reason why it won’t pop up on the first page of search results.

If you have an idea of how Google SEO metrics works, then knowing how to optimize your video shouldn’t be a problem for you. The right keyword placing will help you get the kind of organic traffic you want even without using paid ads or backlinks from third-party sites.

Upload Your First Video

Provided you’ve followed all the steps listed above, now is the time to create your first YouTube video. However, don’t jump into video creation without doing enough research on the topics. Remember, the items you go for should be one with high Search volume and also research on keywords to use with it.

Getting the right keyword means putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you were to search on the topic manually, what phrase will you enter? Using this analogy makes it easier to predict the exact phrase your audience will come in on the search bar.

Secondly, ensure all videos uploaded are carefully edited and made using high-quality devices. You can shoot a video with your phone, provided the video is of high-quality. HD is most preferred, but if you can’t do that, ensure your videos aren’t blurry.

When shooting your first video, you’re bound to get tensed standing in front of a camera, but note that everyone feels the same way on their first outing. Try to communicate with your audience by looking straight at the camera and make things more conversational by making hand gestures.

Finally, once you start to upload videos, create a schedule for it. Post videos consistently. At first, you might want to upload 2-3 videos weekly to build your audience. However, in the long run, you can reduce to once a week or twice per month after reaching your goal.


Most YouTubers had few lapses when getting started on YouTube. The numbers might not grow as fast as you want, but this shouldn’t discourage you from giving your 100% Every time. Using Influencers is an easy way to increase your followers, but this should only happen after you’ve put in some work to grow your followers a bit.

Lastly, creating high-quality content should be your priority from the onset. Your research topics should be the one that will be an appeal one to your audience and come up with content that will give answers to their questions.

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