YouTube Analytics for 2019… and Beyond!

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So we just looked at that data and the numbers, we actually thought that the thing was doing really well. So then we’re pretty excited about it, even though people still buy YouTube views in 2019. But all of the stories we’ve done lately, on the broadcasting side of things, are our top shows, which means you could argue that we’re probably not doing as well on the player side of the games as people would have us believe.

YouTube Analytics for 2019 subscriber growth

YouTube Viral Videos Explodes Previous Analytics

Viral YouTube videos have seen explosive analytics this year. There are a number of ways a video is labeled as viral. Here are two of the most common. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites label videos in the same way they do commercial endorsements. So a client can publicly endorse a content/technology/tool without sharing their name and credentials. A video or company can be promoted with a hashtag using their campaign name or company name.

People even made unique technology to help find these viral YouTube videos. MemeHunter is a search engine that helps users to find the most popular or trending memes and funny images. The tool provides users to filter out popular content, memes, and images.

YouTube Analytics for 2019.

Mechanics of a Viral Video

It’s expected that one of the main goals for any social media marketing strategy is to make sure that your media can perform on that day and week when no one’s watching.

But what if there was a way to catch a bonafide follower without compromising performance? What if there was a way to generate a queue of well-targeted people who had shown interest in your video? This article discusses techniques for segmenting and targeting your target audience.

Viral videos are a deliberate stance to gain exposure for digital video marketing. It’s a great marketing strategy that uses content and distribution to have a bigger reach.

What we can learn:

Brand websites are frequently created by bored bloggers. These websites often have no point of reference that helps them understand what a brand is all about and why it is relevant.

Brand websites often have no point of reference that helps them understand what a customer audience is all about and why it is relevant. Even if a brand site has a very high-level point of reference, they often have a hard time reading the minds of their potential customers.

Disney’s Viral Video Strength Outflexes Us

For a large company like Disney, the legal and ethical implications of user-generated content are quite clear. The legal and moral repercussions of our decisions as consumers, artists, journalists, and consumers of content, have been largely ignored. And this is a problem.

If social media has a secret weapon, it’s the potential for bigger hits. Whether it’s way-too-rich data that Twitter and Facebook are taking advantage of or just plain user-generated content that’s shared beyond a reasonable boundary of sharing itself, there are numerous ways Disney and other large corporations can benefit. Normal brands and people don’t have that much access or power.


How many visitors do you get as a YouTube publisher and the sites that you publish on: ‘I only work on self-promoted sites’ How many more visitors does it take for a publisher to reach the subscribers of your personal brand?

I’m not trying to sugar coat things here, I’m not trying to sell you on self-promoted sites, because it’s just too long in the tooth. You have to read the full topic and this is it. Please understand that I’m not saying ‘a free YouTube video’, as that’s silly and untrue.

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