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YouTube is a channel with over one billion monthly subscribers. Statistically, there are more videos than any individual can watch throughout a lifetime; thus, it is easy to get lost in the sea of channels that are present on this platform.

In this article, we’ve articulated some top-notch new platforms for you to subscribe to and follow:


1. Treesicle

If you rather listen to the full gist rather than half baked unverified rumor, then you should subscribe to Treesicle as it offers just what you want. Treesicle is a group that consists of individuals like Ryan Kroner, Mike Pixley, Tyler Baron, and Grant Ball; these people make sure they share the latest verified news on the channel. Every news they share has been researched and authenticated.

However, their videos are not as long as it is obtainable on some gossip channels. The duration of their videos is usually between ten to twenty minutes. Within that short time, they’ll share information with you and sometimes react to comments on their videos.

2. JunsKitchen

If you have an interest in cooking and cats, then you should follow this channel owned by Junichi Yoshizuki. In case you’re wondering about the type of videos there, you will get videos with topics like “Taking my cats for a walk,” “Sushi for cats.” Etc.

3. Kati Morton

If you love issues on psychology and mental health, or you have a problem that is in that line, then you should follow this channel.

Kati Morton is very knowledgeable about those fields as she’s a certified therapist. She makes videos where she talks on psychology and breaks down the complicated topics in a way that a novice can understand. She is a widely recognized expert in psychology as she has won numerous awards.

The videos you’ll find on her platform are topics on grief, relationship, and burnout. You can also find some videos that discuss “sleep paralysis” and “Sociopathy.” Kati Morton’s specializes in helping those with eating orders, although she hardly makes videos on this topic.

Morton teaches in an informative yet friendly way that keeps her audience glued to her video. If you follow her channel, you will definitely hit the subscribe button.


4. Sitting Pretty Lolo

Lauren “Lolo” Spencer is the owner of the YouTube channel, and she’s quite an inspiration to many people. Lauren is a wheelchair user who encourages others with physiological challenges to be more confident about themselves. She also gives fantastic tips that will help them leave a better life. Some of her videos also speak about how able-bodied people should interact with those with her type of challenge.

One of her videos has the topic “Funny things able body people say”- in this article, she shared things that might seem reasonable to you, but the disabled find those questions weird.

Lauren also shares the story of her condition, as she calls herself “Undiagnosed” since medical experts are still not sure if she has ALS or any other medical problem.


5. Hot Tea

If you want to keep up on YouTube trending topics, but you don’t have the time to, then you should subscribe to this channel. Although the channel was opened about a year ago, she has built large followership with lots of subscribers.

The first video she ever posted on the channel was one that shows girls hitting on David Dobrik for 4 minutes; this video had 3.5 million views the last time I checked.

She summarizes the entire buzz for the day into a few minutes’ discussion without boring you with unnecessary facts.

6. Psych IRL

Psych IRL is a YouTube channel owned by a lady with the name Donna. Her channel is dedicated to teaching Psychology of how some subscribers behave and some YouTube stars. For example, she has spoken on the topic “feuds in the beauty world,” the lure of watching “Trisha Paytas,” etc.

Donna uses psychology to explain why some are YouTube stars, while others have been trying for years without making any headway.

7. CrimsonStudios

This channel focuses on giving details of the digital world with a touch of humor. Some of the most-watched episodes include topics on Eugenia Cooney, Ingham Family, Mukbangs, and Cancel culture.

The face of CrimsonStudios is Ryan Brown, and he does a fantastic job of communicating the content of the videos humorously. He shares his experience in digital culture when discussing topics.

One episode I find intriguing is where Ryan discussed his struggles on eating disorder and has more recently launched a new channel that discusses health-related issues.


8. Squirmy and Grubs

These two are also called Hannah Aylward and Shane Burcaw. They have grown the channel into one with lots of useful content for those who want to get inspired in their relationship.

Their story is mainly an inspiration to many because Shane has a medical condition that makes his muscles weak while Hannah is perfectly able-bodied. She serves the role of both caregiver and a fiancée to Shane.

9. Niko Omilana

Niko Omilan is a UK based YouTuber who became famous in 2019 when he went undercover and pretended to be a Defence League member. Although he sometimes faces racism online, he didn’t allow that to deter him as a prankster.

One of his notable videos is one where he made it to the ring where the Boxing match between Logan Paul and KSI was going on. Although he just became a YouTuber, he is already ranked amongst the most famous YouTube stars in the UK.

10. Jouelzy

Jouelzy speaks on multiple issues on her YouTube channel. She generally speaks on everything that can help build her fellow women up. From politics to female physiology, and dating; she speaks on all those topics and displays immense knowledge on virtually every problem that affects women.

Date: April 20, 2020 / Categories: Statistics, / Author: E O


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