How to Check Total Views on Any YouTube Channel

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If you have a YouTube channel or you just want to know how someone’s Channel is performing on YouTube, you may be interested in finding out how many views the Channel has. You can do all this by two different methods.

A.  By going to the About page of the Channel

1. Go to the YouTube channel: Type the Channel you want to search for in the text field on your screen. From the results, tap on the tile of the Channel to open.

2. Tap “About”: You should see this option in the line where you have playlists, community, and channels. Beside the Channel, you should see “About.” For those using the mobile app on Android and iOS supported phones, go to the top of the app to tap on “Channels.”

3. Go to “Stats”: You should see the number of views on your YouTube channel when you check under “Stats.” If you’re using an app on iOS or Android, you should see this in the lower part of the app.

B. Using the YouTube Creator Studio

1. Login to your account on YouTube: Type your login details into the login option if you’re not automatically logged in by YouTube.

2. Tap your profile: Go to the top right corner of your device and tap on your profile icon. You will see the panel menu when you click on that.

3. From the drop-down menu on the screen, tap “Creator Studio”: The old YouTube interface would have shown your creator studio below your profile icon, but here, you need to tap on it from the drop-down menu you’ll see after tapping on your profile icon.

4. Find your channel stat: Just before you see your number of subscribers in your creator studio dashboard, you will see your total number of views.

What are the views tipping point?  

The tipping point is when you reach 301 views. Google regulates the platform by ensuring that any view that is above 300 should be verified. This is because the company believes that views that are more than 300 can harm their platform if the views are artificial.

YouTube will freeze your view count at 300 views to manually verify if your views are real or not. This happens because some content creators use very basic bots to generate views, while some YouTube videos do make it seem like they have visitors watching their YouTube channel regularly. Thus, YouTube ensures that it gets rid of videos that are coming from the same device. Don’t worry if YouTube freezes your number of YouTube videos! It is not abnormal and your videos will still be added when YouTube analysts are done verifying the authenticity of your views.

Views more than 301

When your views are over 301, YouTube introduces a new tool to your YouTube video to remove and get-rid of illegitimate views. YouTube will now detect irregular views and get rid of them the moment it’s made. The exact way that YouTube uses to get free of bots is not released to the public. This is excellent news because programmers would develop bots that can by-pass YouTube’s security measures.

If YouTube tracks your views daily, then they will have to freeze your views daily, which I’m pretty sure will annoy you; as such, their algorithm method for videos above 301 views takes care of that.

Signs that views are fraudulent

  • Users will regularly reload the video
  • Those views may emanate from malware
  • Those who watch the videos have been flagged for using a spambot on their account in the past
  • The video will appear that it has been embedded on a website, and is set to play automatically
  • The views are only coming from new accounts

Buying views

Numerous websites on the internet sell fake views. Although some of those sites successfully increase your number of views on the platform, they aren’t all real. It is essential to note that this will eventually affect your Channel as YouTube will subsequently detect the fake views. 

Effect of fake views

The most significant way by which fake views affect the community is by spoiling the integrity of the YouTube advertisement plan. It is important to buy safe YouTube views or even YouTube Ad Video placements to get safe views the real way.

Some brands place ads per view, which means that those brands will be charged when someone views or clicks on an advert. If there are fake views, YouTube will perceive that the adverts have been watched. As such, they’ll charge the brand. This affects the relationship between YouTube and the advertisers.

The primary reason why content creators buy views is to cast a positive influence on their brand perception in the community. YouTube has been relentless in getting rid of fake views over the years. Thus, they’ve kept on improving their brand credibility. No matter what happens, across averages, the pricing of ad-views will always incorporate into the PPC of the ad itself.

Business recognition on the platform

YouTube views are very beneficial to small businesses as it makes their brand more recognized and even fetches them more customers.

YouTube’s algorithm only shows a video to an individual who YouTube’s algorithm has detected to be interested in them. As such, YouTube makes sure that it displays the video of a brand or product to its potential customers.

Small businesses can also grow their brand by making use of YouTube’s advertising plan to increase their popularity. YouTube has advertising giveaways that run into millions of dollars for small businesses. If you’re a small business, you have no reason not to have a presence on YouTube as views on a mobile platform alone are over 200 million per day.  

Date: April 16, 2020 / Categories: Analytics, / Author: E O


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