How to Remove Subtitles on YouTube In All Languages

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Subtitles, also called closed captions, are used by lots of people to enjoy videos on YouTube. The reason for this is that subtitles make it easier to understand a video, especially for videos in foreign languages. Subtitles are also useful for understanding videos with lots of noise and poor audio quality. So why get rid of them? The answer is simple; subtitles are difficult to synchronize, which leads them to become a source of distractions. That is why we want to let you know how to get rid of them.


Over the years, YouTube has become very popular because of its rich video content. Since the inception of YouTube, people have come to rely on it for their video content and entertainment. You can find a mind-blowing amount of videos on YouTube, allowing every style, interest, and personality to find something that interests them quickly. These include tutorials, financial guides, DIY, recipes, cartoons, movies, and music videos.

Lots of people use subtitles to enjoy their videos on YouTube. Subtitles have lots of advantages. This is paramount when videos have low audio quality, or when you wish to savor every word that comes out of the video. There are lots of reasons and situations that prompt people to choose to have the subtitle on, and some of them are;

  • For ease of understanding,
  • It helps second -language learner to learn new words
  • It allows people to understand videos in their native language
  • To keep up with the video, especially when watching in a loud or noisy environment. 
  • It improves your attention, and with dedication, you can become a fast reader.

Why You Should Get Rid Of Subtitles

People have spoken about the usefulness of subtitles, and many have experienced the value at some point in time. It is easy to see the downsides. These downsides have proven to supersede the need to have subtitles when watching videos, and many people around the world crave for a chance to take them out at will. There are many reasons why the subtitles need to go when watching videos, here are some of them;

It makes it hard to follow the video or movie. The reason for this distraction is because the video is audiovisual. With subtitles, you will spend more time reading the subtitle than actually seeing what is going on the screen. In the end, you find out you have missed out on a lot during the movie.

  • They take up space on the screen. This is a regular occurrence if you are accessing YouTube from a mobile device. Subtitles, especially the ones in large letters, take up space at the bottom of the screen, making it difficult to see what is going on.
  • Some videos come with subtitles that are not synchronized properly. This makes the movie unbearable to watch since the actions on the screen don’t match the subtitle text.
  • Some subtitles come with adverts, which is a sure way to distract and divide your attention from the video you want to watch.
  • Most subtitles do not last for very long on the screen. Meaning that the entire concept is for those who have the skill to read fast; this is not an appropriate choice for those new to the language or those with reading disabilities.
  • Most subtitles miss the central element of the original dialogue, and so lose the entire creative process.

Subtitles, in general, can be primarily useful at various points, but subtitles can quickly start to get annoying. With technical issues being a significant reason for this, it can become a necessity to take them out. On YouTube, there are a few options to help you take out the subtitles.

How to remove subtitles on YouTube

The first step: This is the most comfortable and most accessible option for turning off the subtitles. It can be done on both a laptop or through a mobile platform. To begin, follow these points:

  • Open YouTube using any of the browsers on your mobile device or desktop.
  • Navigate to the bottom part of the YouTube video panel when the video is playing.
  • Pause the video you are playing has subtitles, there will be a double C sign (cc) or logo in the space.
  • Click on the “cc” character. This will open the closed captions menu
  • Tap the “cc” icon again. The YouTube subtitle will disappear from your screen.

The second step:

This is an alternative to the first step, and it follows similar patterns to it. It can also be done on both a mobile and a laptop version. To get to it follow these short instructions;

  • Scroll to the settings button and select the turn off YouTube subtitle.
  • Here, you will see the on/off YouTube subtitle)CC option.

The third step: 

This is slightly different from the first two, but it is equally as easy to handle. This step entails going to the default subtitles setting on your YouTube account to completely shut it off. It can be done on both the mobile and the computer version. To get started, follow the steps below;

  • Open YouTube with your browsers or the app.
  • Navigate to the account settings page
  • Click the playback icon on the left side of the menu
  • Then, Click the box to untick “show captions.”
  • Click the save button to confirm your changes.

These steps can easily keep out the subtitles from disturbing you while watching your videos. The good thing about this subtitle feature is that you can quickly reverse it when the need for subtitles arises. To do that, just follow the steps written above, and you will be able to get back your subtitles.

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