The Top 6 YouTube Channels For Happy Housewives

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 Every sixty seconds, more than 500 hours of diverse content are uploaded to Youtube. These contents include music, movies, tutorials, and documentaries for over two billion users. Of these numbers, housewives occupy a very considerable percentage. From April 2005, when the first video was uploaded by youtube till the present time, almost hundreds of millions of videos have been uploaded on different channels. Most of these channels contain well- curated contents that cater to housewives and many others. This simple guide is specially designed for housewives who desire a form of preoccupation as they relax after a busy day; it is also intended for the housewives that intend to learn a new skill or the ones who want to improve on another. For that housewife that wants to set up her Youtube channel later, here are the best YouTube channels for you.

Food wishes

One of the essential activities most housewives are known for is cooking. They are known to cook gustatory dishes for their husbands, kids, and the entire family. Food channels become extremely important because they have become a destination of choice for housewives who either want to perfect their cooking skills or learn an entirely new one. Of the numerous food channels that exist, “food wishes” made it to the top of this list because of the following reasons. On the channel, professional chefs prepare each delicious meal; the mode of preparation is explained in an easy to understand manner, and the viewer will get acquainted with a wide array of recipes and ingredients.

Cookies Cupcakes and cardio

Being a housewife should have perks and privileges and not just responsibilities. This is why cookies cupcakes and cardio is one of the best channels for women who seek to swap tedious duties for attractive perks found on this channel. As the name implies, cookies cupcakes and cardio are for the housewife who wants to learn the art of baking decadent cookies and other forms of pastries. It is the destination channel for the housewife who desires to perfect the craft of satisfying her family’s sweet tooth obsession. The videos are in HD and are easy to follow. You should check it out.

Sara beauty corner 

Housewives are not meant to be left out in the beauty game, and with Sara’s beauty corner, they can get up to speed just like their working counterparts in the basics of fashion and health. 

Curated by Sara, this channel is the destination for housewives of all shades, shapes, and ages. If you want to learn about great makeup and beauty ideas, then this is the channel to visit as a housewife. SBC isn’t just about beauty and makeup trends; it is also the channel of choice for those seeking DIY videos on how to convert mundane household items into fashion accessories. 

Fitness blender

Housewives deserve to be fit much more than any other individual in the family; sadly, this isn’t possible because of their hectic schedules. Although there is no doubt that their activities can take a toll on their fitness, however, nothing is comparable to a dedicated and committed channel like fitness blender.

Housewives that visit the fitness blender will enjoy watching and practicing the fitness lessons that abound in every episode. The lessons include the appropriate diet, weight loss exercises, and other health-related videos. With almost 6 M subscribers, there is no doubt that fitness blender deserves to be on this list much more than other YouTube channels. 

Mums eye view

If you are looking for a YouTube channel that is all- encompassing., look no further than the Mum eye view. Most housewives flock to this channel for the same reason why you should visit the channel. It contains educational tutorials on health, weight loss, and fitness. Some episodes are curated to include mouthwatering recipes delivered in easy to understand manner. For the fashionable housewives, the channel also contains all the fashion tips and more that will make them the cynosure of all eyes, should they step into a place at any time. Of course, you don’t have to watch it all, but if you do, you will be glad that you did.   

Happily, a housewife

If your quest is for a YouTube channel run by an animated and engaging housewife character, then you should include this one as your favorite. Not every YouTube channel for housewives can be compared to this one, many thanks to the curator and presenter, Samantha. Samantha is not just a housewife; she’s an extraordinary one. Multitasking, effective planning, and daily hacks that can make the sometimes overwhelming daily household chores seem easy are only a few of the lessons that can be learned by each subscriber.

Who can watch this channel? Everyone can and every housewife should. Every content, episode, and post is refreshing, innovative, and easy to understand. It is no surprise it made it to this list.  


Rosanna Pansino, with her 11M subscribers, Clevver style with almost 3.2 M subscribers, Diet health, and Glamrs with their hundreds of thousands of subscribers, are other YouTube channels that rank among the best. The number of subscribers is enough testament to the fact that housewives find the above listed Youtube channels a treasure trove of some sort for many reasons. From the fitness exercises in fitness blender to the DIY lessons in Sara’s beauty corner or the unique pastry recipes in Cookies, cupcakes, and cardio or the food wishes channel. One thing this guide ensures is that with these YouTube channels, housewives can once again get the chance to enjoy a fulfilled and happy life regardless of how difficult their responsibilities are.      

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