A Sneak Peek to the Life of the YouTube Star Maddie Ziegler

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Ziegler’s collaboration with Sia during the past years has brought her a tremendous amount of stardom. She had performed on the TV show Ellen, Saturday Night Live, and even at the Grammys.

A few years ago, Ziegler and Sia performed live at the Hollywood Bowl. Little Ziegler was mesmerizing like a tiny pirouetting elf spinning and twirling across a critical stage. Simultaneously, Sia has her back turned to the viewers while singing her single hit Chandelier. The crowd’s attention was all on the flawless performance of Ziegler. She thinks that that was the most massive crowd she had ever performed in front of.

A YouTuber Was Born

Sia’s attention was caught by Ziegler during Dance Moms. The Grammy-nominated singer sent little Ziegler a tweet where she was inviting the little girl to perform in her next music video. On the other hand, Ziegler, telling her mom that she does not believe the tweet thought that it was some kind of a joke.

However, the tweet sent to her was a hundred percent real, and Ziegler is now as famous as Sia herself. Sia Furler, a 39-year-old singer, and songwriter choose to hide her identity beneath masks and wigs. According to the singer, she finds popularity horrible, so she wanted to remain invisible. Ziegler’s role is to emulate Sia’s state and copy the singer’s appearance in a blonde, bob-cut wig.

Together, Sia and Ziegler produced three haunting yet mesmerizing music videos. The first one is Chandelier, where Ziegler is featured solo dancing in an abandoned apartment and spinning through deserted rooms. The video reached more than 688 million views on Youtube.

668 Mill YouTube Views and Counting

The second music video was Elastic Heart, which had more than 250 million YouTube views. In the video, Ziegler is featured sparring in a cage with the actor Shia LaBeouf. Some people thought she might have bought millions of YouTube views due to her meteoric rise. However, the music video sparked an issue from people who said that the relationship between the 28-year-old LaBeouf and Ziegler, who was 12 years old back then, is inappropriate. This forced Sia to release a public apology. When asked about her experience in the video, Ziegler said that she was supposed to be the tough one, which she found funny since she is the smaller on and that she found it hard to growl a lot because she is not an animal.

The last video where Ziegler was featured is the music video for the song Big Girls Cry. The video featured Ziegler as a truncated version of Sia, where she was seen with an eerily expressive facial expression as she quaffs for air. Furthermore, Sia is always making sure that Ziegler is comfortable with what she has to do in the video. The singer even told Ziegler that if ever something is too much for her, she has to know that she cannot handle it.

Besides, Sia tries not to remove Ziegler’s natural appearance, refraining her from wearing makeup. There was a time when Ziegler had fake nails on, and Sia told her to remove them.

The pair had become close as they produce videos. According to Ziegler, she feels like she had known the singer for her entire life and that you will never think of the singer as a famous celebrity as she is so humble, caring, and sweet.

Melissa, Ziegler’s mother, said that Sia is protective of her child. According to her, the two were like sisters, and she loves how they snuggled.

Ziegler YouTube Stardom Breathes Subscribers

Ziegler started her passion for dancing at the young age of two. Her first ever dance was a recital where they did a little Nutcracker show. After the concert, Ziegler went down the stage, crying. When asked by her mother why she was crying, Ziegler said that she wanted to go back on stage. For this reason, her mother decided to enroll her in Aby Lee Miller’s dance studio. Miller is featured in Dance Moms as a demanding instructor who focuses on driving her students into perfection. Ziegler quickly became Miller’s favorite due to her exceptional talent. She started her practice in the baby program and was moved up into the older class two weeks later. Ziegler said she was not the best performer, but she was swift and smart to catch choreography.

However, the intensity of the dance program Ziegler was in took its toll on her family. Melissa divorced his husband Kurt in 2011, saying that his ex-husband claims that dance ruined their marriage. Both Ziegler’s parents are already remarried, and she has two half brothers, a stepbrother, as well as a stepsister. According to Ziegler, she does not see her dad that much. However, she is living with her stepdad, who, according to her, is fantastic. She further said that his stepfather is like his best friend.

Ziegler seems to have adjusted with the fame that she is getting now. However, she is not trying to pretend like she is an average pre-teen. Ziegler said that she does not feel normal any longer because she gets recognized and that recognition is overwhelming. The child dancer now has her own round the clock security. She said that Kipper, one of her guards, was his favorite and that he is good-looking.


But despite her fame, Ziegler admitted that she is still a little bit starstruck when she faces and meets a celebrity, but she is doing her best to hide it. On the other hand, her mother is much less restrained, but Ziegler said she wants to remain professional, and she does not want other artists to think that she is a fangirl since she is one of the performers. Ziegler further emphasized that she is not just a background dancer, and she is the dancer, the reason why she wants to maintain her composure in front of the artists she meets.

When asked about her studies, Ziegler said that she finds math as a struggle. She used to love it, but according to her, it is getting too hard for her with algebra. Ziegler has been home-schooled and is taking her classes seriously. According to Ziegler herself, she had to assure that she is still getting an education because she does not want to become a dumb dancer.

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