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YouTube is a significant platform nowadays. Apart from entertainment, the platform also offers knowledge for users. For instance, there are tutorials, cooking shows, or even channels that teach students lessons. Name it. YouTube has it. 

Moreover, the video-sharing platform is popular for long-form videos. This is because YouTube’s monetization policies require content creators to publish videos that are a minimum of 10 minutes long to be qualified for ads. But now, YouTube is going to popularize short video forms on its platform.

Recently, the video platform announced its fresh video feature called Shorts. It enables content creators to make themselves discoverable by viewers through, of course, short video content. 

YouTube Shorts is similar to Facebook and Instagram Stories, only that users may only upload shorter videos. For Facebook and Instagram, video stories are a maximum of 26 seconds long. But for YouTube Shorts, video content must be as long as 15 seconds. 

Users Will Now Have a New Way of Watching and Creating Content on YouTube

Buying Views on YouTube Just Got Better

Now, creators who enjoy making short clips have a place specifically for them. They can now enjoy an area where they sit along with other short videos from other creators. Even buying views on YouTube has become more accessible. 

As its name suggests, short is YouTube’s new short-form video experience for artists and content creators who want to film short and catchy videos through their mobile phones. 

User-generated short video content is popular on YouTube. The first short video uploaded on the platform is an 18-second video titled “Me at the zoo.” But as technology becomes more advanced, creators and artists alike can take advantage of their smartphones’ power. It allows them to make and upload high-quality video content wherever they are easily and whenever they want. Also, viewers enjoy bite-sized content whenever they have spare time. 

For this reason, YouTube, the largest video sharing platform in the world, decided to build YouTube Shorts. This is a fresh short-form video experience for content creators, artists, and viewers who want to shoot short yet catchy videos using their mobile phones. 

The early bet version of YouTube Shorts will be first launched in India. It offers a handful of fresh creation tools that users can use as the platform tests the new feature out. The beta version is an early version of the new feature. However, YouTube pushed through releasing it for its global community. The platform aims to bring its community with them in its journey of building and improving Shorts.

Moreover, YouTube said that it would continue to add more features to short. Along with new features, the video-sharing giant also plans to expand to more countries. 

YouTube Shorts: What Exactly is It?

YouTube Shorts is a new way for artists and creators to express themselves through videos. But unlike most videos on YouTube that are minutes long, Shorts are only limited to 15 seconds. 

Furthermore, the video-sharing giant’s team focuses on building the new feature’s foundation based on three particular areas.

The first area is creation, which, according to YouTube, is at the core of short-form videos. Also, YouTube wants to make it easy and fun for creators to use Shorts. It is now beginning to test a couple of new tools for artists and content creators in India.

Users Will Now Have a New Way of Watching and Creating Content on YouTube

Some of the new tools for Shorts are a multi-segment camera, record with music option, timer, and countdown, as well as speed controls.

The multi-segment camera feature will allow users to string together multiple video clips. Meanwhile, the option to record with music lets them shoot videos and use background songs from Short’s library.

On the other hand, the timer and countdown make it easier for users to record hands-free. Lastly, speed controls provide Shorts users the flexibility to be creative in shooting a video.

Also, YouTube has rolled out a popular new spot for the create icon on Android. The platform will continue to expand on iOS devices in other countries soon. It also promised people that they could expect more creation features in the months that will come.

What are the Benefits of YouTube Shorts?

Nearly two billion viewers come to YouTube every month to learn or entertain themselves. Artists and content creators alike have already bulti entire businesses within the platform. For this reason, the video-sharing giant wants to empower the next generation of mobile content creators to grow a community on YouTube using Shorts.

That is the reason why YouTube is encouraging all mobile creators to begin publishing their existing videos on the platform. This way, they will have a chance to be discovered.

YouTube Shorts also have a benefit for viewers. You might have already seen a row on the home page of the platform that contains short videos. YouTube has developed that feature further by introducing a new watch experience.

Users Will Now Have a New Way of Watching and Creating Content on YouTube


Now, viewers only have to swipe vertically to jump from one video to another. This feature also allows them to discover more short video content further. According to YouTube, it will also make it easier for viewers to use Shorts. 

YouTube is a significantly huge platform. To keep its users’ interest, it continues to develop the platform itself. It also makes sure to offer new products and features that audiences can enjoy. 

The video-sharing giant also said that there is so much more to come in the coming weeks and months. So, content creators, artists, and viewers can expect to see more tools and ease of use of the platform. 

The video-sharing giant said that feedback from users is important for its team. It allows them to develop the platform further and improve the way that people consume video. 

People consume videos a lot more than we think of. In fact, there are more than two billion active YouTube users each month. This is why YouTube hears out all the feedback that it gets from its users. This way, they can cater to them a platform with good experience and fresh tools.

Date: October 28, 2020 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Joy P


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