The Break: A YouTube Channel Teaching Women Financial Independence

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Patricia Bright is one of the most successful YouTube creatives in the UK. Her new channel, The Break, allows her to help women, regardless of where they are, to seek financial independence and confidence in their careers. 

Bright said that one thing that YouTube has taught her is that there is no time to wait. According to her, procrastination plans for tomorrow and wishes for the future will not get anyone anywhere. 

Patricia Bright’s “The Break”: A YouTube Channel that Teaches Women Financial Independence

For a very long time, she has dreamt of putting up a place where women could gather together and learn and share and discuss things about improvement. This gave life to “The Break.”

Patricia  Bright and Her Journey Towards Her Dream

Bright is no stranger to YouTube. She has made the platform her home for the past 11 years. She put up her first YouTube channel devoted to beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and more. That channel allowed her to have an amazing career in social media. It also allowed her to become a cover of magazines and gain partnerships and engagements. 

It was a wild ride for bright. There are times when she still cannot believe where she is now, considering where she began. However, as much as she loves makeup and fashion, Bright knows that there are so many things ahead of her. 

Moreover, she launched her YouTube channel, The Break, because she felt like women like dressing both their bodies and minds. She has a professional background in financial consulting. She also has all the experience that she acquired from her work in social media. With these two combined, she made The Break a way to empower women to discover all the parts of themselves, so their professional lives can improve. 

She is well-aware of how challenging building a social media-based business is. However, the potential rewards of these challenges can be really fruitful. The process is daunting at the beginning, especially when there is no one to guide you. But experiences, even those that come from other people, can be the best teacher. This is the reason why The Break was put up. 

Bright wants women to think of her channel as their helping hand when it comes to matters of the mind, business, as well as money. Thanks to her personal experiences, she gave women practical and applicable strategies for growth in social media.

The Launch of The Break Increases YouTube Views

Bright has no clue about what the outcome would be when she quietly launched The Break in January. This year has brought many challenges that are difficult to surpass. For this reason, having a channel that could help women to improve their lives is something to look forward to. It has also brought a huge increase in YouTube views on the channel.

Patricia Bright’s “The Break”: A YouTube Channel that Teaches Women Financial Independence

Her content revolves around different topics such as getting a mortgage, the importance of pensions and learning how to budget salary. Also, she covers various personal topics and interviews in her Caught Off Guard podcast. 

She now has more than 317,000 YouTube subscribers. Through her channel, she can see how much women want content that can feed their minds, guide their budget, and improve them to push their careers to its boundaries. 

Patricia Bright on Failures in Life

At a young age, Patricia experienced losing things at times that she never expected. She grew up in Battersea, London, with her Nigerian family. At six years old, she experienced hardships when his father was deported after his student visa expired, and did not apply for residency. It took her family six years to get her father back. 

Raising her and her sister alone, her mother could have been broken. However, she remained strong and had been grafted. To support their family, her mother cleaned offices at 6 AM. After her job, she would train as a nurse so she would be able to join the NHS Staff Bank. It was a talent pool for part-time and temporary work.  

Her mom chose an ungodly shift of 2 AM to 6 AM that pays time and a half. This allowed her to invest in their first house. 

Having her mother raise her and her sister alone and losing her father at such a young age made her realize that nothing was guaranteed.

Furthermore, Bright’s family wanted her to become a lawyer. In African immigrant families, you are either a lawyer or a doctor. This is because those professions give your future children more academic opportunities. 

She studied A-level biology, chemistry, business studies, and psychology. This hardcore academia prompted her to go to the University of Manchester to take up a fashion marketing degree. The said degree also allowed her to explore her creative dreams. 

Bright expected that it would be cool to work in the fashion industry. But contrary to what she thought, she did not enjoy the degree that she took up. The only module that she liked was accounting. So, she dropped out and shifted to an accounting degree.

Patricia Bright’s “The Break”: A YouTube Channel that Teaches Women Financial Independence


According to Bright, people should always try something and see its outcome. If the outcome was a failure, then move on quickly. People should not be afraid of failing; they have to be a fast failure. 

After her degree, Bright’s friend secured her a job at Merrill Lynch, an investment bank. She thought that the job sounded great. However, she also found out that there was an internship available. But she needed 360 UCAS points to be able to apply.

Because Bright dropped an AS level and shifted to another degree, she only had 280 points, not even the requirement. Yet, his friend told him that she should apply anyway. For this reason, she took the risk and still applied. Her application was accepted. However, she failed part of her entrance exam. Fortunately, the recruiters allowed her to resit, and she finally got the internship. Bright said that that version of her on paper was not supposed to be on the paper. However, she hustled and made the Merrill Lynch recruiters notice her.

Date: November 25, 2020 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Joy P


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