Singer-Songwriter Tate McRae Grows Even Faster With YouTube

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Youtube Artist on the Rise Tate McRae was born to take over the stage. At the young age of 16, the Canadian singer and songwriter could garner 114 million views on YouTube. Her songs’ emotionally raw lyrics, along with their intimate instrumentation and dynamic delivery, were the reason for her surging popularity. 

Singer-Songwriter Tate McRae and What Drives her on her Musical Endeavors

Tate McRae’s “You Broke Me First” Gets Thousands of YouTube Views

The official music video of You Broke Me First, a song written by Tate McRae, was able to get more than 16 million YouTube views since it was launched in April. It was a video shot using her smartphone amid the pandemic-caused quarantine. 

According to McRae, she never really thought that the video, let alone the song, would take off and surge in popularity. She said that despite the quarantine and lockdown implementations, she still had to film a music video, so she had to work amid the circumstances. 

McRae noted that she was pretty satisfied with how the song’s music video turned out because it feels so raw and real, especially that the song features vulnerable lyrics. 

The singer-songwriter filmed the video by taping her iPhone in front of her mother’s car. They stacked it up with tissue boxes, too. After that, they shot a single take-off of Video Star. 

After sending in the raw video and adding some visual effects, the music video became pretty good.

McRae was also a dancer. According to her, dancing was a hardcore process that can prepare anyone for a lot. 

Dancing above stages, in front of a camera, and while under pressure are the things that McRae thinks had helped her with all her music and performances. 

Also, she thinks that while music and dance are two different things, they still coincide. This is because the two are both ways of expressing oneself self. 

Tate McRae McRae on Collaborating With Other Artists

The singer-songwriter said that she loves working with other artists because it allows her to tell stories using other perspectives. When asked if there was anyone that she would love to co-write with, she said that she wanted to write with Post Malone and Julia Michaels. 

McRae said that she is obsessed with Julia Michaels’s writing. This is because Julia knows how to pinpoint stories and emotions. So, she thinks that working with her would open up her perspective. 

Music videos, as well as videos in general, play a significant role in McRae’s craft. According to the singer-songwriter, YouTube has always been her platform to share music with other people. In fact, she used to post new and original songs on the platform every single Friday. She said that it feels crazy for her to see how many people her songs can connect with. 

Singer-Songwriter Tate McRae and What Drives her on her Musical Endeavors

Her approach to creating and publishing music videos evolved throughout the years. For her, having her listeners follow her journey and see her grow is something cool. This is because listeners get older and see her evolving into brand new chapters in her life. 

What It is Like to be A YouTube Artist on the Rise

YouTube Music’s Artist on the Rise is an emerging artist program that features rising stars and breaking talents. Just recently, McRae was announced as that artist. As part of the program, she will be collaborating with YouTube Music on a unique series of content. This will live on her Official Artist Channel. Besides, the series will invite fans so they could get to know her more.

McRae feels cool about being held as a YouTube Artist on the Rise. She is both honored and grateful to be able to work with an influential and huge platform. Also, she said that it feels crazy to see all the past Artists on the Rise and think that she is now living through it. Her dream was to share her YouTube music and dance while collaborating with the said video-sharing giant. 

The young and talented artist has received praise from many publications. even claimed that she would be one of the hottest names in the music industry. Also, Idolator voted has as one of the 40 artists to watch this 2020. Similarly, E! Featured her as one of the 15 newcomers that people need to know. 

With all the talent that she has, it only seems right for McRae to hook the title of YouTube Music’s Artist on the Rise. The Canadian bedroom pop artist’s popularity has exploded during the COVID-19 lockdown. This may be because she has been forced to go back to basics and in the place where she was known to work best from– her bedroom.

Conclusion: YouTube Views Increase With The Music

McRae has dropped several new releases while she was in isolation. Her Artist songs on the Rise series have so far shown people her journey as a musician. In a way, her career as a singer is a fluke. Her YouTube channel, which has gone viral, began as a platform where she shares her dancing. Later on, she 0used her channel to share the first song she wrote due to her boredom. Besides, her YouTube channel has sparked her desire to shake things up using her songs.

Vicious, a song that she wrote, chose to be the beginning of her second EP. According to her, it was a little more fierce. The song was released a couple of months ago. It was able to gravitate towards the edgier side of pop, similar to Taylor Swift’s Reputation album. 

Singer-Songwriter Tate McRae and What Drives her on her Musical Endeavors

Moreover, McRae was reeling out the releases in the past few weeks. A live-in-the-park and stripped version of her song “You Broke Me First” dropped as collateral for her announcement as the Artist on the Rise. On the other hand, her latest song and video titled “Don’t be sad” hit YoUTube and the Internet about a month ago.

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