Youtube Gamers Buy Their YouTube Views And Help Save the World

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Since 2018, the online video-sharing platform gained a hundred percent increase in its viewership.

Undoubtedly, gaming reigns as one of the most sought-after sources of online entertainment. The latest announcement from Youtube further cements this claim. Ryan Watt, the head of Youtube Gaming, proudly shared that the platform had successfully obtained its all-time high viewership by the end of 2020. Notably, the last year’s statistics show that viewers had spent more than 100 billion hours watching the platform’s gaming-related content.  In an official company blog published last Tuesday, Youtube further revealed that this figure is double what they recorded back in 2018.

Youtube also released a breakdown of the whopping hours. Notably, 10 billion hours were spent by viewers on live streams. It strongly indicates that the Google-owned website is poised to give Twitch, an Amazon-owned company, a good run for its money.

Youtube Gaming’s Total Hours Watched in 2020 Hits Over 100 Billion –It’s All-Time High

How Gamers Buying YouTube Views Saved The Industry During Tough Times

On the other hand, the most-watched game, according to Wyatt, was Minecraft. It has recorded a significant margin from its competitors with over 200 billion views.  Roblox obtained the second spot. It boasts 75 billion views, followed by Garena Free Fire, Grand Theft Auto, and Fortnite with 72 billion, 70 billion, and 67 billion views, respectively.

In terms of active gaming channels, Youtube proudly announced that it has over 40 million by the end of 2020. Out of this mind-boggling figure, 80 000 have successfully hit the 100 000 marks in the number of subscribers. Over a thousand channels have 5 million subscribers, while 350 have whopping 10 million subscribers.

As emphasized by Wyatt, content creators on Youtube have witnessed surges in their audiences and subscribers throughout the challenging year. He cited Dream as an example, the creator behind Minecraft. Notably, this channel only had 1 million subscribers back in January 2020. By October of last year, the number had hiked to 13 million. Growth of bought YouTube views can describe the growth as one of the channel’s most significant achievements.

Top Reasons Behind Youtube Gaming’s Incredible Growth and Success

According to Wyatt, one of the most plausible reasons why the number of viewers and subscribers on Youtube had surged with a mind-boggling speed can be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. With most people worldwide forced to stay at home and work remotely, there had been a significant shift in online activities and entertainment such as streaming and gaming. And though the platform’s significant competitors Twitch and Facebook are yet to release their 2020 statistics, Wyatt stressed that they wouldn’t be surprised if these two companies reveal mind-boggling figures as well.

Besides talking about Youtube Gaming’s massive success, Wyatt also shared that many 0gaming content creators have delightfully worked on giving back to the community.  Through partnerships and friendly tournaments, these creators have raised funds and awareness for various causes.

Youtube Gaming’s Total Hours Watched in 2020 Hits Over 100 Billion –It’s All-Time High

Gamers Weren’t Only Purchasing YouTube Views: They Ended the Myth of The YouTube Gamer!

Here are some of the most notable deeds:

Jacksepticeye raised almost $700 000 in just 12 hours. The proceeds went to organizations that provide Covid-19 relief to the needy. At the same time, CouRage also spent 12 hours on a charity stream campaign and raised half a million dollars. The community donated purchased YouTube views the funds to the CDC Foundation. Gamers often are associated with many other myths on YouTube about buying real YouTube views, but this generosity proved otherwise!

Last May, Youtube Gaming hosted the Call of Duty Warzone tournament. The winning team donated $100 000 for pandemic relief. In Mexico, the platform also hosted the Torneo de Creadores de Youtube Gaming, wherein $50 000 of the prize money went to Cruz Roja Mexicana on behalf of the winner. During August, Youtube Gaming has partnered with Vidcon, and in the end, $50 000 was donated to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In October, another tournament known as the Fall Guys Season 2 managed to raise $100 000 for the United Nations Children’s Fund. And perhaps one of the most successful was the one hosted by MatPat and Stephanie Patrick just recently. They hosted a live stream event intending to donate the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The marketing idea of buying YouTube views had tripled the target fund –thanks to the additional push from the famous gamers and giant content creators such as Mr. Beast, Markiplier, The Game Grumps, and more. In the end, the beneficiary of the live charity stream received $3 million. 

Other Likely Reasons

The Youtube Gaming community allows a viewer to be part of something more significant than oneself.

According to modern studies, playing online games serves as a bridge to an immersive and exciting world. There are several emotions that one can feel –spellbinding, absorbing, and entertaining. As technology makes it possible to enhance gaming elements to a higher height from time to time, it comes as no surprise that more and more people get drawn to it.

Notably, online communities connect gamers worldwide by breaking barriers and offering something that every party would love. The characters are derived and created with real humans as the basis.  Many talented content creators and designers have successfully incorporated feelings and emotions into their works. As most gamers say, online gaming helps them interact with other people and understand them more in-depth.

Youtube Gaming’s Total Hours Watched in 2020 Hits Over 100 Billion –It’s All-Time High

Conclusion: We Truly Do Live In A Society

Based on the study conducted by Ipsos, more than 50% of Youtube gamers claim that they can connect with the members of their community in a free, comfortable, and well-spirited manner. Meanwhile, 73% claim that they find gaming a form of escape from their daily stress and problems. Another 74% said they see Youtube Gaming as a channel to learn new things and enhance their life skills. It is not surprising since this famous platform hosts people from all walks of life and ages. Viewers and gamers can interact with their neighbors, friends, bosses, and even strangers in ways that merely buy views that cannot convey in the real world. A lot of new and profound friendships blossom. By finding it easier to enhance their social skills, the gamers’ love for this activity grows stronger with each passing day.

With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing and many people looking for ways to cope with life’s challenges, it wouldn’t be surprising if purchased views would surpass this all-time high for Youtube Gaming anytime soon.

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