Blogging and Vlogging: The Benefits and Which One is Better

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One of the preferred methods for content marketing is blogging. You can publish a range of different content easily using a blog, from written posts to infographics and more. 

This type of content is not the only technique of content marketing that works, however. More and more companies and individuals are now starting to vlog as well. It’s a blog in video form.

Blogging and Vlogging: The Benefits and Which One is Better

For brands and people who want to create the full amount of traffic for their websites, blogging and vlogging are very efficient strategies. Whether it’s inexperienced blog owners, beauty professionals buying views on YouTube, or seasoned social media marketing experts, everyone is trying to promote their companies or promote themselves through all media.

Blogging is like an online journal, in the simplest terms, where the user can record their experiences, share thoughts and data, and provide advice. As they provide a great forum for communicating with potential clients, writing blogs has become a standard for business owners, businesses, and professionals.

While on the other hand, with nothing more than a smartphone, vlogging, makes it both cheap and easily available. For your prospects and customers who prefer video to text, it’s important to have content obtainable.

Benefits of Blogging

The original aim of blogging was for people to post their personal lives online, similar to an online journal. As the years’ pass, this content type has grown from getting more personal to more technical ambitions over the last decade. Instead of people blogging only for their friends and relatives, blogging began to involve professionals’ blogging for the public to support their personal brand and their business.

Blogging is an activity that everyone can participate in. It is easy, inexpensive, and open to anyone. And while the ultimate reason for each person might be different, the potential for personal and professional growth is a vital reason for you to start a blog. 

Here are some essential benefits of blogging you must take note of:

You Can Achieve Online Identity

 Both individuals and organizations have their data posted online. What happens when anyone looks for your name, then? One of the benefits of blogging is that it helps you to build and control your online identity. By having your own blogging site, you will be able to tell people who you are, what you do, your brand’s mission, your target audience, and the products that you are offering them.

Blogging Can Maintain the Structure of Your Relevant Content and Your Marketing Strategy 

It is not easy to promote goods and services. This is especially true when you are in a highly competitive business climate. But in this regard, blogging comes in handy. It aids you with your company’s multimedia representation, keeps your target audience’s interest, and most of all promote your company. 

Blogging and Vlogging: The Benefits and Which One is Better

Blogging Can Attract New Clients

Blogging and posting content that is relevant to your niche is useful in increasing your website’s traffic. Using SEO strategies, such as keywords, meta titles, meta description, and other practices, the blogs that you post will allow your website to gain visibility.

Your Blogs Can Help You Advertise

According to research, approximately 80 percent of companies use articles to advertise rather than the traditional “buy now” agenda. In addition, customers are already tired of the conventional ways of advertising and commercials. For this reason, new and creative advertising methods like blogging are crucial to the modern business environment. 

The Benefits of YouTube Vlogging

People are increasingly consuming video materials. And with the current technology that we have right now, access to video content has become easier than ever. This is the reason why a lot of brands are now turning to vlogging to advertise their products or services. 

Notably, vlogging is a combination of video and blogging. It is basically a video format of the traditional blogs where people share their thoughts with their audience.

Below are the benefits that brands may get from vlogging:

Vlogging Lets You Show Off Your Expertise

Vlogs are seen as an excellent method of establishing a brand as an expert in its field. Through vlogging, you can show your audience that you are knowledgeable about what you are talking about. 

In addition, you will be able to build your audience’s trust by providing them with valuable information about you and your business. 

You Will Reach A Wider Audience

Vlogging is becoming more and more popular. In fact, YouTube is now considered the second largest search engine in the world after its parent company — Google. This means that the number of people who use YouTube and other video sites to get information about a certain product is also increasing. 

For this reason, utilizing vlogs to reach your target audience is an excellent way to widen your reach.

Vlogging is Easy to Do

When you are vlogging for your brand or your products, you do not need to hire a video expert and you do not need a big production. As a matter of fact, you can use your smartphone to shoot your vlog. If you are not familiar with video editing, YouTube has a lot of video tutorials that can teach you the step-by-step process of editing a video.

Needless to say, all you need to have for vlogging is the camera of your smartphone and your computer.

Blogging and Vlogging: The Benefits and Which One is Better

Blogging and Vlogging: Which One is Better For Brands

When it comes to choosing which one is better between a blog and a vlog, the choice really depends on the products that you advertise and the audience that you want to target. For this reason, you may first have to find out the demographics of your audience. 

Based on their age and interest, you will be able to find out if they are likely to read blog posts or watch videos on YouTube. For instance, if your audience has an age range of 45-60 years old, they are likely to be more familiar with blogging rather than YouTube. On the other hand, younger audiences are more reachable on newer platforms like YouTube.

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