What Is YouTube’s “First 24 Hours” Video Analytics?

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YouTube Studio has a new metric where creators can track their videos’ performance within the first 24 hours prior to uploading them.

The video-sharing giant YouTube has added a new analytics tool to YouTube Studio. This new metric lets creators access in-depth statistics based on the first 24 hours of their video’s upload. The feature is already available for all YouTube creators to use, helping them to buy real YouTube views from their audience

Like Crime-Scenes, The First 24 Hours Are Everything

While a creator is logged in to their account, they can navigate to any of their videos and click the blue Analytics button located just below the video. This will prompt them to the video analytics. On the upper right part of the screen, there is a drop-down button that they can click to see the new First 24 Hours option.

The First 24 Hours option will show creators the number of views their video gained during the first 24 hours after it was uploaded. It will also show the estimated revenue, the total watch time within the said period of time, and how viewers landed on that video. In addition, there will be more statistics under the Reach, Engagement, Audience, and Revenue. 

YouTube is Adding An Option Called “First 24 Hours” to Its Video Analytics

Moreover, YouTube creators will now have the ability to compare the first 24-performance of two videos alongside each other. When they are in the analytics view, they need to click the Advanced Mode above the drop-down in the upper right of the screen. Next, click Compare To in order to overlay two videos. Lastly, click the drop-down on the upper right of the screen and choose First 24 Hours. 

One thing worth noting is that only those videos that were uploaded in 2019 or later can be accessible in the First 24 Hour option. In addition, the feature is not available for videos recorded live.

Finding out the number of viewers and how they accessed your video within the first 24 hours is the key to targeting the right audience in your future videos Additionally, YouTube emphasizes the importance of engaging your audience to a video early. It now has a chart that ranks the most viewed music video debuts in 24 hours. 

The “First 24 Hours” Data of YouTube

After choosing the First 24 Hours option from the drop-down menu, your screen will display a full set of data that is collected from the first 24 hours after you have published your video.

Once you clicked the said option, you will see a summary displayed at the top of your screen. This summary briefly informs you of the total views that your video had within 24 hours prior to its upload. The metric will also compare that video’s performance to your previous videos. 

If you scroll down your screen, you will see the total watch time that the video accumulated within 24 hours. In addition, the report will show the number of people who subscribed or unsubscribed to your YouTube channel during that time. You will also see the amount of revenue that you earned if your video is monetized.

This summary is helpful if you want to figure out how the data compares to your other videos.

Still, you can dig even deeper than that. 

Side By Side Data Comparison

As mentioned, YouTube is giving its creators the ability to compare videos side by side. 

Once you set your video to be displayed alongside each other, the screen will display a graph at the top. There, you can see how those two videos performed and which one gained more engagement.

But this colorful graph is only the beginning. Just below that graph, you will see more granular data about each video’s traffic sources. 

Moreover, these traffic sources are broken down into five categories:

Browse Features

These are the views that your video got from YouTube recommendations. It may be that a viewer was scrolling on YouTube’s recommendation list and saw your video, got interested, and watched it. 


The notification traffic source is those that your video received when your subscribers click on a notification.

Channel Pages

Channel pages are the views that your video received from viewers who clicked into your YouTube channel.


As the name suggests, external views are the ones your video received from people who found it outside youTube. For instance, if you posted your video’s link to social media and people click on that, then those views count as external views.


These are the views your video received from people who directly navigated to the URL. 

From all the aforementioned metrics, the one that creators should pay close attention to is the views received from notifications. If that number begins to decrease noticeably as time passes by, it is an indication that people are becoming less eager to watch your videos.

On the other hand, fluctuations in the browse features metric means can show how the recommendation algorithm of YouTube is responding to your videos. 

YouTube is Adding An Option Called “First 24 Hours” to Its Video Analytics

In addition, freshness is one of the major factors that YouTube’s algorithm considers. For this reason, the first 24 hours of a video is significant because that is when it gains the most from the freshness signal. 

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that the first 24 hours of a video is the most important time for it. The reason is that it indicates how interested your audience is in the videos that you upload. If your videos receive a significant amount of engagement within the first 24 hours after their upload, then it means that your viewers are eager to watch your content and that they are waiting for your uploads.

So, it is a big benefit that you can see the metrics of your videos within the first 24 hours. 

Date: April 2, 2021 / Categories: Analytics, / Author: Joy P


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