The Harry Styles Sweater That Bought Millions of YouTube Views

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When you first think about Vogue Magazine, the first thing that springs immediately to mind is Anna Wintour and her impeccable fashion taste. The annual MET Gala and the prestige and glamour are usually associated with higher-end fashion brands like Gucci or Chanel. Whatever comes to mind, it is most certainly not an incredibly colorful cardigan that would look like a Japanese homeless person owns it. But, singer Harry Styles broke that stereotype by wearing that same cardigan for a rehearsal last February last year and subsequently breaking the internet in the process.

Looks can be deceiving, but the cardigan is not any everyday cardigan. The cardigan that the singer wore in his rehearsal in The Today Show was a piece by JW Anderson, and it costs a whopping $1,890. The thick, multi-colored cardigan gives the illusion of being something that you can find in a thrift store, making it that much more appealing for everyone.

How A Sweater Broke The Internet: A Story Of Harry Styles’ Sweater

The Crazy Story How a Sweater Bought Millions of YouTube Views

Harry Styles is nothing short of a fashion icon, and anything he touches buys YouTube views by the millions. Everyone is continuously looking forward to what he would be wearing at his next concert. You can pretty much see his Twitter fans posting various images of him in different photoshoots, all while wearing fashion-forward outfits. He, like Prince, has also challenged the stereotype of wearing female clothes as well. And, with this simple cardigan, the internet has gone in a frenzy all while trying to recreate it.

Granted, not everyone has lots of time during the quarantine. But there are many video tutorials online that teach you how to make this cardigan when you want to make it yourself. Not everyone can cough up $2,000 when it comes to a single cardigan. So, if you want it, you can always improvise. Currently, Anna Kallajian and her video tutorial on crocheting the same cardigan is the most-viewed tutorial. As it’s challenging, it is not suitable for everyone to make. But do not let that discourage you. Always remember that when there is a will, then there is a way. If you want to be fashion-forward and classy like your fashion icon, then you would have to know how to improvise in one way or another.

Naturally, you would expect JW Anderson, the creator of the cardigan, to be furious at this trend. But, they are not that much of a petty corporate overlord. They have even released an online pattern PDF file that is free to download for everyone, and they have even gone to desperate lengths to release their tutorial on YouTube as well. JW Anderson has understood the classic saying that imitation is the most effective form of flattery.

JW Anderson Released a Sewing Pattern of the Popular Cardigan So Fans Can Make It At Home

As a response to the growing popularity of Harry Styles’s cardigan, Anderson released a fully detailed PDF guide. This guide contains all the instructions and patterns needed so people can make the cardigan at home. 

According to Anderson, he is very impressed and humbled by the growing trend of knitting the cardigan he designed. As a sign of appreciation, he shared the pattern with everyone who wanted to sew their cardigan.

The instructions released said that the garment is created for sewers who have the expertise of beginners and intermediate sewers. The striking patchwork cardigan will introduce beginners to different hand knitting stitches. This includes a simple Garter Stitch, Clor Stranded technique that features a Hounds Tooth pattern, and even the gorgeous textured Moss stitches.

In addition, the instruction pamphlet said that the pieces of the cardigan are knitted in a manageable manner. When sewn together, it will do a great project even for those not experts in sewing. 

How A Sweater Broke The Internet: A Story Of Harry Styles’ Sweater

In a post on his Instagram account, Jonathan Anderson said that Styles was dressed in the patchwork cardigan by stylist Harry Lambert. In another post, the designer expressed his surprise at the cardigan’s popularity, saying that he never knew its fame would happen. Sharing several Tiktok users’ recreation of the cardigan, he added that the power of craft is so tremendous. 

Harry Styles and His Influence on People’s Fashion

Though Harry Styles did not personally use the cardigan in a Vogue photoshoot, Styles is now a fashion sigil among everyone that is even slightly interested in fashion. Usually, people would try to imitate his stylish choices in whatever he does. Styles has proved that to be genuinely fashion-forward, designer clothing was the way to go. But this recent trend on the internet has shown that ingenuity is indeed the mother of creativity.

As a fashion-forward icon, everyone would always want to copy Harry Style and his clothes. But, there is no one direction to do it, and always remember that you can make it yourself if you cannot buy it. There is an age-old saying that imitation is the most prominent form of flattery. With that, the cardigan that broke the internet has pretty much cemented both Harry Styles and JW Anderson as icons that would be known forever as people that would give, rather than trying to shut down all of the attempts. 

How A Sweater Broke The Internet: A Story Of Harry Styles’ Sweater

There is no denying that people are very creative, especially when it comes to fashion. They can exhaust all their available resources to make something similar to what they are trying to recreate. And with people as supportive as Anderson in terms of people playing clothes that they designed, people will be allowed to make themselves better on their chosen craft. Harry Styles’s cardigan broke the internet not only because of its style but also because its designer allowed people to recreate it.

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