Parts of YouTube Are Moving To Google Cloud Platform

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If a vendor does not use the products he sells, you will doubt the quality of the product. On the other hand, if he uses and talks about it fervently, you are likely to get interested. By demonstrating how good the product is, the seller can get more sales. 

Google is following this principle. Thomas Kurian, the head of Google’s cloud division, announced that the company is moving parts of Youtube to its public cloud platform. 

Parts of YouTube Are Moving To Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Computing or Technology

We often hear about cloud computing or simply cloud, but only a few totally get what it means. So what is it?

A cloud is a virtual storage space that exists on the internet. In a cloud, you can store your files and even software and applications. Through networks, often satellite, it allows sharing of information and applications across the internet with no regard to the physical location. You can do the same on the internet, yes, but the cloud has features that put it in a different category. To understand, it is best to remember that the cloud is only a part of the internet. Similar to how real clouds are only part of the sky.

One feature of the cloud is that it is a more private part of the internet. You can set the privacy of the files so you or only the ones you allow will have access. It is meant to be personalized because, again, its purpose is to provide storage space, but without needing a physical device. 

That brings us to the next strong point of the cloud. It offers better storage. Unlike memory cards or hard drives that have limited capacity, cloud storage never runs out of storage space. Thus, you would not need to buy replacements or upgrades for your device. 

Migration of Businesses to Public Cloud Services

Because of the way the cloud works, utilizing it has become an option for businesses. Companies have realized that having on-premises IT architectures is sometimes not ideal. They would have to allocate resources and hire people for the maintenance and running of the IT department. Yes, IT resources are on-demand, and they need it to continue. However, that is not their core competency.

The birth of public cloud services is a blessing for many businesses. Here, a third-party provider hosts scalable, on-demand IT resources that are available for those in need. With the technology, they can discard the thought of creating their own data centers and IT architectures. They can just pay for the service, and they are good to go. 

Public cloud services are also more affordable since companies would not need physical devices and spaces to house them. They do not even have to hire employees for its maintenance. Furthermore, the creation of backup files from YouTube is easier and more cost-effective in cloud technology.

Aside from that, cloud computing allows better collaborations between remote users. Nowadays, especially during the pandemic, several businesses require collaborations between colleagues from multiple remote locations. So, it is not difficult to see why migration to cloud computing is a business trend right now.

Google Cloud Platform

Along with Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure, Google Cloud Platform is one of the most popular public cloud services. It provides infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and serverless computing environments.

Parts of YouTube Are Moving To Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform is a powerful platform with excellent support for Windows and Linux operating systems. It also uses a vast array of global private networks that allows speed and ease of connectivity. Furthermore, it offers a bunch of tools, including impressive AI, Machine Learning, and data analysis apps. With these tools at their disposal, it is easy to see why companies would want to choose Google’s cloud service over the others. 

However, the Google Cloud Platform is still young. Many still consider Amazon Web Services to be the superior choice. Even Microsoft’s Azure is more preferred. According to figures released by Gartner, Amazon had 45% of the cloud infrastructure market in 2019. That is almost half of the total. Microsoft followed with 18%, which is not bad either. However, Google only had 5%. Clearly, the company is behind its competitors.

Migration of Youtube Views to Google Cloud Platform

As said before, how a business uses its own product or service affects how others perceive it. It generates a lot of trusts. This is why buying real YouTube views is viewed as critical to online brands.

In 2019, Amazon moved its last consumer business database from Oracle to Amazon Web Service. It is such a bold move and statement. It says that they are not afraid to move off other systems and have their business rely entirely on their cloud. That is because they know that it is reliable. Of course, that encourages other businesses to do the same. 

Likewise, Microsoft is making efforts to promote the Azure public cloud. They are transferring the video game Minecraft from AWS to their own service. Minecraft is a very popular game owned by Microsoft. Knowing this, we can expect the decision to make it to the headlines. It is Microsoft’s way of saying that if their competitors can do it, their service can too. 

Of course, Google should be alarmed. The company is already behind the two. To stay in the competition, they must do something at least as bold as the other’s actions. And they did. They are starting to move YouTube to their cloud platform.

Parts of YouTube Are Moving To Google Cloud Platform

According to Amazon’s Alexa analytical tool, Youtube is the second largest website on the internet. Needless to say, it is one of Alphabet’s biggest moneymakers. For years, it has been on Google’s internal data centers. Just like their search engine, Google refused to move it to cloud platforms. Now, Google’s perspective has changed. They are using YouTube as an ace. The company is betting on YouTube, which has more than 2 billion users each month, to prove the reliability of its cloud technology. That is a wise decision from Google. The boost will allow them to catch up to their competitors quickly. Google has high hopes that that will come true. 

Date: August 18, 2021 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Joy P


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