How A Turkish Mafia Boss Became A YouTube Phenomenon

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Videos are the most popular content on the internet. By simply looking at YouTube and TikTok, this becomes very evident. YouTube is the world’s second-largest website, while TikTok is among the fastest-growing ones. 

On these social media platforms, we find all sorts of video content. There are video memes and sketches that make people laugh. Then, there are ones that will get people hooked on the story. Some users post music videos and dance videos to showcase their talents. Meanwhile, others use the platforms to provide educational content. 

How A Turkish Mafia Boss Became A YouTube Phenomenon

Who Is Sedat Peker?

People love these platforms because they provide endless entertainment. Likewise, they praise and support the content creators as appreciation for what they do. That caused the rise of Youtube stars. These are nobodies that became somebodies thanks to YouTube. We can even say that their popularity rivals those of celebrities appearing in movies. 

Youtube has produced several stars from different fields. Almost anyone who frequents YouTube knows PewDiePie, the number one YouTuber in the world. He posts different content like gameplays, book reviews, and even meme reviews. Another personality that gained popularity on YouTube is Grian – a Minecraft player. Then there are others like TheAnimeMan, Logan Paul, James Charles, Ian Hecox, and many others. They talk about shows, makeup, and all sorts of things. 

Now, listen to this. If someone told you that there exists a YouTubing mafia boss, would you believe it? He does not only use the platform to watch videos, but he also has a channel, and he posts content. In his videos, he exposes the dirty laundry of the government officials in his country. Hard to believe, right? It seems like a plot to a movie featuring vigilantes. However, it is true. The YouTuber/mafia boss’s name is Sedat Peker.

Did Sedat Peker Buy YouTube Views To Go Viral For His Own Safety as a Whistleblower?

Sedat Peker is a Turkish mafia boss. He was born on June 26, 1971, at Adapazan, Sakarya in Turkey. However, Sedat Peker spent considerable time in Germany. 

Sedat Peker has been in and out of jail since he was seventeen years old. In 1997, he was tried for the murder of the drug smuggler Abdullah Topçu. He was declared not guilty of the crime. But, the two other defendants, who were alleged to be his employees, were sentenced to life imprisonment. 

After that, he was sought for crimes of protection racketeering, coercion, and incitement to murder. He fled to Romania during that time. It has been reported that a minister and a member of parliament from the Motherland Party had visited him to make a deal. The report did not state what they asked for from Sedat Peker. But, it said that the mafia boss would be imprisoned for only a short period of time by agreeing to it. 

He returned to Turkey on August 17, 1998, and surrendered to authorities. Sedat Peker pleaded guilty to the crimes they accused him of. Furthermore, he was found guilty of building a criminal organization. He was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison. However, because of the deal, he was released after eight months and twenty-nine days. That was not the last time he was sent in and out of prison.

His YouTube Channel

Sedat Peker started a confession video series on YouTube in May 2021. In his videos, he dished out the dirt on members of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party. From his base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Sedat served as a whistleblower, accusing political figures of corruption and crimes. Some even accused him of buying YouTube views to get his message spread virally, ensuring his own safety.

How A Turkish Mafia Boss Became A YouTube Phenomenon

In the first episode of Sedat Peker’s series, he stated that journalism student Yeldana Kaharman did not commit suicide. Instead, she was raped and murdered by Tolga Ağar. Tolga is the son of former interior minister Mehmet Ağar. Also, he claimed that Mehmet Agar misappropriated a luxury marina that he may have used in drug trafficking operations. Mehmet later resigned from the marina’s board. 

Perhaps that response sparked the Turkish people’s excitement for Sedat Pekar’s YouTube series. The videos tackled the heightened concerns over Turkish state corruption, and officials are acting defensively. That looks pretty suspicious. 

His subsequent videos accused Prime Minister Binali Yildirim’s son of drug trafficking and Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu of abuse of power. The weekly videos have reached more than 75 million views already.

The Criminal YouTuber Whistleblower Gone Viral

But why would the people believe the words of a criminal? Well, Sedat Pekar once openly supported Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party. In 2014, he even held rallies to support Erdogan’s party and leveled threats against his opponents. Moreover, he worked closely with the man. So, he would know about his and his party member’s dirty secrets. 

Erdogan broke his silence on May 26, denying Peker’s accusations. Aside from that, he promised to stop the mafia boss’s operations. Erdogan warned Peker that they would hunt criminals down, wherever in the world they may be. He says they will bring Peker back to their country and hand him over to the judiciary.


The popularity of Sedat Peker’s video shows how powerful social media like YouTube is. People in Turkey watched his videos because there’s a growing demand in Turkish society for more transparency, says analyst Can Selcuki. They cannot get the information anywhere, so even if they came from a criminal, they welcomed them. 

As we can see, we can use platforms like YouTube to dish out important information. Through these platforms, we can raise awareness about different topics and address issues that need to be discussed. 

How A Turkish Mafia Boss Became A YouTube Phenomenon

But, at the same time, they can also be a source of false information. Keep in mind that the things Sedat Peker said are still allegations – they are not yet proven. Knowing what kind of man he is, they could all be lies. Though, the chance that he is telling the truth is also not zero. 

So, when things like this happen, it would be best to remain 50-50. Listen to what they say just to be updated. But, do not believe everything they will say unless there are enough pieces of evidence. That way, you can be a model citizen and netizen.

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