YouTube Influencers With the Most Number of Subscribers in 2022

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Social media platforms are heaven-sent for businesses. To illustrate, marketers can use YouTube videos to showcase their products. The thing is, running a YouTube channel requires commitment. So if you can’t spare time to manage it, the channel will be destined to fail. If your business can hire a dedicated team to manage your channel, you should do it. After all, being on YouTube will do your business wonders. If you don’t have the staffing for that, don’t worry. A great alternative will allow you to be present on YouTube. Instead of promoting your brand yourself, you can enlist the help of influencers. 

These people – the influencers, have a big following. And as you would expect from their profession’s name, they influence people to buy things. They review products and advertise them. Most of their followers treat them like their cult leaders – they trust what the influencers say. So, having influencers as your marketing ally will indeed help drive more sales for your business. 

The influencer you should work with depends on your niche. For instance, if you sell makeup, those who present themselves as “beauty gurus” are your best choice. 

But keep in mind that influencers charge differently based on how big they are on YouTube. If you are a big company, you can work with the best ones. On the other hand, small businesses would best work with micro-influencers lest their resources run out. 

Anyway, here is a list of the top 10 influencers on YouTube. If you can afford their service and fits your niche, hit them up. And if you can’t, well, you can keep their names in mind, so finding them will be easy when you finally can. 


YouTube Influencers With the Most Number of Subscribers

This channel is also known as Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited. You most likely heard of this channel because of the “Great Subscriber War.” PewDiePie raced with this influencer to see who would be the first to reach one hundred million subscribers on YouTube. T-series won that race. 

This channel has a whopping 190 million followers. That means this channel can extend your reach a lot. The problem is, that T-series can only serve a limited number of businesses. It is India’s top music label and studio. So unless you are a Bollywood singer or Indian Pop artist, T-series cannot help you.


YouTube Influencers With the Most Number of Subscribers

You probably saw this coming. PewDiePie has 110 million followers. His channel is the most-subscribed channel run by a single person and not by a corporation. On PewDiePie’s channel, he does game reviews and does book reviews sometimes. So game developers and authors are the ones that should seek mentions on his channel. 

PewDiePie’s subscribers, called Bro Army, are also very loyal to him. And they will want to try whatever their idol recommends. So him giving your products a thumbs up will indeed make your business boom. 

Dude Perfect

YouTube Influencers With the Most Number of Subscribers

This YouTube channel has 56.6 million subscribers. The team consists of five former college roommates. Dude Perfect’s content is about trick shots with toys and sporting equipment. If you sell those and want to appeal to young males, college students, and sports fans, you may want to work with them.  

5-Minute Crafts

YouTube Influencers With the Most Number of Subscribers

This TheSoul Publishing-owned YouTube channel posts life hacks and DIY tutorials. People like its videos as attested by its 74 million followers. Are your products craft supplies and useful gadgets that parents, pet owners, and homeowners may be interested in? If so, an endorsement from this channel is what you should aim for. 

Like Nastya

YouTube Influencers With the Most Number of Subscribers

This YouTube channel stars young Russian Anastasia Radzinskaya and makes content for kids. Her videos include family activities, toys, and such. Currently, she has 80 million subscribers. Brands that make products for families with young children should contact this channel for product placement.


YouTube Influencers With the Most Number of Subscribers

MrBeast is an American YouTuber. He posts a wide array of video content – games, challenges, reactions, and short films. So his channel – and his offshoot channels – are relevant for many brands. 

Also, many people know MrBeast for the #TEAMTREES. That fundraiser raised $20 million to plant 10 million trees. People see him as a role model because of that. So indeed, MrBeast is an influencer you would want to work with.

As per his subscriber count, he has 51 million subscribers.


YouTube Influencers With the Most Number of Subscribers

Admittedly, Smosh is not an influencer. This YouTube channel, started by Antony Padilla and Ian Hecox, posts comedy skits. In the early days of YouTube, Smosh became the most subscribed channel multiple times. That said, a mention from Smosh will help grow your brand.

Smosh has expanded and created other channels, Smosh Pit and Smosh Games. The content varies a lot – they play card and board games, video games, and challenge/party games. So, Smosh is relevant to brands making these.

James Charles

YouTube Influencers With the Most Number of Subscribers

James Charles is among the most popular “beauty gurus” today. He posts unique makeup tutorial videos, but his channel is relevant not only to makeup brands. His videos go beyond the basics; his videos also include creating costume effects. Furthermore, he sometimes uses food or items not traditionally used in cosmetics to create a look. So as long as your product can be used in unique beauty-related campaigns, you have a chance to work with him. And you should. This YouTube channel has 25 million subscribers and more than 3 billion YouTube views.

Marques Brownlee

YouTube Influencers With the Most Number of Subscribers

Tech brands, this is the influencer you should be aware of. This one is a tech-focused channel with 15 million subscribers. He posts smartphone, laptop, and gadget reviews and recommendations. Also, he offers commentaries and interviews with influential people. Marques Brownlee is the go-to channel for tech. So it would be best to partner with him if your brand is in that niche. 


YouTube Influencers With the Most Number of Subscribers

Like Smosh, this is not exactly an influencer channel. But, it is popular in the fitness and health community. It has 7 million followers. Needless to say, if you sell gym equipment, this is the YouTube channel you should contact.

Date: April 12, 2022 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Rich Drees


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