The Best Tools to Check Your YouTube Stats

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YouTube is the second-largest website in the world. Likewise, it is the second-largest search engine. Here is the picture: this platform has 2 billion monthly users. 

Therefore, YouTube is a valuable tool for brands and marketers. You can leverage the platform’s size to widen to reach.

But knowing where you can connect with your target customers is not enough to cause brand growth. You must also know what type of videos will resonate with them. If you blindly make content, the chances of them liking it is 50/50. That will not pass if you are serious about growing your brand. 

You don’t go into new ventures without a plan. Parallel to that, you should not publish videos without a clue about how your viewers would receive them. 

So, how can you make informed decisions? You can do so by utilizing analytics tools. These tools will show you what videos your viewers like the most. And not just that. They can also inform you of the best time to publish a video. 

This information will allow you to increase viewership. Consequently, that will increase your brand’s visibility. That is how you make the most out of YouTube.

Do you have no idea about what tools to use? Do not worry. Below are the top 5 analytics tools. With these tools in your arsenal, each of your YouTube videos will be a hit.

Channel Meter

The Best Tools to Check Your YouTube Stats

Channel Meter claims that it has a “battle-tested Creator Management platform.” It provides the technology and processes to minimize effort and maximize growth. Isn’t that promising?

Channel Meter comes with a very handy and sophisticated dashboard. It displays various types of data in charts and graphs. You will become aware of your YouTube performance and growth pace with those graphics. 

Furthermore, Channel Meter’s benchmark feature allows you to compare your YouTube performance to other content creators. That will allow you to identify the flaws in your video production. Additionally, it will let you learn more about how to enhance your performance.

Channel Meter also has a lot of other handy features. For instance, one lets you search and research the content creators best matched for your brand. You can use that if you want to partner with an influencer to amp your brand visibility further.


The Best Tools to Check Your YouTube Stats

SocialBakers is another fantastic analytics tool. It is great for learning more about your audience and gaining content intelligence.

The “Audience Analytics” tool presents you with data on audience affinities, interests, and demographics. With this information at your fingertips, you can curate content for your target customers. 

Moreover, you can use this tool to locate the top influencers who can positively impact your audience. 

You should also check out SocialBakers’ “Content Intelligence” tool. First of all, it offers in-depth content analysis. Also, it will grant you access to top-performing YouTube content pieces. And, it will give you smart recommendations on when to publish material. Overall, it can assist you in outperforming your competitors by providing you with competitive knowledge and insights.

And, of course, you will love its advanced social media analytics tool.

Unbox Social

The Best Tools to Check Your YouTube Stats

Unbox Social has lots of offers that are too hard to pass on. It is built to save time. This analytics tool will inform you about what’s going on in your industry and how your brand is performing in mere minutes. 

Furthermore, Unbox Social is built for teams of all sizes. Whether you represent an already established brand or a startup, it can provide for your needs.

Unbox Social’s YouTube analytics tool will give you “Post Level Performance Insights.” In other words, it will enable you to analyze everything that you publish on YouTube. 

You can check video metrics and get red views, card clicks, card impressions, interactions, and video shares. Furthermore, you can examine the gender split between your viewers and many more. 

All in all, Unbox Social is a wonderful tool that can help make your brand successful. 


The Best Tools to Check Your YouTube Stats

Quintly is a high-quality YouTube analytics tool that is highly customizable and flexible. With this tool, you can analyze the KPIs that matter easily. 

This tool is among the few YouTube analytics tools that cover most YouTube Studio metrics. You can choose from a wide pool of video or channel-level metrics. Quintly will display those in dashboards that you can access with a few clicks. 

With quintly, you can gain information on your audience demographics. You can break it down by age, gender, country, to subscribed status. Furthermore, quintly will show you track impressions, clicks, clicks per card shown, and more.

This YouTube analytics tool will also show you views by YouTube Premium users over time. Also, it can show you the average minutes watched on your videos and many more.

Key video metrics such as views, likes, dislikes, comments, videos tags performance are also viewable and trackable.

This analytics tool is also designed to manage many YouTube channels at once. 

Tubular Labs

The Best Tools to Check Your YouTube Stats

Watching your rivals’ content is essential to know what works and what does not. However, doing that can take lots of your time. With Tubular Labs, you don’t have to do that. This analytics tool’s “Video Intelligence” feature examines videos from various businesses. Then, it reports on which content techniques worked and which did not. That saves you time which you can then use to create high-quality videos.

This YouTube analytics tool will also let you compare your results to your competitors. That makes evaluation of your performance easier. You would know how much more effort you should exert to catch up to, surpass, or stay above them. 

Tubular Labs also made researching easy. It locates a group of videos relevant to your brand’s needs and presents them to you. 

And what top analytics tool will not have a “Performance Insights” feature? Tubular Labs will show you data about your performance by video duration, format, genre, and more. 

Tubular Labs also has an audience analytics function. It will let you learn more about your audience’s age, gender, geography, and interests. That will help curate content that will resonate with your viewers.

Why Use Third-Party Data for Your YouTube Views Statistics?

For reasons unbeknownst to anyone outside the wisdom-hoarding data miners at YouTube, there is one continuous trend that remains constant in the world of YouTube. This trend, of course, is the unnecessary removal of pivotal and critical information from content creators. Linus Tech Tips himself has frequently detailed his rage and even multiple emotional outbursts at the needless and senseless updates that leave him with the unnerving sense that it’s deliberate.

It’s as if YouTube feels they will be “caught” red-handed doing what they do best, mining data, identifying trends, and helping content creators know what content they deliver performs bests. Apart from the video-sharing aspect of the company, letting content creators know exactly what their audience likes best is certainly a part of the job. However, that is slowly changing as well.

Perhaps YouTube collectively feels it wants to take a step back from the driver’s seat in terms of their algorithms recommendation feed, which has always bilked creators and researchers alike with great and many questions. Fundamentally, what is the purpose of being a YouTube subscriber if you aren’t notified when your subscribed creators publish new content?

The Value of Data: Why You Can Gain Priceless Insight from Third-Party Data Tools

The actual value you get from these tools is the underlying question here, and it’s what most aren’t exactly sure of in terms of a value proposition from these monthly subscriptions. You need to understand that if you can afford these services, they will pay off within a month’s time. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t still be around to offer their services.

The application of data, especially that of YouTube views, is something that can best be described on an individualized, niche-specific basis. You know your niche, we just know YouTube and views. When you can see exactly what out-performs what is in your niche, this is the value you never knew you were missing.

Even in our views research niche, these tools provide excellent insight into how these tools count and interpret YouTube views when you buy them. This gives us greater flexibility and recommendation power when we can see long-term, real-world results from all the websites we buy YouTube views from. We can see behavioral and geographical information that YouTube likes to hide in the farthest reaches of its dashboard, and this allows you to accurately compare which sites deliver the best YouTube views for the best price. Imagine what you could do with this data when you know which countries are most interested in exactly which content, allowing you to not only make better YouTube videos but potentially redefine your own specialization and zero in on your perfect sub-niche.

Date: May 25, 2022 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Rich Drees


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