YouTube’s New Full-screen Video Player is Coming

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In this era, it is all about convenience. Scientists and researchers invent things that could make things easier. Likewise, brands create products that will improve the quality of life. The same can be said for social media platforms.

Social media platforms are now almost synonymous with the internet. When surfing the web, there is a high chance that one will visit at least one social media platform.

YouTube's New Full-screen Video Player is Coming

Because of that boom, more and more social media platforms have popped up. The already established platforms must introduce new features to keep themselves relevant. Newcomers surpassing them and stealing their users is not a risk they can take.

It is not always about introducing brand-new features to most social media platforms. Sometimes, improving the user experience is enough. YouTube‘s latest move is like this. Here is what you need to know about it.

Improvements in the YouTube Full-Screen Video Player

TikTok is the latest social media platform to shake things up in the social media space. It is a platform centering on creating and sharing short-form videos.

TikTok quickly gained prominence since people’s attention span has grown shorter. Thus, bite-sized videos now look more appealing than their long-form counterparts, especially to Gen Z kids. The pandemic has also accelerated its growth.

Previously, when talking about video content, YouTube was the platform that immediately came to mind. But now, that could be YouTube or TikTok, with Twitch not falling too far behind.

That says a lot about where YouTube is currently at. TikTok could take its throne as the world’s premier video platform if it does nothing. Of course, YouTube would not let that happen.

The latest change on YouTube is on its full-screen video player on Android and iOS.

The Old Full-Screen Video Player

If you use the apps, you know you will watch videos in a full-screen mode almost all the time. Mobile devices’ screens are too small compared to computer screens. And most videos are landscapes. So, watching on mobile without using the full-screen player is not ideal.

However, there are some inconveniences that it causes. You lose access to a lot of buttons and controls. 

Suppose you want to like a video. You must make a swipe-up gesture on the full-screen player to access that button. However, thumbnails that link to related videos are above that button. They will cover whatever you are watching. So, you must go back a few seconds in the video to see what you missed. Or, you have to pause first before making the swipe-up gesture.

YouTube's New Full-screen Video Player is Coming

You can also exit the full-screen video player to access the like and dislike button. By doing that, you will not need to pause the video. You will also gain access to the comments section. 

But then again, almost nobody wants to watch a video in portrait mode.

The New Full-Screen Video Player

YouTube is changing the interface of its mobile app’s full-screen video player. The new layout will allow you to access the buttons and controls easier than before.

The like, dislike, view comments, and share buttons are right and center in the new interface. You can find them lined up on the lower-left corner of the screen. 

That means you no longer have to swipe up to like or dislike a video. In extension, you no longer need to pause the video when performing these actions. 

Those who like looking at the related videos without exiting the full-screen viewer don’t need to worry. The feature will not be gone. You can see them by tapping on the button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Now, you can also view the comments and add your public comment without exiting the full-screen video player. A side panel will pop up if you click on the comments button. That will display all the comments on the video you are watching.

Admittedly, that will shrink down the space dedicated to the video. Still, having it is better than not having it. You don’t need to rotate and re-rotate your device if you view the comments this way. 

Content Creators Benefitting from the New UI

These improvements will surely improve the user experience on YouTube. And it is not a stretch to say that it will also affect content creators positively.

Most people forget to click the like button even if they enjoyed watching the video. That is because making the swipe-up gesture or closing the full-screen video player is a hassle. 

Furthermore, they often have the autoplay feature on, so YouTube automatically brings them to another video after it finishes. Thus, people don’t get time to leave a like.

YouTube's New Full-screen Video Player is Coming

Those issues are gone in the new interface since liking the video is much more convenient.

The new interface will also boost engagement, thanks to the easy access to the comment section it provides.

Those will, in turn, improve the statistics in the content creators’ channels. It will help them gain more followers and consequently make more money from YouTube.

It is a win-win feature for all. Viewers, content creators, and the company itself will benefit from it. So, one can say it is one of the best changes to happen on YouTube.

When will the New Interface Reach You?

The new YouTube player interface will be on both Android and iOS devices. 

According to Google spokesperson Allison Toh, YouTube has rolled out the new interface for its full-screen video player since January 31. But, it is not yet available to everyone. Some people – including a few individuals from The Verge – already have it. So there is proof that it is not fake news.

You will have to wait if it has not reached your smartphone yet. The wait will be worth it, though. So you should not be disgruntled about it.

It is a fantastic new thing on YouTube. Hopefully, more stuff like this will come to the platform. And with how things are now in the social media space, you can expect that to happen.

Date: August 30, 2022 / Categories: News, / Author: Rich Drees


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