10 Ways to Attract New YouTube Subscribers

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YouTube is one gigantic door that opens so many opportunities. The platform gives people a modern way to make a living. And for marketers, the platform provides a space where they can extend their reach and connect to their target customers. 

According to data, people consume 1 billion hours of videos every day, and it’s still possible to buy millions of real YouTube views to boost those numbers even higher. That alone proves that it is a marketing tool that every business should utilize.

10 Ways to Attract New YouTube Subscribers

But since many flocks to YouTube for the opportunities, the platform becomes oversaturated. YouTube says its users churn out 500 hours of video content every minute. That means there is not a sea of content on YouTube; there is one big ocean.

Naturally, if you don’t do your best, your channel will be at the bottom of this. Of course, you would not want that to happen. You likely invested so much time and money in making your content. So for sure, you would want to make something great come out of it. 

You may be thinking now: “How can I attract more subscribers?” Here is the answer. Follow these tips, and the growth of your channel will be guaranteed. 

Review Your Channel

This step may be difficult because you will need to delete some of your work. But it is for the better. So you must do it. 

Take a hard look at your YouTube channel. Note which videos are not doing well. They could be outdated or poorly produced. Sometimes, there is even no reason for those videos to exist. 

These videos will not help your channel grow. Instead, they will drag it down. Suppose people found your channel somehow because of these videos. Since they are not good, the viewers will likely not be inclined to subscribe. 

Make Highly Watchable Content Exclusively

It is a no-brainer, but it can’t be justified enough. You should only make content that will surely perform well. There are many things you can do to ensure this. For one, you can check what your competitors are doing. Then you one-up them by doing that more creatively. You can also make a script for your videos. By doing this, you can make your video flow more fluent. 

Also, it is imperative that you make the first 10 secs impactful. That makes or breaks the video.

And of course, you need to invest in good equipment – lighting, camera, and background. 

Make the Best Channel Trailer You Can Make

A channel trailer will tell your visitors what your brand is about. So, you should make the most out of it. A good trailer is compelling. It must give your visitors a reason to subscribe. But this task could be challenging because trailers are short. If you can execute this properly, though, expect more subscribers to come your way.

10 Ways to Attract New YouTube Subscribers

Mind the Length of Your Videos

The success of TikTok proves how short people’s attention span has become. So, as studies have pointed out, it would be best to keep your videos under 5 minutes. It will ensure that viewers will not click away midway through the video. If you can convert a long video into multiple shorter ones, do it. That will help in growing your brand. 

Group Some of Your Videos Into a Playlist

Perhaps you have some same-themed videos on your channel —for example, a bunch of how-to videos. A wise move would be to make a playlist consisting of them. That will keep viewers longer on your channel because they would be predisposed to watch the whole playlist. Moreover, it will show visitors that you have so much to offer. Thus, they will be more likely to subscribe. 

Add CTA’s to your Videos

Of course, to convert your viewers into subscribers, you have to ask them to click the subscribe button. Aside from reminding your viewers yourself, you can also use clickable tools on YouTube. End screens and cards exist for a reason. So use them.

About the Thumbnails

It is important to add custom thumbnails to your videos. That acts as the videos’ covers, making them more presentable. And people judge based on what they see, even if they don’t admit it. So, arguably, your video’s thumbnail is its most crucial element. If it is possible to use a smiling human in the thumbnail, that should be your choice. 

Consistency is the Key

Like with anything, you need to be consistent to succeed. Your YouTube subscribers will not stay subscribed if you publish videos once in a blue moon. Frequent uploads are necessary. It does not mean you have to post once a day. You only have to post enough so your channel would not appear “dead” for a while. For that reason, having a content calendar or a clear plan is a good idea.

Promote Your Channel on Outside of YouTube

Maybe Instagram is popular in the industry you are in. Or perhaps Twitter is the industry’s favorite. Know about where your target audience hangs out. Then, promote your channel on those platforms. 

You should also keep with the relevant topics. Maybe you have a video about those subjects. That is the perfect opportunity for you to come in and funnel people to your channel. 

10 Ways to Attract New YouTube Subscribers

It is a tested and proven way to increase your subscribers. Indeed, this is something you should do if you want to be a successful marketer on YouTube.

Search Engine Optimization

You cannot convert your viewers into subscribers if you don’t have viewers in the first place. You should make it discoverable to ensure that there will be people visiting your channel. Remember, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world with search engines come optimization techniques. Study how to do SEO on YouTube, even investing in paid YouTube views if you can afford it. It will help a lot. 

Make sure you use searchable titles by making them keyword-rich. Also, do not forget about meta tags and hashtags. And for the video description, make sure they are well-written while keeping a good amount of keywords. Your videos will rank higher in YouTube’s algorithm if you do these. Therefore, more YouTube users will find themselves on your channel page. 

And that’s a wrap. Keep these 10 tips in mind to be one of the top marketers on YouTube. Don’t forget, you can always just buy YouTube views like your competitors are likely doing!

Date: December 8, 2022 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Rich Drees


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