5 Awesome Examples of Video Marketing

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If a picture can paint a thousand words, then videos are among the most powerful storytelling tools you could ever have in your marketing tool belt. They’re one of the most important marketing tactics that brands and businesses use to attract and impress as many potential customers as they can.

A study by Forrester discovered that including videos in your emails and newsletters can increase the click-through rate by a whopping 300%. Not only can videos deliver your brand message in a compelling way, they can actually help you turn casual visitors into actual customers.

If you want to take your marketing campaign to even greater heights, video is the way to do it. You can even kick start that process and get a leg up on the competition by purchasing YouTube views for your videos, providing you with a bump in popularity when it matters most.

To help inspire you, we’ve collected some of the best examples of video marketing we’ve seen on the great wide web – take some notes, and think about what you can learn from them.

Reebok – 25,912 Days

According to Reebok, an average person lives around 25,912 days.

Their campaign embraced this fact, encouraging everyone to honor their days and bodies through fitness. The video stars a woman and circles around her relationship with fitness and running – told in reverse. The video was short, compelling and powerful.

Since its premier in April 2016, the video has managed to rake in 1.4 million views – you could definitely call it a marketing success.

Update: Unfortunately, Reebok’s video is no longer available to view.

Reebok is known for their firm, consistent stance on fitness and this video aligns with that. At the end, viewers can click on a link that leads to their 25,912 Days campaign page where they can calculate their days and read stories about how other people are choosing to honor their bodies.

In this powerful video, we see how Reebok manages to deliver a strong message about fitness and self love, while suggesting how their products can accompany you in your life’s journey.

American Greetings – World’s Toughest Job

American Greetings’ video campaign entitled “World’s Toughest Job’ gained viral success thanks to it’s surprisingly strong and heartwarming message about a mother’s love.

In this video, American Greetings staged a fake job interview with aspiring candidates and explained some pretty torturous working conditions.

The job description caused some pretty uncomfortable reactions from the candidates until the moment when the interviewer mentioned what he was really describing. Watch the video to find out!

The ad was compelling and emotional, touching on a subject just about everyone can relate to.

To date, the video has reached over 26.5 million views. It premiered in 2014 but still manages to make the rounds on various social media networking sites to this day.

Google Maps – Homeward Bound

Everyone loves to hear a happy ending to a tragic story, and that’s why Google Maps’ campaign “Homeward Bound” was such a huge success.

The campaign follows the story of Saroo Brierley, who found himself lost and abandoned inside a train cabin in India. He was later adopted to Australia and grew up to be a successful businessman, but that’s not what this video is about.

The ad is about how Brierley managed to find his way back home after two decades, with the help of Google Maps.

Brierley knew where the train station was, so he used his recollections of his birthplace along with photography through Google Maps to actually locate the town he came from so long ago.

Google Maps was able to establish its services as a life changing product without overselling themselves. This helped the story gain maximum mileage and delivered a strong message that resonated across the globe, with views reaching over 2 million to date.

Always – #LikeAGirl

Always is a brand that’s no stranger when it comes to delivering empowering messages for women.

In their #LikeAGirl campaign, they aimed to empower young girls who have been told they are weaker than their male counterparts. Always wants to change that.

The video focused on how the term “like a girl” becomes an insult, and used girls of a variety of ages to demonstrate their point. It was very powerful, and is sure to make anyone stop and think. The video also came at a good time, tapping into powerful emotions being felt today.

The video managed to get nearly 63 million views since its debut in June 2014 – making it Always’ most successful marketing campaign yet.

Dove – #MyBeautyMySay

Dove is known for their empowering campaigns for women and beauty, and their #MyBeautyMySay campaign is no different.

This campaign centered around the concept that women are often told that their bodies aren’t right for what they want to do in life. Their ad video showed how women of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds can become whatever they want to be, regardless of how they look.

With over 13 million views, the #MyBeautyMySay campaign has helped women everywhere embrace who they are and the little things that make them unique.

Why Are they So Effective?

So, how did these videos gain worldwide recognition? We listed some of the common traits these videos share in order to help you recreate some of the magic for your own marketing efforts.

  • They put their product/service in the background: These brands focus on delivering a message that is more important than their product, and they allow that to make the pitch for them without overselling.
  • They tackle issues that matter: If you want your campaign to reach as many people as possible, you must be willing to discuss potentially controversial issues that are relevant to them.
  • They are highly shareable: These videos are polished and professionally-shot, which instantly increases their shareable appeal.
  • They are short and sweet yet compelling: These videos appeal to human emotion without ever feeling dragged-out or long.

Video Marketing Works

Video marketing works, and has led to success for many brands – you just have to learn the basics and take it from there.

Videos can do an incredible amount of the marketing legwork for you, giving you more freedom and energy to focus on the other aspects of your campaign.

You need to capture the real emotions of your audience. Find an important issue you can weigh in on, letting you introduce your product or service without coming on too strong. Take some hints from the videos above – what can you offer that would cause a similar effect?

To get things moving along, consider purchasing an initial set of views for your YouTube videos. High quality plays from a reputable provider will help you reach more people and gain more views. This is a fast and efficient way to boost your marketing campaign and get it on the right track.

It’s never too late to start marketing with videos, even if you’ve been going with more traditional methods for years. Jump on the video marketing campaign train today!

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