Why YouTube Is Good For Business

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One sure way to captivate an audience is a creative YouTube Video. If you’re looking for a wider audience and more brand exposure, YouTube is the way to do it.

Every day the site generates billions of views, as people watch hundreds of millions of hours of content. At this point, you really can’t afford not to have a presence there.

The reach and power of YouTube has been demonstrated over and over by the many people who have launched their careers with simple videos. These include artists, comedians, entrepreneurs, and celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kate Upton.

The effectiveness of video marketing can’t be denied. A noteworthy video ad campaign can establish small companies as players in their industries, as people flock to see what they’re all about. Compared to written content, videos offer an easier way to connect and engage with your target audience.

If you want to supercharge your online presence, you can buy some views and subscribers for your YouTube channel to get things moving. Waiting on organic growth can be hard – this gives you a way to expedite that process.

Ready to hit the red carpet? Let’s go!


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Benefits of YouTube for Business

1. High Traffic Volume

There are over a billion users on YouTube. This is a platform where you can reach out to potentially millions of people, some percentage of which will become customers.

Compared to regular television and cable stations, YouTube is infinitely more affordable. It’s probably one of the most cost-effective services in the world.

With over 500 hours of videos being uploaded every minute, YouTube has something for everyone, and you’re guaranteed to find your niche – your very own targeted customers and raving fans.


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2. You Gain Brand Advocates

Engaging with your customers is very important for long-term business success. Publishing videos on YouTube also gives you the opportunity to connect with people who can eventually not only buy your products or services, but advocate on your behalf.

It may sound like a lot to ask, but some people will actually go out of their way to give good reviews of products they really like (or hate, of course).

People are more likely to buy from companies they trust. When new viewers see those random customers giving you credit for having a good service, you’ll gain immense credibility and trust.

You can build on this level of trust in your videos, by relating and connecting with customers on an emotional level when possible. Adding a personal touch will generally help to increase conversions by making your videos more meaningful.

As a basic strategy, you can lead your audience to a landing page with a video of a person representing your company, talking about your product, your brand, and showing off your personality.

3. Higher Search Rank on Google

Google owns YouTube (literally). When you use Google and YouTube together, your social media marketing strategies get all the more powerful. You may have noticed that videos are appearing more in Google’s search results.

Today, Youtube videos are ranked routinely high on Google’s search pages. That means you can capitalize on the most common search terms people are currently using.


Take advantage of this by writing high-quality articles on your site, and creating complementary videos on Youtube. You can even embed those videos on your site as well. This will help you build backlinks, giving you more authority for Google searches.

Making Youtube part of your overall marketing strategy can increase the credibility and authority of your website. The more authority your business page has from Google’s perspective, the higher your page will rank on SERPs.

To top it off, people like seeing videos from companies they do business with – it makes an internet company seem more legit and customer-oriented.

4. Establish Yourself as an Authority

When your target market is making searches related to your industry, they often want to see how the products are used or hear reviews from customers who actually used them.

Written reviews are of course helpful, but people will be more likely to click video reviews. This makes YouTube the perfect platform to build your brand recognition and authority by uploading videos that demonstrate your expertise, showing that you know your stuff.

Consider publishing videos with tips on how to use your products or services better. An interior design business, for example, can create videos on home design, choosing the right paint, and other tips for people decorating their homes. If you have an event planning business, you can feature videos on how to plan and set up different events such as weddings, birthdays, and office parties.

When someone comes across your videos and loves the content, they’re more inclined to check out your products or services. How many times have you seen a video you liked, and went on to look into the company behind it? Put these videos on your website as well, to display your expertise and help eventually convert that interest into sales.

5. Access to an International Audience

Publishing videos on a consistent basis will open doors to new viewers over time, even those on the other side of the world. Even if you only speak one language, YouTube’s translation services can help you reach a worldwide audience.

Some businesses may only be able to target local people as customers. Others, however, can provide products and services to the entire globe, so YouTube will be best for companies that can cast a wide net.


There are local versions of YouTube in more than 88 countries, in a total of 76 different languages. It is accessible anywhere and on multiple devices. This level of availability vastly increases your potential for exposure when you start building a sizeable following for your business.

6. Viral Marketing Potential

YouTube comes with many viral marketing advantages. You can easily embed your videos on your website or share them on your different social media accounts to multiply your reach.

An awesome, captivating, or emotional video can be shared by a few people and pass through their social networks, reaching more people every time it’s shared. It creates a ripple effect, and then the viral pattern can set in – once a video has a lot of views, people will want to see it – making it even more popular, and on and on.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

7. Easy to Integrate with Social Media

YouTube videos are very easy to share, in fact most videos we see online are from YouTube. Once you’re up and running on YouTube, it’s pretty simple to integrate your videos into your other social network strategies.

You increase your business exposure by distributing your videos on popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


If you can believe it, 323 days worth of YouTube Videos are watched on Facebook every minute.  As your video gets more popular, it will rank higher on social media and on Google.

This means more of your associated links will be clicked and more visitors will be coming to your page, contributing to the growth of your business.

8. You Can Repurpose Content

Re-purposing might sound weird at first, but it’s not sketchy – it’s just a way to get your content in front of fresh eyes, giving it another chance. You can re-purpose content that you’ve already created without spending a whole lot of time, potentially getting a lot of value out of content you thought was over and done with.

You can also reach new types of audiences when you re-purpose your content in different ways and on different platforms. Any single topic can be presented in many ways.

You can start by transcribing your videos and turning them into blog posts, making them more search friendly and giving you a whole lot of keywords in the process. You can also break your videos into shorter clips and customize them according to the platform where they will be shared, whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else.

Re-purposing your video content can also help you

  • Improve your SEO
  • Gain a wider distribution
  • Get more video views
  • Target your audience more effectively
  • Refresh and update your outdated content.

Let YouTube Help Your Business!

You want to get your products and services in front of as many future customers as possible, but you can’t go over budget.

That’s why the reach and viral potential of YouTube is so valuable today. With a small upfront investment in video production equipment/software, you can start building a presence on one of the most popular social networks in the world.

Remember, you can speed up the sometimes-tedious process of growing your channel by purchasing Youtube views, likes, comments and subscribers to make your page and your business appear more legitimate and credible. This can help you get off the ground, but don’t forget to plan for the organic growth of your videos.

YouTube is one of the most cost-effective tools available to you, if you can consistently employ it in your marketing strategy. Keep making all the right moves, and one of your videos might even go viral, multiplying the effects of your campaign tremendously. Party time!

Image credit: VlogNation

Image credit: VlogNation

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