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In case you don’t know yet, YouTube is the second largest search engine today. Yes, it’s not the traditional search engine we’re all used to, but with 3 billion searches a month, it actually qualifies as such.


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With that in mind, it would be crazy not to use YouTube in your marketing campaigns.

Those video views can convert into leads. Having some lovely videos out there is also very beneficial for your brand.

YouTube videos are great tools to connect with your clients, as they let you get personal with them in a new way. Videos give your brand a face that people can connect to. They humanize your company, pretty much automatically making you more popular.

Of course, all that won’t be easy if you don’t have some social proof to your name – that invisible power that compels people to watch what everyone else is watching. This is where the wisdom of buying views for your videos comes in. Consider buying views if you want to boost your popularity or get your ad campaigns off the ground fast.

YouTube Video Views

If you can arm your videos with a thousand views and make it appear as if a lot of people love them, then you’re arming your brand with credibility. You can also affect your video’s view velocity, which is critical for getting popular on YouTube.

More on that later. For now, ask yourself this, given a choice between a video with very few views and one with many, which would you watch? Well, social psychologists say you‘re likely to watch the one with plenty of views. Yes, you need to be popular to get more popular.

So now that we’ve established how important a popular YouTube video – not just a regular old YouTube video – is in your marketing campaigns, and how you can have some control over that by buying views, let’s talk about other ways you can make your videos popular.

YouTube Algorithm

We mentioned view velocity as a vitally important factor in having popular videos. In plain English, view velocity is simply how fast, or how slow, your videos are able to reach a certain number of views.

Successful videos in this sense are defined as videos with views equal to or over 50% of subscribers in the first 30 days. Needless to say, it is important to get as many views as you can as soon as you upload your video.

Why? Because YouTube’s algorithm will rank your videos higher, and that means more people will see them. The particulars of this algorithm are never available for the public, but if your videos have good view velocity, it looks like YouTube will see them as more valuable.

How to Get More Video Views

Getting on top of searches is not the end game, though. You still need people to actually watch your videos so you can build solid marketing leads. Here’s how you can get more people to watch your videos:

1. Choose Your Keywords Carefully

It will be good to use keyword research tools if you have access to them, but if you don’t, you can always use YouTube’s search.


Image credit: Mediacause

Just type your keyword and let YouTube show you what most people are looking for. You can further obtain specific keywords by typing in what your brand offers to consumers. In the picture below, the niche is basketball and one of the values the brand offers is training.


Image credit: Digital Marketer

As you can see, the auto-suggest list can show you the most-searched topics in your niche. You can then plan on creating video content based on this. Be sure to include your keyword in the headline, description and tags of the video.

For some good keyword search tools, which will help you get more detailed information, check out Moz, BuzzSumo, and

2. Engaging Content

SEO experts may argue that content is not always king, but when you’re talking about videos, it simply is. Who wants to waste 3 minutes of their lives watching videos that either have no value or are just boring? Answer: Nobody.

It’s also equally irksome to click on a video that claims it will teach you how to make balloons at your own party, for example, and then find out that it wasn’t a tutorial at all. Or how to teach programming to kids, and then find out you have a different definition for “kids.”

Be sure to deliver on what you promise, or people will leave.

3. Keep it Short and To the Point

Our generation has a short attention span. A study conducted by Visible Measures shows that you lose 20% of your viewers within 10 seconds of playback. Drop-off continues at a rate of 33% after 30 seconds, and 44% after 60 seconds.

Not all videos are the same and not all people have the same viewer abandonment behavior, of course, but it’s safe to say that keeping your videos short will give them a higher chance of getting clicked and watched.

4. Promote, Promote and Promote

Having great video content is, well, great, but does your target audience see it? One option you have for promoting your videos is to pay for advertising. There are basically two kinds you can use: skippable ads and non-skippable ads.

You should also promote your videos on your other social media accounts, where you already have followers in your target audience.

Remember, you can also buy video views and subscribers, which will help make your videos and channel appear more popular and authoritative. This will contribute to your overall YouTube visibility.

How to Turn Views into Leads

Don’t forget that your goal for producing great videos on YouTube – that is, aside from actually making money – is to build marketing leads. The important question is, how do you turn those video views into solid leads?

1. Create Annotations

Annotations are clickable text overlays you can put on your videos, which viewers can click while they watch. This is where you can create custom calls-to-action that invite people to head over to your site for a free gift, to subscribe, to learn more, and just about anything else you can imagine.


Image credit: Chris Carroll

Some people find annotations annoying, so it’s good to keep them at a minimum.

Annotating your videos is easy, and can be done in the “Video Manager” of your channel.

2. Verbal Calls-To-Action

At the end of your video, make verbal calls-to-action that tell your viewers what they can do, and what you prefer them to do, after watching your video. Probably the most popular call-to action you’ll hear from YouTubers is “please like and subscribe!”

You can make your own, and personalize it according to your target audience’s demographics. Verbal CTAs can be very powerful because spoken words have more feelings and life in them than plain old text.

Turning Leads into Gold

There are many advantages of leveraging YouTube videos in your marketing campaigns.

The formula is pretty straightforward, even if the implementation can be tough. All you have to do is create interesting content, and focus on ensuring it gets in front of the right people.

To make that process a bit faster and easier, remember that you can buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers to make your videos and channel appear more popular. These subscribers and viewers won’t go on to become customers, but they will attract real people to your channel, increasing your popularity.

It won’t be easy, but once you’ve made some progress and start making money through YouTube, the popularity and credibility that your brand continues to earn will be icing on the cake.

Date: January 26, 2017 / Categories: SEO, Tips, YouTube, / Author: Chell


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