What are the Advantages of Buying YouTube Views?

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In YouTube Land, killer content is nothing if no one gets to see it.

If you’re solely focusing on just your content, you’re missing out on YouTube marketing gold that can really get you places. Having a solid strategy in place will help you reach more viewers who can appreciate the content you are putting out – and potentially become customers.

One of the first things you should concern yourself with as a content creator on YouTube is your popularity. Establishing yourself as a popular authority helps you rake in views and recognition from the community and the internet at large.

The most popular channels on YouTube have millions of subscribers, and garner hundreds of thousands of views in just hours:


Building your reputation on any social media platform can be challenging, but there are a number of ways you can expedite the process. If you want to create a name for yourself as a YouTube content creator, you should definitely consider purchasing views for your videos.

Once you manage to drive a good amount of views to a particular video, people will start gravitating towards your content automatically – instantly boosting your channel’s appeal.

You can also reap a number of marketing benefits by purchasing views, which we’ll be discussing below. We created this post to help you make the best decisions on this platform, so be sure to take notes as you begin building a strategy for your channel.

You Instantly Appear More Credible

As mentioned earlier, credibility and reputation reign supreme on platforms like YouTube. In order for you to start raking in views, you have to prove to viewers that the content you put out is worth their time.

Purchased views can help you establish a more authoritative appearance – and who doesn’t want that? Credibility can be hard to earn on the internet, especially with the gargantuan number of content creators you’ll be competing against.

By purchasing views, you no longer have to wait out the long and tedious process of organic growth. As a content creator, your channel will instantly appear more credible as a result of the stronger social proof conveyed by your views.

Your Content Instantly becomes Attractive to Onlookers

A high view count on fresh content can instantly increase its appeal to onlookers. This will encourage people to watch your video all on its own.

Most people on the internet depend on social proof to make the decisions for them – we call this the bandwagon effect. When a lot of people are doing something, more will join in. The perceived value and credibility of content helps people decide whether to watch it or not.

The possibility of trending and maybe even going viral on YouTube is very real. Popular videos come from the most unlikely of sources, and you’ll never know what the next Gangnam Style will be. It could be you!


For brands and businesses, having more views compared to your competitors will draw people in – which translates to a potential increase in sales.

These days, you only have a millisecond to impress a viewer and convince them to give your content a click, so making a good first impression is crucial.

Improve Your Search Rank

YouTube receives around 30 million visitors every day – that’s a very significant amount of traffic, and Google has taken notice. According to Brian Dean of Backlinko, video content appears on top of most search results, especially if they have specific keywords like “how to,” “review,” “tutorial,” and anything funny (think cats).

Back in May 2007, Google started paying attention to blended results. This meant that text-only documents are now competing against photos, videos and audio files in search results.


These days, YouTube videos appear on top of most search results for instructional queries. If you combine specific “how-to” and other keywords with video content that has a substantial amount of views, there’s a good chance you can end up on the first page of Google.

You can Focus on More Important Things

By purchasing views, you’re taking a load off your back. You’ll have more time to focus on the quality of your content and other aspects of your marketing campaign.

You won’t have to worry about whether or not your videos will be a hit. Your bought views will take care of everyone’s initial impression, and also boost your ranking on Google.

It Helps your View Velocity

YouTube has managed to keep us in the dark regarding their algorithm, leaving thousands of content creators baffled as to how their videos are being ranked. Due to the lack of available information regarding this, Tubefilter engineers conducted a comprehensive experiment on the platform to figure out what influences a video’s rank.

Their experiment led them to discover that the view velocity of a particular video heavily influences its ranking on the platform. Here, view velocity refers to the amount of views a particular video receives within the first 72 hours of uploading.


Image credit: LinkedIn Pulse

In order for content to rank better on YouTube, it really helps to accumulate a substantial number of views within the first hours of its birth on the platform. Not only that, high view velocity will help expose the next videos you publish to more people.

This is where you can use your purchased views to their fullest advantage. Most providers we have encountered begin delivering views within the first two days of completing an order – adding fuel to your view velocity without you breaking a sweat.

Purchasing Views – the Most Efficient Way to Rise to the Top

Focusing on content alone will not take you where you want to go. If you want to get as many viewers and subscribers as possible, you have to act fast because on YouTube every second matters.

Having views delivered at the most crucial hours can tremendously affect your view velocity, improving awareness and helping you get more subscribers.

Purchasing views will not only boost your social proof, it will also improve your search result rankings in YouTube and Google too.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of providers out there offering you the initial views you need to attract all the right attention. Before you sign up with a provider, be sure to read up on them first. This will help you figure out who can give you the right kind of high quality views you need.

We review all the major providers out there and provide recommendations to help you make the best choice for your content. Each provider undergoes rigorous testing and examination on a variety of points to ensure they can deliver the right views for you.

Make an informed choice and watch your channel skyrocket to the top – by making the smart move of purchasing high quality views.


Date: December 6, 2016 / Categories: Influencer Marketing, Tips, YouTube, / Author: Mariko


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