What Are High-Retention YouTube Views and Why Should You Care?

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YouTube is a great platform you can use to attract a new audience for your business, bringing in curious viewers who can potentially become customers.

If you notice your videos are getting a lot of views, that’s great! However, you’ll need to look deeper to learn if you’re actually getting views that matter.

You need to check for audience retention on your videos, an important metric for understanding engagement. If someone only watches your content for a few seconds and then clicks away, it will count as a view – but that’s not very good for your business.

If a person watches the whole video, however, they are clearly interested and engaged. This is a high-retention YouTube view, and it’s the kind that can actually help your business grow because these people will keep coming back.

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The longer your videos are viewed on average, the higher they’ll rank on YouTube and Google – helping even more people find you. If most of your videos are viewed from start to finish, or most of the way through, you have high audience retention and viewers are more likely to continue the relationship, maybe going on to become customers.

High-retention views are what you need for success on YouTube, plain and simple.

What is YouTube Audience Retention?

Audience retention, or viewer retention, is basically your ability to grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested. The more high-retention YouTube views you get, the higher your retention rate.

YouTube provides easy instructions on how to check your audience retention within your analytics dashboard. You can break down your audience retention report in two important ways: by absolute retention or relative retention.

Absolute retention shows you which parts of your videos are most popular – the beginnings, middles, ends, etc. If way more people watch the beginnings compared to the ends of your video, this is where you can see that.

YouTube advises us to focus on the first 15 seconds of every video, because people are most likely to drop off then. Pay close attention to this metric, because if you see that people generally don’t watch your videos in full, it means you’re not getting high-retention views.

Relative retention measures how well your video captures its audience compared to other videos of similar length. Having high relative retention means that people tend to watch your video longer than others; having low relative retention means people don’t watch your video as long as others.

Image credit: ClaimSocialAuthority

Image credit: ClaimSocialAuthority

Why Should you Care about High-Retention YouTube views?

As mentioned earlier, not all YouTube views are created equal. There’s a big difference between high-retention views and regular views.

High-retention views are promising leads, because you have proof that a person was interested enough to watch through the whole thing. Regular views, where the person may have clicked away almost immediately, are usually not so promising.

YouTube values audience retention highly so improving this metric will bring all sorts of benefits, including:

Better SEO: Higher retention is a positive signal for Google, YouTube, and other search engines and social media platforms, meaning you’ll rank higher in their search results. Videos also show up in Google searches, so that’s a winning combination.

Getting Noticed: The higher you rank, the more people will find you, increasing brand awareness. That means you’ll get your products,services, and marketing campaigns in front of more potential customers.

A Targeted Audience: You can be confident that high-retention views come from people who are at least somewhat interested in your content, making for easier re-targeting.

Creating Community: The higher your audience retention, the more subscribers you’ll gain. This helps build a community within your audience, giving them a place to be together – your channel.

If you want to market your business as successfully as possible on YouTube, it’s clear that you’re going to need high-retention views.

How to get High-Retention YouTube Views

There are two basic ways to get more high-retention YouTube views: buying them from high quality providers, and/or earning them with engaging content.

Yes, you actually can buy views that will aid your marketing campaigns – as long as you buy high quality views, which will last all the way through your videos. Take a moment to check out these trusted providers of high-retention views, which we have reviewed and ranked.

High quality bought views speed up your marketing campaigns, and end up bringing in new authentic views. If your content is interesting, they may stick around to see more.

If you go for the cheapest bought views, they may click away from your video immediately after registering the view. This sends a completely wrong signal: that people see your video and then leave because they don’t like it. This isn’t good, and you should do everything you can to avoid it.

To attract organic high-retention views without buying them, you basically need to make your content worth watching. Identify a need you can address, and do it professionally and concisely. Take a look at your audience retention and other metrics to learn important facts about how your viewers interact with your videos, and how to make them better.


Use all the appropriate keywords in your titles, descriptions, and tags. Link your videos together with annotations, along with your website. Make attractive, eye-catching thumbnails for your videos that will entice your target audience to click.

Only Buy High-Retention YouTube Views

If you’re serious about YouTube success, you’ll need a lot of high-retention views on your videos. These show YouTube and Google that people aren’t just attracted to the title or thumbnail – they also stick around to hear what you have to say.

This is great for your search engine rankings, and therefore it’s great for your business. When it comes to social media and the internet, the more popular you are, the easier it is to become even more popular.

That’s why buying high-retention YouTube views is a viable strategy for a growing business. As part of a solid marketing plan that includes interesting, engaging content, bought followers like these can greatly speed up your growth on social media.


Date: December 2, 2016 / Categories: Influencer Marketing, Tips, YouTube, / Author: Mariko


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