How To Use Cards and End Screens on YouTube

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The use of annotations has decreased by over 70%, which is why YouTube has recently decided to discontinue the annotations editor.

Never fear, internet marketers! Cards and end screens are here, and they work great on both mobile and desktop. The annotations editor was launched in 2008, before 60% of YouTube watch time went mobile.

Interactive cards are now more engaging for viewers, as they generate 7 times as many clicks as annotations. In fact, viewers close 12 annotations on average before they click any of them.

Not only are annotations frustrating for viewers in many cases, but they’re also a bit of a hassle for the video creators. Adding annotations to videos can sometimes be a very frustrating process, as any Youtuber knows. Interactive cards and end screens are quicker and easier to set up.

Youtube cards will help you maximize the reach of your videos, giving viewers something useful to interact with and helping them remember you. You can include a lot of important information in them, like your latest video or links to your website.

Check out some of these ways that businesses and popular YouTube channels are using cards and end screens, and get some ideas for how you can too!

Types of Interactive Cards


AsapScience card

Image credit: AsapSCIENCE

Do you sell books, shirts, or artwork? You can use cards to link your product or anything you sell by using a picture, title, and call-to-action.

Using an interactive card to promote your merchandise will help you drive sales of your product. In the example shown, AsapSCIENCE used a card to encourage their users to purchase their book while watching a fun video.


Image credit: 4xOverland

Image credit: 4xOverland

YouTube Interactive cards allow you to link an approved fundraising site using a thumbnail image and title. 4xOverland used a CTA in their cards by asking their viewers to support their videos by pledging $1 a month. It’s a very easy request, and if you combine that with an interesting video you’ll get people more interested.

Video CTAs

Image credit: Brooklyn and Bailey

Image credit: Brooklyn and Bailey

This type of interactive card will simply link your viewers to one or more of your videos. This will let them see what else you have to offer, and encourage them to continue watching your content.

You’ll get more engagement time from viewers, and more time spent on your channel. Above you can see how YouTube stars and Identical twins, Brooklyn and Bailey, linked their other videos using interactive cards.


Image credit: Dulce Candy

Image credit: Dulce Candy

A playlist card will help you inform your viewers of the larger sets of related videos that you have available. Use playlist cards to keep them browsing your channel.

The longer they stay on your channel, the more likely they are to watch another video. Beauty Vlogger Dulce Candy linked a playlist of her makeup tutorial videos in relation to her makeup collection video, and, as you can see from the views she gets, it’s working out pretty well for her.

Associated Website

Image credit: Jade Joddle

Image credit: Jade Joddle

Direct your viewers to one of your websites or an associated URL that can help move them through your sales funnel in some way. Lead them to a relevant landing page where they can read more information and find out more about you.

However, take note that you’ll need to set up your associated website elsewhere, and you’ll also need to conform to YouTube’s ad policies and the YouTube community guidelines.

Make sure that your website is optimized and your call-to-action is clear so visitors know exactly what to do next. Jade Joddle, a speaking skills specialist, directs people to her website, where her viewers and possible future students can easily see what else she teaches.

Fan Funding

Image credit: Noreen's Kitchen

Image credit: Noreen’s Kitchen

The fan funding interactive card uses an inbuilt system that allows you to directly collect donations by enabling your Fan Funding feature. This is ideal for those who have viewers that would like to contribute to their cause without the hustle and bustle of setting up an external service.

Noreen’s Kitchen, for example, used interactive cards in their videos for their fundraising efforts, letting their fans directly contribute to a cause they love..

End Screens

Sometimes they’re called outro cards, slate cards, or end cards, but these end screens, no matter what you call them, can help you engage your audience and increase your core viewership.

They point your viewers to other videos, playlists, and even other channels you might have. You can ask them to subscribe, promote your website, show off your social media accounts, and advertise for products. Oftentimes they should include your brand name, brand logo, and relevant links.

Because end screens are uniquely made by the video creator, they’ll often end up looking quite different. Here are some factors to think about for making an effective YouTube end screen:

  • Your end screens should look professional, simple, and clean.
  • They should have simple and straightforward calls-to-action. Be specific: “Subscribe to my channel,” “Follow us on Instagram,” or “Visit our website.”
  • It should last between 10-20 seconds, or enough time for users to read and take in all the information placed.
Devinsupertramp card

Image credit: devinsupertramp

As mentioned, the design possibilities are endless. Take note that there is a limit on clickable links that are allowed.

Here are some end screen template examples you can get ideas from:

Image credit: SoapyEdits

Image credit: SoapyEdits

This template has one side with all the links clearly featured, with your name, links to your Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels, and a subscribe button. You can also have another one of your videos playing in the box on the right, leading people to click on it.

Image credit: Tubular Insights

Image credit: Tubular Insights

The end card template above is focused more on leading your viewers to different uploaded videos. This will let them see the variety of videos you offer and will increase the chances of them staying on your channel longer.

Image credit: Im PixelHD

Image credit: Im PixelHD

This next template is a combination of the two previous templates. It has the necessary links to your social media accounts and YouTube channel. It also shows the next video after your current one, and another random video in your playlist.

Play Your Cards Right

You can think of these interactive cards as the next stage in the evolution of what began as annotations. They can inform your viewers of your merchandise, prsent your other videos, offer up your playlists, direct them to your websites, raise funds – and much more.

Creating Youtube videos is a fun and easy way to connect with your audience. YouTube cards and end screens will help you maintain that connection, expand your reach, and even increase sales.

Hey, did you know? To attract more viewers to your videos (and get more people clicking those cards), you can buy YouTube views and subscribers. With more views and subs, you’ll look more like an authority, appearing more credible and with more social proof. The more views you have, the more likely people will be to watch!

Try combining bought YouTube views with interactive cards and end screens. They’re a less obvious and annoying way to promote your products, services, and content through your videos.

Experiment with different types of Youtube cards and see what works best for you. When used properly, these cards can have a huge impact on your channel and your business.

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