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It’s long been known that if your videos have the power to hold the attention of an audience, you’ll probably wind up with a great YouTube ranking. Recent explorations of YouTube’s algorithm supports this idea.

Creating high-quality content is ever more important today. Content that you just can’t look away from, which makes your viewers Comment, Like, and Share, is the backbone of the best YouTube practices, and it’s something that all successful channels do.

The success of just one video can affect the ranking of your entire channel. That’s why delivering captivating videos to your audience on a consistent basis is one of the things you should always strive for. Here’s how you can do that.

Know your Target Audience (and their interests)

Doesn’t it make perfect sense that if you want to catch and hold the attention of your target audience, they must first find your content interesting? So it’s important to get to know them, so you can align your content with their interests.

Connecting with your target audience is the shortest route to sales. You should define your target audience first before creating any video. Once you do, it’s easier to tailor your content to match the interests of your audience and maximize your YouTube marketing efforts.

Interest matters, and it holds so much power because when a topic appeals to your audience, engagement deepens and you give them the motivation to willingly stay and watch your video – even if it’s a long one.

Case in point, even though short is typically the way to go for most channels, this 6-minute long video by Nike has very impressive engagement measures: 331K+ Likes, 11K+ Comments, and 183K+ Shares. It has an average watch time of 3.26 minutes and with over 61 million views, it holds the 4th spot in YouTube’s most-watched clips of 2016.

Keep it Short

Although Internet marketing experts do not agree on the exact optimal length of a YouTube video, they all agree that short has a marketing edge over long.

Some data suggests 2 minutes is the ideal length, some info indicates it’s 3 minutes, and still other insiders recommend 3.5 minutes. It’s best to just keep your video’s length within these numbers to have a great performing video.

The performance of a video can be measured by a combination of engagement and Views. So, aside from making sure your videos are engagingly short, try improving the View count on your videos quickly and easily by buying YouTube Views.

This is a way to give your video a good nudge towards the top by creating more buzz around it. The high number of Views will encourage people to watch your video, so that over time your bought Views will generate real Views from real users.

Evoke an Emotional Response

Studies have proven time and again that we humans are emotional beings. Our actions, behavior, thoughts, and beliefs are, more often than not, driven by emotions. In fact, some neuroscience research shows that even the decisions we believe are logical are at the core, actually emotional.

Scientific research on emotional triggers for online video shows that extreme emotions, both positive and negative, increase our tendency to Share, but positive emotions have more viral potential than negative ones.

Proponents of these studies assert that a Share happens as a result of a desire to express identity and membership in a collective. People Share a video to show that they identify with it.

What this means is that anytime your videos evoke positive emotions, you’ll likely increase engagement for that video.

Consider the inspiring video below. The powerful message of hope in this video earned it 16K+ Comments and 13M+ Views. The high Comment-to-View ratio, which is the best indicator of video engagement, proved that when this video evoked emotion it aroused quite a response.

Be Upbeat!

Nobody likes boring videos with speakers talking in a dull and monotone voice. Be passionate, be alive, and be energetic.

You need more than a good subject to make an impact. You should also be enthusiastic, and to make engaging video you’ll need to put out more enthusiasm than you normally do in your daily interactions.

Being upbeat is sometimes the difference between a forgettable video and a memorable one.

Insert Humor Here

Injecting humor into your videos is one of the most effective ways of captivating your audience.

A tasteful and carefully crafted comedic video can disarm even the most somber of viewers and can significantly improve your watch time.

Laughter is a universal language and it transcends race, sex and, culture. Not only will you hold your audience’s attention, you’ll also leave a memorable impression with them. Humor in video ads can make even the most ordinary product seem extraordinary.

If you can add visual comedy to your video, then it would be even more effective. Take a look at the video below and try not to laugh.

Make it Timely and Informative

One of the qualities that make a video go viral is its timeliness. If you make videos with themes in keeping with current events, then your videos will typically have more value.

Imparting valuable information in your videos counts for a lot, too. If your videos contain information that your audience is interested in, you’ll get a better response as they’ll almost certainly watch through every bit to find out all the useful stuff.

Combine timeliness and informativeness, and you have a recipe for a video likely to captivate your market. Remember that if you promise something great but don’t deliver, people will be turned off.

You can further strengthen this effect by buying YouTube views as you publish your video. Bought Views will bring in more Views and comments from users who are eager to find out why your video is so popular. It helps your channel become more popular and gives your brand authority, which, overall, contributes to a more engaged audience.

Create More Captivating Videos Today!

Grab and keep your audience’s attention with engaging videos. More engagement will increase brand awareness, build your YouTube presence, and boost your online reputation. In fact, it should even end up in more conversions!

So make sure your videos have some, if not all of the qualities we mentioned. Experiment and find the ones that work well with your target audience. Start today and keep in mind that consistency is important in your channel’s overall success.

Keep creating spellbinding videos. We hope to be writing about you next!

Date: April 6, 2017 / Categories: Tips, YouTube, / Author: Chell


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