How to Find People to Collaborate with on YouTube

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So, what is a YouTube collaboration? A collaboration is simply when two or more YouTubers create and record a video together.

They usually revolve around a theme, and sometimes different versions are uploaded to the channels of each collaborator. These videos help them cross-promote to their different audiences, expanding the reach of each creator.

Why should you collaborate? From the audience’s perspective, it’s fun and enjoyable to watch. From your perspective, it will help you drive video views and channel subscriptions. It creates more general awareness and improves the searchability of your content.

What to Look For In Collaboration Partners

Before finding people to work with, you should be clear on what kind of collaborators you want to partner with. While you are free to choose who to collaborate with, you should still set some standards. According to Owen Hemsath, founder of Video Master’s Academy, these are the factors you should look into when choosing who to collaborate with:

  1. The content of their channel is highly related to the product that you’d like to promote
  2. The collaborator demonstrates values that are similar to your own
  3. Their subscriber count is over 10,000
  4. Their latest videos are a week old and have at least 1,000 views
  5. They have a newsletter or their website offers a lead magnet
  6. They are very active on social media

So now that you have the criteria, where should you look for people to collaborate with?


The first place to look for possible partnerships is to your friends. It’s the easiest place to find people you can collaborate with. The best collabs happen between people who have chemistry on and off-camera.

It’s quite painful to watch two people trying to fake a friendship. Your audience will sense the awkwardness. Plus you can have more fun and more freedom with your pals.

Lilly Singh did a collaboration with her new found friend, who happens to be a big celebrity, Selena Gomez. The title of their video describes who they are and what they’re doing: “Newly Friend Game (ft. @SelenaGomez).” Try to learn from their example!


You can do more when you both are located in the same area. It makes it easier and more convenient to record a video. If there are any YouTubers in the same area that you can hang and collaborate with, they should probably be your first option.

Similar Interests

It makes perfect sense to collaborate with people who have similar interests to you and your audience. Your content will be more compelling and engaging with someone who has a personality and skill set that your audience will love. Collaborate with like-minded folks who understand how a partnership works.

Two YouTubers who both love to collaborate and make funny videos are NigaHiga and Dtrix. They create videos on each other’s channels with one simple goal: make their followers laugh.

How to Ask for Collaboration

Establish Rapport

Before inviting people to collaborate, you should establish a certain relationship, getting to know them and their YouTube channel. If it’s a total stranger, you can subscribe to them, and comment on their videos for a certain period so they take notice. Remember to be sincere.

Present Your Ideas

Show them how serious you are by presenting them with some solid ideas for collaboration. If you rely on your partner for everything, you can’t expect it to happen.

Contact via Email

The best way to contact them is usually via email. Check the ‘About’ section of their YouTube page for contact information.

Improve Your Social Proof

Did you know that you can quickly and easily improve your reputation online? Check out the possibilities when it comes to buying YouTube Views and other signals of engagement.

When people see how many Views your videos are getting, they’ll definitely want to come check them out. The same goes for potential collaborators!

Reference their Work

Rather than just saying, “I like your videos,” be more specific and refer to a particular video. Tell them why you enjoyed it, and what you think about it.

Get Straight to the Point

Just like video length, don’t lose the attention of your future partner with lengthy and boring emails. Be succinct, clear, positive, and confident. Show them what you have to offer.

Tips For Making a Successful Video

Plan what you’re filming

The key to anything is to have a clear objective of what you want to do. Whether you’re doing a random tag video, a Q&A, or a tutorial, go into your collab with a plan.

Without one, your videos can come out unfocused and unengaging. When in doubt, ask your subscribers.

Do something new and different

Don’t do another “My boyfriend does my make-up” or bandwagon challenge. If you are going to do a video, combine your creative ideas and come up with new and exciting ideas.

Singer and YouTube personality Troye Sivan did a unique collab video with the very famous British YouTuber, Zoella. The concept of the video? Zoella waxing Troye’s legs!

Make two videos

A trend in the YouTube world is that most collaborators make two or even more videos. They upload one to each of their own individual channels at the same time. Then, you can both promote to each other’s audience and drive subscribers to each other’s channels.

Troye Sivan and Zoella didn’t make just one collab video. In fact, when Troye uploaded his Waxing collab video with Zoella, she also uploaded her Cotton Wool Ball Challenge with Troye on the same day.

Find A Friend Now!

Collaborating with other YouTube creators is a great way to grow your channel and reach new viewers. Collaborating opens up a lot of opportunities for you to tell the world about your channel and even create a community around your brand. If you are just starting out on YouTube, it may even help you avoid some of the common mistakes YouTubers make.

A good collaboration is good for everyone involved. Whether the person you decide to work with is big or small on YouTube, you get a fun way to introduce your viewers to each other’s content.

One more thing before you go out and find them! Remember, you can increase your chances of having them say yes to you by buying Youtube Views and Subscribers. This is a great way to improve your social proof, quickly building your reputation and appeal. Now start searching!

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