9 Reasons Why You Should Put Up A YouTube Channel for Your Business

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As a business and a brand, you must always think of new ways and strategies that will get your products and services in front of as many people as possible. If you’re a startup or a small business, you’ll need to find promotional and marketing activities without breaking the bank.

Using YouTube for your business can be a cost-effective way to grow and reach a wider audience. YouTube has billions of users, some of whom can eventually become your customers. If you’re still not convinced, you will be after reading these 9 reasons why your business should be on the platform now!

1. The Statistics Say it All

Online video is growing exponentially. Almost five billion videos are watched on Youtube every day and the platform gets over 30 million visitors per day. It makes perfect sense to market your business using videos and upload them on this platform.

YouTube’s audience is worldwide and from all walks of life, so you’re guaranteed to find viewers who can be your potential customers and fans. The average time spent on YouTube per session is 40 minutes – make sure you get some of those minutes!

2. It’s the Second-largest Search Engine

You might think the second largest search engine would be Yahoo or Bing. But the fact is, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. People use it to find information of all kinds, including product and service reviews, so it’s likely that your target market will be able to find you.

YouTube is also owned by Google, and Google considers videos as important as text-only pages. You can maximize your digital impact by creating quality video content on your website, hosted and publicly available on YouTube. This will help build backlinks to your site and rank your page higher in search results.

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3. You Reach a Worldwide Audience

Consistently creating quality videos for your business will give you opportunities to reach an audience who would never come across your business any other way. On average, two-thirds of a channel’s views come from outside the channel’s home country.

Even if it’s not your goal to have international viewers, it is still likely that your channel will be watched by people who speak a different language or live in a different nation. Having a YouTube channel for your business can lead to a wider reach and engagement in new markets, and you never know where those opportunities may lead.

PONY Makeup is one of Korea’s most famous beauty bloggers, with a lot of makeup tutorials that are mostly tailored to Asian women. Her YouTube channel gave her an international reach. She now has fans from all over the world and has expanded her repertoire, with videos like this hijab makeup tutorial to cater to her fans where wearing hijab is common, which was done for the OnStyle channel.

By the way, did you know that you can quickly expand your reach by purchasing YouTube Views? When people see how many Views your videos are getting they’ll be sure to check out your channel to see what all the fuss is about. They won’t make you a star on their own, but bought Views can help skyrocket your channel to success.

4. Demonstrate your Expertise

Having a YouTube channel can help you build a reputation as an expert in the field.

You can do video tutorials or provide tips about your products. You can even invite other experts and influencers and show your audience how credible you are in your industry. Or, you can provide useful information for the kinds of people who are interested in or use your products, which isn’t directly related to your company.

5. Showcase your Products

Videos give your business a chance to showcase how your products can (and should) be used. This is very beneficial to those who only sell online, as it gives potential customers a three-dimensional feel without actually touching or experiencing anything.

H&M is known for their movie-like “lookbook” videos. These videos are a great way to show off their new collection and also entice their viewers to buy their clothes.

6. Show your Brand’s Personality

Your channel presents another opportunity for you to show your brand’s personality. It’s a perfect chance to add color and motion to your online business image.

Who would have thought that watching a video about blenders could be fun? Blendtec did. Beyond simply showcasing their powerful blenders, they engage the audience by showing their brand’s personality in fun and creative ways.

7. Promote your Business Activity

Use videos to promote your events and upcoming sales or product releases. You can also do highlights of a company event to show people how successful and fun it was.

It encourages them to join your next one if possible, or just shows that you’re a fun, realistic company full of relatable people. You can make a video for just about anything you might do.

8. Solve your Customer’s Problems

You can use your YouTube channel to provide solutions for your customers, like demonstrating how to install your product or use it properly. Create videos based on your most frequently asked questions, and you’ll be able to point people toward helpful solutions for most of their problems.

Use this to your advantage by creating videos based on the solutions that your product can offer, compared to issues that your competitors can’t solve. Look for what your competitors are doing, and try to fill the niches they leave open. You can even post your video in the Comment section of your competitors videos to get it in front of their viewers, although your comment might get deleted by the channel owner.

A great example of product demonstrations is provided by Crep Protect. Crep Protect sells products that protect footwear and prevent stains. On their YouTube channel, they show different ways of using their product to solve footwear stain problems.

Even if you don’t often step in chocolate syrup and leave your shoe there for 24 hours, this video shows solid techniques you can use to clean any kind of mess off your shoes.

9. Create a Community

You can use YouTube to create a community. As you grow your business and channel, you’ll generate more engagement with your target audience.

Coffee brands will attract more coffee lovers over time, perfume brands attract more people interested in smelling nice, etc. As your community develops and matures you’ll learn more about them, and find ever more opportunities to expand.

Bring in More Business with YouTube

We’ve laid out some of the most important and convincing points as to why your business should be on YouTube. If you still aren’t, then you should have some very good reasons not to be. YouTube is a viable platform for growing almost any business and expanding your reach, though it may not be right for everyone.

Remember, you can amplify your marketing strategies by buying YouTube Views, along with other signals of engagement such as Likes and Subscribers. This is a great way to quickly improve your social proof, making you appear like an established authority in your niche.

YouTube takes a bit of effort to master, but it’s well worth the investment. If you put in the time to produce quality videos and grow your channel, YouTube will be a very powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

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