The Best YouTube Channels For DIY Nuts

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Aside from housing the most extensive collection of cute cat videos on the internet, YouTube also managed to grow a respectable library of crafty instructional vids for DIY nuts everywhere.

Whether you’re a big DIY enthusiast or someone who’s just looking for one-off projects to fill your time, there’s something to learn from the brilliant content creators on YouTube. YouTube recently tightened content regulations on their platform, which means finding valuable content is a lot easier.

If you’re looking for interesting and easy-to-follow tutorials on DIY projects, check out some of the channels we’ve listed down below!

The Sorry Girls

If you want to spruce up your home or dorm room, turn to The Sorry Girls for some inspiration! The Sorry Girls is composed of Becky Wright and Kelsey Macdermaid, two friends who met in Uni back in 2010 and quickly bonded over their love for decorating.

They decided to share their easy and affordable crafty ideas online through their Youtube channel which they called The Sorry Girls – a humorous play on the Canadian stereotype of being too apologetic.

Together, they regularly publish ingenious videos that teach college students to bring life into a drab dorm room without breaking any rules. or your bank account!

Steve Ramsey

If you want to build more and buy less for 2018, you need to watch Steve Ramsey’s woodworking tutorials on YouTube. Ramsey is a skilled craftsman who has hundreds of videos that are perfect for beginners.

You will find videos that talk in-depth about different tools in his craftsman’s arsenal, as well as long-form tutorials on nifty projects. His tutorials will definitely help you build pieces that will add a personal touch to your home.


LaurDIY is an OG craft goddess who’s been making videos for her young audience since 2013. Lauren Riihimaki is a Canadian content creator with over 2 million subscribers.

Since starting her channel, Riihimaki has successfully created a brand for herself through her DIY, lifestyle and home organization videos that are a big hit amongst viewers in the younger demographic.

If you’re on the lookout for fun and easy DIY projects, you need to head to LaurDIY’s channel right now.


Make is a hardcore DIY channel that’s not for the faint of hard. Composed of pro-builders, the geniuses behind Make build everything from wireless inductive chargers to twisted sharpies and everything in between.

A word of caution, Make is not for the neophyte do-it-yourselfer. This channel features highly technical tutorials that require high levels of expertise in handling heavy duty equipment. If you’re not a skilled builder like the people on this channel, you might just want to sit back and watch them build awesome things – and avoid slicing your finger in half.

Mr. Kate

If upcycling and home improvement is your thing, you should take inspiration from Mr. Kate and her weekly uploads.

Mr. Kate makes a lot of DIY videos in the fashion and home improvement niche. Watch her videos if you want to learn how to make a statement jewelry piece of a chic home decor that will elevate your personal style without breaking the bank.

Mr. Kate’s videos are both informative and entertaining – which makes learning a new craft a whole lot more fun.

Get Your Craft On!

Getting crafty has never been easier thanks to YouTube. Now, you can learn how to build an expensive-looking coffee table or create eye-catching school accessories with just a few clicks. Turn anything from drab to fab with the help of the thousands of content creators who make informative DIY tutorials on YouTube.

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The best thing about YouTube is that there’s something out there for everybody, from beginners down to skilled pros. YouTube is the perfect place to find valuable information on some of your most perplexing “how-to” moments.

So what are you waiting for? Check out some of the channels listed above and get your craft on!

Have a favourite DIY channel? Share it with me!


Date: February 20, 2018 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Mariko


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