Selecting the Best Niche for a New YouTuber in 2020

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The idea you wish to pitch for your niche must be one you are so passionate about to your core. You must have amassed a reasonable level of knowledge on the subject. Analyzing the variables of a niche’s demand and the already available market as high-paying YouTube niches often have more creators than fans or audiences, which causes a considerable setback.

However, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert at checking all the variables to get started because we have selected some Best YouTube Niches to make money, and you can find them just below.

Selecting the Best Niche for a New YouTuber

Best YouTube Niche to Make Money in 2020

Fashion: This niche is arguably the largest contemporary YouTube community boasting over hundreds of thousands of both big and small creators gladly bringing their talents into the market sphere. Fashionistas include beauty, clothing, style, skincare, makeup, and styling. It is a very lucrative niche if you are interested in the use of several products that can improve people’s personalities. This particular niche will boost up your audience wherever in the world as you know people like to look more attractive and beautiful. Most Creators in this niche are currently online influencers.

Here is the YouTube monthly revenue for Some Top Fashion Creators:

  • Jeffrey Star amasses approximately $108,364 per month
  • Nikki Tutorials garners roughly $42,849 per month
  • Patricia Bright earned nearly $7,733 per month.

Super Niche: YouTube Gaming Videos

This is another niche that has a swamp of creators. A lot of games are published all the time, and this particular community seems not to run short of viewers considering that everyone plays a game to relieve stress, as a form of improving one’s intelligence and thinking quotient and a whole lot more reasons.

If you are an outstanding player in games and you are confident you are a world-beater, this could be an avenue for you to make videos to teach people how to play; you can rest assured that a lot of viewers will begin to follow shortly.

It is also essential to know that games are not gender-based, it is for everyone, both male and female while the age range may differ, and people never give up easily the habit of playing games.

Let us see some of the YouTube revenue for some Top Gaming videos creator.

  • VanossGaming stands at an approximate $336,990 per month.
  • Markpiller stands at an approximate $288796 per month.

YouTube Super Niche: Food

People eat every day, and while some people might stick to their routine, many are quite adventurous, so they try as much as possible to find new foods, both foreign and even local, they see YouTube channels as a way out to learn new recipes.

Many creators have made this their home, both the experienced and amateur creators. If you love food and you know how to be adventurous as far as new styles of cooking are concerned, then you have the license. Some also make the videos by adding ‘food reaction’ to engage the viewers in a laughter mood, so if you are looking for a way to get your channel to be not only useful but entertaining, you have to find the best niche since you love it.

Below is a list of a few YouTube revenue for some top Food Video Creators

  • Tasty stands at an approximate $258,373 per month
  • Jamie Oliver stands at an estimated $17, 234 per month.

Entertainment: This niche was how Justin Beiber became announced to the world. The entertainment niche is so broad because it involves Music, comedy, pranks, and movie trailers. It is a very fantastic niche, and many creators use it to showcase their talents, some records use it to promote the expertise of their clients.

If you are talented, the entertainment scene is a place to make a whole lot of money, given that people never tire of entertainment. Still, you must make sure your content is exciting enough to engage the excellent size of the audience.

Best Niche for a New YouTuber

Super Niche on YouTube: Motivations

Motivational videos create an atmosphere of hope as the world, and her people continue to experience many ups and downs. People get motivated and pumped up to stand when standing is difficult; they tend to follow religiously, guidelines admonished to solve their everyday problems and challenges.

It is an opportunity to inspire others to stand up and be counted, a chance to create a niche that makes money for you. However, you must possess specific communication skills and high confidence to create these videos with perfect content.

Smart YouTubers Super Niche: Educational Tutorials

This is another colossal niche, very common with a lot of raving audiences too. You can create videos to teach people subjects and courses on YouTube. Videos train people on advanced topics like digital marketing and network marketing. YouTubers these days also tutor subjects like mathematics, biology, and more. You can also be a focus video if you have tutoring skills with a perfect match of knowledge in any field.

We have a lot of creators who teach how to use some educational application software like Corel draw, Excel, SPSS, etc. You can also create a niche for yourself if you are good at it; you will be surprised to see your audience flocking around in thousands.

A Healthy Super Niche for YouTube 2020: Health Videos

People usually watch DVDs and VHS in time past, but YouTube is the trend these days. You will fit right in as a fitness trainer, healthy living coach, or nutritionist. This niche provides good health, nutrition, and exercise videos.
Tip: You must have a useful browsing phone and good network coverage to get started. Consistency is also the key, as you shouldn’t keep your viewers waiting for so long if you want to keep them on your channel.

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