The YouTube Algorithm Changes in Q1 of 2020

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Before 2019, the algorithm rewarded creators for watch time and video length. Creators beat the system as all they needed to do was to create long videos. A whole new problem of having videos with relatively low content ensured.

However, before 2012, YouTube ranked its videos by ‘view count’ almost by itself. This meant the more people watch a video, the more it gets presented to the viewers. A problem called the clickbait ensued immediately. Viewers were encouraged to open it and watch a small part of it only to discover that the video didn’t do as earlier promised.

The YouTube Algorithm Changes

The recent changes in 2019 algorithmic standards constitute a significant adjustment of unsolicited content uploaded into YouTube. YouTube eventually kept us abreast by announcing future changes. They will begin to determine what they describe as “borderline content” and potentially even go after the creators of this content.

The 2019 YouTube algorithm is one of the best answers, and its complete understanding will help you maximize the viewer’s prospect of your videos. This post will further expose you to the aims of the algorithm, how it works, and how you can leverage it.

Aims of the Algorithm

To assist viewers on what to see next. The algorithm becomes significant as YouTube received criticism instantly. Videos that overpromise excellent content only for the viewer to open such videos and get disappointed. More so, videos coming up most times never matched the desire of the viewer hence the algorithm’s creation.

Understanding How the YouTube Algorithm works

YouTube artificial intelligence is very sophisticated, and there are a lot of secrets as to how the algorithm works. However, from the paper they published in 2016, we understood some details, which include a few aspects. The algorithm uses artificial intelligence to track viewers’ perceived satisfaction. The algorithm creates an addictive and a personalized stream of recommendations. We also deduce that there are, in reality, multiple neural networks functioning at once. The first filter videos, choosing what makes for an excellent taste for the viewer’s “Next Up” suggestions. In contrast, the alternative network scores the videos mysteriously on non-disclosed factors.

The search results of YouTube are affected by many factors, and some are still unknown. Some of the known factors include a few key elements described here. Detailed metadata related and search terms are critical. Metadata is an umbrella word for video’s free title. The author described the description and uploader associated keywords.

Relevant Factors Affecting YouTube Algorithm

  • How frequently does the uploading channel creates a new video
  • The traffic at which a video comes to be famous
  • The duration at which users stay on a video, i.e., did they stop halfway through or they did watch it to the end?
  • The nature of content that a viewer frequently watches, i.e., if he watches more of gaming videos, he would be principally recommended more gaming videos.

Use The YouTube Algorithm Changes

How to Leverage the Algorithm to Enhance Your Channel

1. Consistency in the format:

You must stick to a consistent style of uploading videos on your channel. You must also make sure you to set up your channel for regular video series to be able to capture attention and, at the same time, keep it.

Over the years, YouTube channels that are consistent have been able to grow their subscriber base because it makes signing up and subscribing easier.

2. The use of suitable and accurate description:

Keywords should be selected wisely, they should be easily readable, and using optimized keywords will be useful.

3. Transcribe your video into English:

Many times, the sound in the video may be of low quality, subtitles should go onto your video, perfect ones to make the video more sensible.

4. Label your thumbnails:

Branding and labeling your videos is a way to make viewers spot your videos at a glimpse easily. Labeling increases the likelihood that they will be clicked on by regular customers who are already aware of your content.

The thumbnail must be attractive and custom. Don’t depend on auto-generated thumbnails as you are more capable of choosing the bits on your own.

5. Subscription plea:

You should include a part in each video persuading viewers to subscribe. The number of subs you can boast of, the more viewers you possess for your video. Those subscribers, too, will get a notification whenever you release a new video.

6. Promotion of your channel:

You must look for several opportunities to advertise your channel. Sharing it on various platforms and social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

7. There are other things you must take note of which includes:

  • Manually recommend related videos using cards and end cards.
  • It would help if you linked to other videos in the playlist whenever you share it.
  • Interlinking makes any suggestion of the next video to watch would be yours.
  • The viewer would be interested since your last video was good enough.


YouTube Algorithm has changed dramatically over the years. With these changes comes creators scurrying and agitating, ruminating on why the style worked. They did make a profit for themselves. It would be best if you understood now that although algorithm changes, the goal of YouTube remains the same. Make more highly rated videos available for viewers.

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