How to Broadcast with YouTube Live: Guide Made Easy!

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There are a few sites that can grant you access to a quarter of everyone in the world, and YouTube is one of those platforms. YouTube has about 2 billion users. YouTube audiences also watch a lot of content on the platform making it one of the best platforms to pass information. YouTube viewers watch over one billion hours’ worth of videos in a day. That’s an extra reason why you need to put your content on YouTube.
You shouldn’t just have your content on the platform; you should also broadcast your content. If your ultimate goal or one of your goals is having a channel on YouTube, then you should be serious about going live on the platform. It will fetch you more engagement than you can imagine; you can take my word for it.

How to Broadcast with YouTube Live: Guide Made Easy in 2020!

Why should I Broadcast on YouTube?

You should broadcast on YouTube if you want the exciting options and benefits that come with going live on the platform. One such benefit is that you will get more subscribers. Statistically, YouTube Channels with at least one live stream a week have 40% more subscribers than those who don’t live stream.
Whether your purpose of opening a YouTube account is personal or business, you should live stream. Business accounts should live stream more as it will give them the benefit of interacting with their customers, thus creating a stable relationship with their customers. Here are some reasons why you should live stream as a business:

  • Good penetration: Live streaming makes more people know about your product as people, in general, have the phobia of missing out. As such, they will want to catch up with what you’re broadcasting. Statistically, over 66% of everyone with access to the internet has seen a live-streamed video, and those numbers are increasing daily.
  • It increases the engagement rate with your audience: Live streaming helps content creators to interact with their audience in a way that is not obtainable if they were uploading a traditional video.
  • It increases your channel subscriber: Those who watch your videos tend to know more about what your niche is all about; as such, if your niche interests them, they’ll hit the subscribe button.
  • It has a way of captivating the attention of your audience: Averagely, your audience will be three times more likely to focus on the content of your video who you’re broadcasting.

That’s cool. But how do you broadcast your video, let’s delve right into that?

Create a YouTube Channel for Your Live Streaming Future!

Before you can go live on YouTube, you must first have a YouTube channel. There is practically no way to skip this process if you want to broadcast on the platform. To create a YouTube channel, you must do the following;

  • Create a YouTube account: If you already have a YouTube account, you can skip this step. If not, then you must get that done.
  • Login to your YouTube account: Your Gmail account will give you access to YouTube.
  • Create a New channel: You should see your avatar at the top-right corner of your screen, tap on it, go through the options on your screen, and create your new YouTube channel. If you have a YouTube channel already, all you have to do is to add it; you can do that by selecting a brand account if you’ve already created one.
  • Enable live streaming: You have to enable this feature has it is not enabled by default on any YouTube account.

Choose the Content You Want to Livestream

How do you make a live video without creating content? Not possible. As such, you need to have it at the back of your mind that it is an unavoidable and challenging process. However, with the knowledge we’ll be sharing on this platform, you can be sure that it will be a fruitful effort for you.
You will naturally gravitate towards a specific type of content, whichever you choose, ensure that it suits your audience, and it is exciting enough to make them want to come back for more. Don’t be boring!

Have What You Need to Broadcast

The cheapest set-up that you’ll need to broadcast is a computer, a YouTube channel, and a webcam. However, for you to have an impressive engagement, you need to invest more money to get the result you desire.
Here are the equipment’s that you’ll need if you want to have a high engagement;

  • A good camera: If you want your video to be of high quality, then you should invest in DSLR’s camcorders and other equipment that can guarantee you of excellent video quality.
  • Encoders: You can get a software encoder for free. However, you need a good computer. Hardware encoders are expensive, but you don’t require you to have a computer. Whichever way, you need an encoder.
  • A microphone: You can use a built-in microphone; however, if you want to get a better result, then you should go for an external one.
  • Capture cards: You will need capture cards if you’re not using a webcam.

Promote Your YouTube Live Broadcast

It should just start and end with putting up a video on YouTube. You need to start putting effort into ensuring that people are aware that your video exists. To promote your video, you should consider hiring influencers and opinion-makers to tell people about your video. Ensure that you do this just before you start your broadcast. If you skip this step, then you can be sure that the video broadcast won’t be a successful one.

Test Everything Before Streaming

Before you start your broadcast, you should test everything that will determine the success of your broadcast. Some things you should check are:

  • Upload speed: You need to be sure that the upload speed is good enough to make a live video.
  • Gear connectivity: You need to check your gear connection to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the set-up.
  • The script: Go through the script again to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Don’t forget that it’s a live video, and as such, you’ll have little or no room for errors.

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