Everything You Need to Know Before Vlogging on YouTube

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YouTube is considered the number one video-sharing platform in the world. With this known to the world, it makes the platform a perfect avenue for vloggers to show their vlogging skills to the world. What perfect platform can people vlog other than a platform created for videos? Well, today, if you are considering taking in the career of vlogging, then you should know YouTube can come in handy for that.

Today, a significant number of people are interested in the activity. However, most of them do not have the slightest idea of how to go about it. In this article, we will talk about some of the best tips and all the basic things you need to know before venturing into vlogging on YouTube. You must understand that the process can be complicated, but with the guide below, you should easily handle the task of becoming a vlogger on YouTube. Here’s the deal:

you gotta Know Before Vlogging on YouTube

Get the Necessary Materials and Resources

When it comes to vlogging, many things need to be put in place before venturing into it. One of those things to do before vlogging is to get the necessary materials and resources that can help you do a great job. If you are doing such a good job, you will never have to buy YouTube views and other marketing efforts that are costly!

Some of these materials and resources include a vlogging camera, a microphone, a laptop and editing software, a tripod, and of course, a mobile smartphone. People can vlog even without all of these materials. However, it is crucial to obtain them as they help reduce efforts and ensure the entire process of vlogging is made easier. Asides from that, many advanced vloggers adopt the usage of special equipment such as drones and lightboxes that enable them to shoot high-quality videos.

Understand what Niche you Would Like to Fit in

Getting the hang of the kind of niche you would like to vlog about can significantly help you tailor your focus towards one area. Trying to focus on many categories of vlogging at once is never a good idea, as this can substantially bring loads of stress into the game.

To help you understand what niche you would like to fit your vlogging career in, you must figure out what you love doing. What kind of vlogs do you prefer watching, and what kind of vlogs interests you the most. These are some of the measures you need to address to help you find a suitable niche for your vlogging career.

Look into the Channels of Famous Vloggers

There are many famous vloggers on YouTube. In case you got the inspiration to become a vlogger from one of the famous vloggers on YouTube. You should be prepared to look a bit more into the lifestyle and overall vlogging techniques used by these people. This way, you stand a chance to get a solid idea of what lies ahead in the world of vlogging.

Of course, this should be done after figuring out what kind of niche you would like to make your vlogs dwell in. Looking into the channels of famous vloggers gives you insights into how to begin yours.

Be Ready to Make Unique Content

As a vlogger, you must be prepared to avoid copyright issues. The best way to do this is by making sure whatever video you upload to your YouTube channel is unique and original. This is a crucial step to also building up an audience organically, as people tend to show an interest only in exclusive video content on the platform.

Many online tools can help people make videos unique. Luckily, users can easily find these tools on the web and use them in the improvement of their vlogging career.

Make a Plan for Vlogging

Making a plan for your YouTube channel is an essential step to maintaining a successful vlog on it. Of course, this takes hard work and focus; it is still always worth the shot as planning improves its management. Your plan can include the topics to vlog about, more strategies to help you make better videos, and even the timing for the posting of video content online.

Pick a Target Audience

Before vlogging, you must be ready to pick a target audience and stick to it. To pick one, you should understand the types of people that are most likely to show interest in your videos, where they are from, and what they are like in person. This allows you to tailor the making of your videos to favor them mostly. Although creating video content for other audiences outside your target zone is a good option, it still pays to offer more focus to one.

how to start vlogging on youtube in 2020

Promote on Other Platforms

Just as many would say, “do not put all your eggs in one basket.” Today, there are tons of social networks that you can promote your vlogging career on. Usually, you can do this by posting links to your videos on these social platforms, and maybe build a following from there. This offers a vast range of unique benefits, including a massive boost to the level of engagement you can get on your vlog.

Consider the Use of Ads

Adverts are amazing features implemented on most social networks that can significantly promote content across to a large number of users. As someone who is about to go into the vlogging career, you should know that ads are great ways to promote your vlog on YouTube efficiently.

Track Vlogging Video Performance

Keeping track of video performance is one of the many things you should make a priority when you start vlogging. There are amazing tools developed online to help people do this while they spend time on other essential tasks. However, for those who wish to analyze the performance of their videos themselves, looking into key metrics such as impression, reach, audience, and many others goes a long way in helping them.


As someone who is about to try out vlogging, the tips discussed above would greatly influence how successful it will turn out when you start. This serves as a guide to help you handle the task and get the best out of your vlogging career on YouTube. Good luck!

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