Top 10 Things To Plan Out Before Starting A YouTube Channel

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If you want to start a YouTube channel, there are some things that you should know if you don’t want your channel to be mere statistics to help YouTube brag.
If you want to know all it takes to start a successful YouTube channel, you’re at the right place. I’m sure that you have a lot of questions about YouTube channel in your mind, questions like;

  • What will be the content of my channel?
  • What are the things I need to be a successful YouTuber?
  • How do I create my own YouTube channel?

What are the tips I need to know before starting a YouTube channel?

You will get answers to these questions and more when you read everything in this article. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of the write-up.

Top 10 Things To Plan Out Before Starting A YouTube Channel in 2020

Know why you’re starting a YouTube channel?

There are many reasons why people create their own YouTube channel. You also need to have an idea for creating yours, if you don’t have a conviction backing up your decision. Your plan to have a YouTube channel may be a short-lived one.
It would help if you had a compelling reason for starting your channel. This way, you can tailor each video to fit your reason for starting the YouTube Channel. Every little decision you make will further move you closer to achieving your goal, or it can drive you further away from those goals. Here are some common reasons why people start a YouTube channel, read through, it may give insight into why you should start one.

Starting A YouTube Channel for Business Promotion

If you want more people to hear about your business, you should publicize it by starting a YouTube channel. YouTube has over 2 billion active monthly users, imagine the improvement your business will get if a good percentage of those monthly users hear of your product or services.
If you promote your business on YouTube, it helps you do these three things;

  • Give your business or services more exposure
  • It will improve the perception of people about your skill, thus setting you as one of the experts in your field
  • It helps you to educate people on why they should use your product/services.

Showcasing your art

If you’re an artist, YouTube is the best place to showcase your artworks and your skills. You can record a video of yourself drawing skillfully, or you can show a collection of your crafts.

Sharing a hobby or a skill

If you’re skillful in something, you can showcase it to the public and earn more popularity and money from that skill. You can teach others how to do that skill, tips, and tricks that will make the learning process easy.

Making money from your YouTube channel

A lot of people make money on their YouTube channel, and you also can. Here are some ways people make money from their channel on YouTube.
Crowdfunding- If you have an idea that you lack the capital to execute, you can make a video asking YouTubers to support you.
Monetizing YouTube videos- YouTube monetization will pay you if people watch the ads on your videos. However, before you can qualify for this, there are certain conditions you have to meet. You should research more on YouTube monetization if you want to use this feature.

Choose the niche for your YouTube channel

You must select the right niche for your YouTube channel as this will help YouTube to suggest the right audience for your video.
The niche you pick is a critical factor in determining the success of your video. It is the foundation of your YouTube goal; however, you should first identify your audience. You can’t just upload your video without identifying your niche; your niche will help YouTube to group your video in a category. But how do you know your right niche?
Your niche should be a category that fits what you do; for example, if you want to teach coaching skills, then your niche should be under sports.

What you need to be a successful YouTuber

If you want to be successful on the YouTube platform, you must plan out:
A. Have a passion for the subject
You must be passionate about the issue enough to have the determination to go the extra mile; it is the most effective weapon for you.

B. Time to record and edit
To have a successful YouTube channel, you may not have to invest money, but you can’t afford not giving your time.
If you want your YouTube channel to be successful, you must continuously create the right content for your audience. You need to also invest time in learning a better way to do things.

C. Invest in the right equipment
You don’t necessarily have to invest so much money into buying high-tech equipment. You can make do with standard equipment like your phone camera, a suitable tripod, lighting equipment, and cheap Photoshop tools.

Name of your YouTube channel

The name of your channel should give insight into the central message of your channel. Average users who come across your channel name should have an idea of what to expect when they watch your videos.
It would be best if you kept your channel name short, relevant, and readable; this way, your subscribers will easily remember.

How to choose a suitable YouTube name

  • Please write down the word that best describes you; it should be something that depicts your character as an individual.
  • Write down the words that best describe the content of your YouTube channel. For example, if your niche is music, you can think of words like beat, melody, hip hop and so on
  • Mix those words. You can do a little tweak on the name. For example, if you chose Sweet Beat, you can tweak it to “switbeatz.”

Setting up your YouTube channel

The moment you have a niche, and you know the reason why you’re YouTubing, the next thing is to create your channel. Follow the instruction on how to create a YouTube channel below:

  1. Create a YouTube account
  2. Add the YouTube channel art
  3. Fill in your profile details into the text field provided for that
  4. Verify your YouTube channel

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