Top 10 Educational Channels on YouTube in 2020

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When it comes to finding entertaining videos, YouTube is regarded as the best platform for that. Today, the platform is home to some of the world’s most compelling videos. However, when taking a look at some other video categories, you might find a large number of them on the platform. In other words, YouTube houses some of the best kinds of videos, including educational ones. 

Speaking of educational videos, there are tons of YouTube channels that make videos to help users across the platform learn a lot about the things that happen around us. Also, looking at school concepts, there are YouTube channels that offer unique and better insights into them. 

The 10 Best Educational Channels on YouTube in 2020

If you are a student who has wondered how to find the best forms of learning, you should be mindful of the fact that videos come in handy for that. And thanks to the fantastic platform of YouTube, you can easily do this without putting in too much effort. Of course, the whole process can be less conversational compared to the process in schools, but they still deliver a great learning experience to learners. In case you are unaware of some of these YouTube channels, you have nothing to worry about, as this article should guide you towards getting familiar with some of the best educational YouTube channels that teach you something new. Here’s the deal. 

#1 Philosophy Tube

Taking a look at some of the world’s broadest fields, philosophy is never left out of the picture. Due to its wide range of concepts and unique topics, people have found themselves with tons of questions, which even lead to more problems. Handling this is best done through learning about philosophy. Thanks to the Philosophy Tube YouTube channel, people can easily find answers to these questions. The channel offers a better sense of knowledge concerning life’s biggest questions as well as events. 

#2 Studyign

College can sometimes be hectic for students. Dealing with tasks such as homework, organization, purchase of school supplies, and getting school advice can be tough work. To help you understand the life of being in college, the YouTube channel, Studyign, can provide unique insights to help you handle that. For people who are curious to know what the academic side of the college is like, this channel offers them a sneak peek of that. 

#3 The Organic Chemistry 

Organic Chemistry is a YouTube channel designed to help students learn a lot more about challenging school topics. Today, a lot of students have trouble dealing with maths, chemistry, physics, and other subjects. With the help of this YouTube channel, they can gain particular explanations of the concepts to help them get familiar with the issue and its ideas. To many, the YouTube channel is considered as a personal online teacher. 

#4 Easy Languages

Easy Languages is yet another great YouTube channel that offers you a chance to learn something new. Just as its name implies, the YouTube channel provides quality learning tips and tutorials for people willing to learn new languages. Learning a new language can be a very tough job to handle. Luckily, this channel makes the whole process a lot easier. 

#5 TED-Ed

The TED-Ed YouTube channel is a collaboration of several successful educators and speakers. Through the channel, people can easily find ways to learn something new every day. It creates lessons to be shared with users on the YouTube platform. Due to the growth of the channel, the channel expands its span of educators to help subscribers learn about several things. 

#6 Crash course

Crash Course is an amazing YouTube channel that has grown beyond what many had imagined. The channel provides tons of unique courses that summarize school topics. Through the videos provided, students find the channel to be a perfect spot for learning about the most essential and necessary things in school subjects. 

Sometimes, reading a whole textbook can take a very long time. Not to mention, this process can be very hectic and take a lot of effort. Thanks to the CrashCourse YouTube channel, the whole process is simplified and summarized into a playlist of videos. 

#7 Scishow

As a science student, you will find this YouTube channel quite interesting. Asides from being a very interesting channel, you will gain the chance of learning a great number of unique things you never knew about. 

Of course, the channel is not meant for science students only, as just about anyone can easily get a grasp of knowledge about the concepts discussed in its videos. 

#8 ASAP Science

ASAPScience is yet another YouTube channel based on science that you can follow to learn something new. Thanks to its amazing videos, a large number of people across the globe have found means to learn about the ins and outs of science. One fantastic thing about the channel is its level of simplicity. This aids other people who are not into science fields to understand what is discussed within its videos equally. Honestly, this is one educational YouTube channel you would not want to miss. 

#9 Epipheo

Epipheo is a YouTube channel that handles the learning experience of YouTube users. However, it diverts the learning of users towards animation. The YouTube channel is an excellent option for those who require a visual learning experience. Due to its amazing videos, millions across the platform of YouTube have viewed its videos. 

#10 The Coding Train

With the rising need for coding, you might want to dive into this YouTube channel to start learning. Coding can be a tough thing to learn and work with. However, thanks to The Coding Train, people have found more natural means to learn to code. 

The Coding Train offers a series of videos on codes to help users of YouTube learn about them. Its videos cover the basics as well as the fundamentals of coding languages to quicken the learning process for users. 


The above-listed YouTube channels are regarded as some of the best when it comes to the educational experience. These channels offer unique videos that allow just about anyone who handles the task of learning something new. Checking them out is a great idea. Good luck. 

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