Best YouTube Businesses To Start During The Coronavirus Quarantine

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YouTube is regarded as one of the best video hosting and access sites on the net. The very first YouTube video was uploaded in 2005 named “Me At The Zoo” by one of the co-founders of YouTube. And as years have passed, nobody has comprehended the possibilities and importance of a dedicated video sharing medium. However, Google saw the potential of an ever-growing medium for people to share videos and clips on one site. Regarded as the top most visited website online, Google has announced that it is willing to pay $1.65 billion for YouTube’s services. 

Today, more than 1.3 million people are always online on YouTube’s platform and have played more than 5 billion videos every day. This is a phenomenal feat for a social media platform with less than 15 years of internet immersion. But you can’t deny the fact that YouTube has so much traffic that people are watching different types of content on a large variety of devices, including smartphones to laptops every day. However, what exactly are they watching? What are the most trending content on YouTube today?

Start Your Channel During Quarantine!

YouTube’s primary purpose is to have an environment for people to share information through videos and conduct relevant discussions through a comment section. Moreover, users on YouTube can come from a wide diversity, including age, gender, and even preferences. And amidst the current spread of the coronavirus, people have turned to YouTube as their way of spending time indoors. Watching hours on end of music videos or reviews, the users on YouTube have reached it’s all-time-high. Not only are views increasing, but also the amount of uploaded content on the site.

However, YouTube is not all about watching videos or compilations of TikTok users dancing but for influencing people as well. From a marketing perspective, you can utilize YouTube’s accessibility to create promotional videos or advertising for your brand while quarantined at home. How? Here are some YouTube businesses to start you off on your YouTube venture.

Animal Videos and Clips

Do you have a pet with you at home? Perhaps a dog, a couple of cats, sugar gliders, or chinchillas. People, on the internet, love watching animal clips and videos. It is impossible not to find a funny video on the internet today. From social media networks, including Facebook and Instagram to blogs and articles, the internet is riddled with animal content and videos. 

YouTube is no different; you’ll find various YouTube creators or channels featuring funny videos of animals on the platform to increase their visibility online. From animated animals to real-life animal documentaries like National Geographic, YouTube offers a massive opportunity for YouTubers who own pets to create their content. 

Video Game Walkthroughs

Video games have now become prevalent throughout YouTube’s environment. As the leading influencers of video game walkthroughs and clips, PewDiePie rules as YouTube’s number 1 Star. Young males are more inclined to playing video games, and since they were the first to take a liking to YouTube, most YouTube content circumvents walkthroughs and video gaming. You’ll find channels devoted to Minecraft Co-ops or Resident Evil Walkthrough all around YouTube.

If you have a knack for gaming, casual or on a professional level, go to YouTube and upload your gameplay. There can be a massive collaboration between gaming video makers and supporters. What’s more, try doing a live stream on YouTube’s platform and create a more immersive walkthrough while enabling live chat and commenting.

Tutorials and How-To’s

Have you ever heard of home hacks or kitchen hacks you could do every day? They are usually made as tutorial videos that can help you with your daily struggles in life, including different methods of cooking eggs or simple knife hacks you could do at home. And with the outbreak far from over, setting up a YouTube channel with contents pointing towards How-To videos and tutorials can be fun and gain you a lot of subscribers.

Keep in mind; imagination is critical here. Currently, there are a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube. Although, most of them are similar to one another, having a unique mindset and new ideology can get you far.


Blogs are frequent for people who love writing. Blogs are short for web-based blogs and are internet-based diaries, where you could write what you have been doing in your daily life. Likewise, Vlogs are logs you do, which inclines to your daily activity. The only difference is that you do it using videos and clips. Several YouTubers are known for conducting daily vlogs, including Roman Atwood and Daniel Howell. They create home-grown video blogs for their audience, which includes funny pranks and celebration.

Prank Videos

If you love laughing and making your siblings or family members itch with anger, then pranking is one of your talents. More and more people are diversifying their prank methods for different occasions. However, due to the times that the outbreak has brought, home pranks are getting more famous. You can start playing games with your siblings and ending it with a blood-curdling joke, which can make them furious. In the end, you’ll get a unique and uncut funny video you could upload on your channel. You can even prank other channels with buying YouTube views on their content after you share it!

Parody Videos

Parodies can be separated into an extensive array, including movie parodies, musical parodies, and many more. The point of parodies is to recreate a video clip and add your zing to it. Now, if you love to create your very own music, why not take an existing or trending music and make a parody out of it. Change the lyrics or tune, or even the language it was originally sung. Video games are also subjected to parody videos. Skyrim, Witcher, and God of War characters and catchphrases have been reiterated to become funny.

The Bottom Line: Why is YouTube Great For Starting Business During The Quarantine?

Whether you’re a casual YouTuber, professional gamer, vlogger, influencer, marketing expert, or business owner, YouTube is one of the best tools to utilize for gaining internet visibility. The infinite possibilities of your content and imagination can fuel your drive on YouTube. Plus, increasing your subscribers is an essential part of reaching higher levels of an online presence.

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