How To Rank Your Video On YouTube using YouTube’s Keywords

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YouTube keyword research

The first step you need to take concerning ranking your videos is to create a keyword for your videos. The keyword should be one that will be common and capable of bringing viewers to your videos.

One of the most effective strategies to create a keyword is to make use of the YouTube search suggest a feature. To do this, go to YouTube. Type a word or phrase in the search space. YouTube will give you a group of keywords related to the keywords you typed in the box.

How To Rank Your Video On YouTube using YouTube's Keywords

The reason for the effectiveness of this step is that it shows you the common words people type in YouTube. Therefore, you don’t need to think about the keywords that might be popular or not. Since they are given to you by the suggest feature, they are trendy.

However, you should know that keyword optimization is essential to boosting your ranking. Furthermore, if you don’t want to use the suggest feature, you can do the following

  • Go to a channel in your video niche. Afterward, sort your videos according to the most popular. This will show you the videos with the highest views.
  • After, choose a video from the list of popular videos. However, you should pick one that you can create more videos around it.
  • Check the keywords that the video contains. You can get this through the title and video tags.

Make videos with a target audience.

There are specific searches that Google will display a video result rather than a website or a blog. For instance, a workout search will show a video search rather than a website because it is easier to understand a video than a website. Furthermore, a tutorial video, review videos, and instructional video will be displayed whenever these things are searched rather than a site.

Therefore, this tells us that to rank your videos on YouTube, there are a set of videos you should upload on your channel. These videos will guarantee a higher chance of success. To make your videos rank, you can break down your videos into three

  • Lots of searches involving wardrobe assistance such as styling, fitting, and combination are being done. Creating these types of videos for an individual who owns an eCommerce website that deals in clothing will make your videos rank high on YouTube.
  • Review videos people check the online reviews of most items they want to purchase, from mobile phones to cars and other accessories. Creating and uploading videos such as this one will make videos rank high, especially if your reviews involve current and up to date items. 
  • Items like a mobile device, laptop, and electronics are highly sought after products. Therefore people are continually trying to get the latest version of these items. To boost your video rank, you should create videos about the newest version of these items.

Optimize your videos 

Instead of uploading your videos, you should consider carrying out some cleaning work on the appearance of your channel. Rebranding your channel is essential. Parts of items to rebrand should include.

  • The about section. This includes links, contacts, etc.
  • Channel cover photo. This is equally important because it is the first thing a potential subscriber will look at. Anyone viewing your videos will look at your cover photo. So make sure it passes the right message to your viewers.

You should also create a playlist for your videos. Ensure that your playlist groups your videos in a logical sense. If you create the right brand, you will drive more subscribers to your channel, and it will make your videos rank higher.

Try to rename your raw video files. Add tags to your videos to boost their presence. Name the file after your top keywords and create a short description of your videos.

Title optimization

The title of your video is essential; they are a vital factor in ranking them. To optimize your Titles, you must include at least two keywords and a clickbait.

Promote your videos

To make your video rank, you need user engagement. To promote your videos, you can engage in a manual promotion. However, it is difficult to do manual development if you are starting, but you should know that to build your YouTube video and make them rank. It takes commitment, therefore, if there are no audience, build, and grow one.

To promote your videos, take the following steps to reliably get more YouTube views.

  • Use social media groups like, Twitter is great for promotion. However, ensure that you don’t spam these groups; instead, you should spend time building your presence online before sharing links.
  • Make use of essential quota threads. This is a simple step. Search for useful steps, write the right answer to questions. Afterward, add your video to provide more information.
  • Use Blogs! Use blogs to share your video links. This is another way to get more views. Once you get on a popular blog, you will be able to generate an audience through it.
  • Make use of Google+ communities. Many know about this method. However, it is another simple way to get massive views. Google+ communities are still around. Share the links of your videos there if you can get an engaged community.

Create videos with high retention

The best way to make your video rank is to ensure people are watching it. Audience retention is a name given to the number of your videos that people are watching. According to YouTube, the higher the number of people watching your videos, the higher your videos will rank.

So, you must upload videos that people will find highly entertaining as well as attractive. You don’t need to have an expensive camera as well.


When people leave positive feedback about your videos, a strong message is sent to YouTube that viewers appreciate your videos. So, it is important to encourage viewers to make positive comments about your videos.

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