All Eyes On YouTube: How The Quarantine Has Businesses Buying YouTube Views

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The home quarantine requirements enforced by the government of almost all the countries affected by the Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to shut down its operations. For this reason, business owners are trying to figure out ways on how they can earn money at home while promoting their business. And at times like this, social media is the best solution.

However, while posting advertisements on social media like Facebook and Instagram might work to promote a business, it will not bring any profit to business owners. In this regard, YouTube may be the best solution. It is already common knowledge that YouTube has a monetization policy for channels and videos that have a decent amount of views. Apart from that, YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google. So, building your own business’s YouTube channel seems very easy to think of. However, this video-sharing platform is already overcrowded with people who are trying to make their videos go viral. Besides, some YouTube channels already have a large following, which makes the competition more overwhelming. So, if your business YouTube channel is newly-created, it may be impossible to compete unless you have content that can catch the attention of thousands or millions of people. 

But if you really want to create a YouTube channel for your business, you can choose to buy views to have your videos monetized. To help you understand this method further, below are some of the ways how companies are buying YouTube views during this quarantine.

How Businesses Buy YouTube Views During this Quarantine

With YouTube developing and more YouTubers emerging from all around the world, it is an extreme challenge to attract viewers to watch your videos. For this reason, the number of people buying YouTube views to increase their fanbase and recognition also increases. This is especially true with people who are in the line of business who want to have a better perception of attention. 

Look for a trustworthy provider.

The internet is full of deceit. There are tons of scam sites waiting for you to visit them so they could offer you fake deals. For this reason, you mustn’t just jump into the first provider you see and invest your money there. Doing such a thing is a costly mistake. Instead, you have to do some research first on how to identify whether or not your chosen provider is legitimate. Furthermore, you should also make sure that your chosen provider will deliver high-quality YouTube views for your videos. 

One thing worth noting when buying views is that they do not last forever. No matter how expensive your bought views are, there will come a time when you will gradually lose them. 

Only buy high-quality views.

High-quality views have a high retention rate compared to low-quality views. Also, high-quality viewers have complete and excellently-written profiles. They also have display pictures. These factors make high-quality views look like real humans. Apart from that, YouTube does not detect high-quality views as fake views, so the platform’s algorithm will less likely delete them. 

On the other hand, low-quality YouTube views look fake at first glance. They have profiles that are written poorly. For this reason, YouTube quickly detects them as fake, which leads to the platform deleting them. What is even worse is that YouTube may ban your account for buying fake views. Some low-quality views also comment negatively on your videos, which can lead you to lose your credibility as a YouTuber.

Bots or Human?

There are two primary types of views that you can buy. The first one is the auto-generated bots, while the other one views that come from real humans. Either way, both types are excellent as long as you get them from a trustworthy provider. 

Auto-generated bots are views that come from a computer system. These bots pose like real humans and can even make engagements to your videos. Other YouTube users will not suspect high-quality bots as bought views as their profiles look exactly like that of a human. This is an essential factor since buying views is a practice that is not accepted by the public. 

On the other hand, you can also opt to buy real human views. Your provider will promote your videos so it can attract the number of views that you bought. Moreover, some providers also reward people with cash, gift checks, or even views for their own videos in exchange for watching yours. This is a good option if you do not want to buy views that come from an auto-generated system.

Analyze the provider that you have chosen

Your chosen provider must be trustworthy enough for your investment. So, before you buy vies from them, analyze the deals they offer first. Make sure that the packages they offer are worth your dollars and are safe enough for your videos as well as your channel. A trustworthy provider will also provide you views with high retention rates, meaning you will not lose your bought views shortly after you paid for them. In addition, bought views do not last forever. For this reason, look for a provider that will provide you with a replacement guarantee. This means that they will replace all the views that you will lose as time goes by. 

Avoid providers that ask for your channel’s login credentials

Some providers ask for your YouTube account’s login credentials. They will say that this is for management purposes. As much as possible, avoid such type of provider. The reason is that they can hack your account, pretend that they are you, and use your channel for something not accepted by YouTube’s terms of service. This will make you lose your credibility and the effort you exerted in building your YouTube channel. So, as much as possible, buy views from those who will not ask for your personal information.


Building your business’s popularity on YouTube is hard. However, it is not impossible. So while in quarantine, you can search for a trustworthy provider to help you build your business’s YouTube channel. 

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