Coronavirus Pandemic Turns Bill Gates Into A Fake Villain

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There had been many conspiracy theories circulating about Bill Gates but the recent coronavirus pandemic made the world demand to arrest him over criminal charges. 

An Italian politician named Sara Cunial posted a video on her Facebook page on May 14 where he called out to Bill Gates, the former CEO of Microsoft. Cunial threw criminal allegations to Gates and demanded that he should be tried for committing a crime against humanity.

The said video contains a speech that the politician made in the Italian Parliament. In her speech, which happened in early May, Cunial represented the northern Italy district and claimed that Gates is trying to develop a COVID-19 vaccine so he could enslave the global population. 

Cunial Says Gates is Using COVID-19 As A Weapon For Genocide

According to Cunial, the total goal of Gates in producing a vaccine for COVID-19 is to gain total control. She added that Gates’ efforts for the vaccine are absolute domination of humans. Also, she said that Gates is turning people into slaves and guinea pigs, which violates their free will and sovereignty. Furthermore, Cunial said that the reason why Gates can do all her allegations is due to tricks that wear political compromises as a disguise. Here’s how your business can survive COVID- 19 pandemic.

Coronavirus Pandemic Turns Bill Gates into a Fake Villain

The said speech already has 500,000 views and 30,000 shares on Facebook. It has also been reuploaded countless times on other Facebook pages as well as YouTube channels. But despite the third-party fact-checkers by Facebook marking Cunial’s video as “partly false,” there is a version of it that already has one million views.

It was wrong when Cunial claimed that Gates is trying to commit genocide using the vaccine for COVID-19. However, a lot of people seem to not acknowledge this fact and still believe in Cunial’s allegations.

Social Media Users Create An Online Campaign Against Gates

An online campaign created against Gates by isolated and anxious social media users encompasses many alternate realities. This includes an anti-vaccination rhetoric, debunked claims that underly in 5G cellular data, and QAnon content. There was also a conspiracy theory saying that sunlight has the ability to combat the coronavirus. 

But the aforementioned theories are not the only proof that Cunial is not alone in what she believes in. Yahoo News/YouGov released a poll on May 15, Friday. The poll found out that 44 percent of Republicans living in the United States are believers that Gates is trying to utilize a COVID-19 vaccination so he could implant microchips into humans and monitor their movements.

Backlash Against Gates Could Cause People to Refuse COVID-19 Vaccinations

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s CEO Mark Suzman told BuzzFeed News that they are concerned about the spreading conspiracy theories online as well as its potential damage to public health. He also noted that the whole world faces an unprecedented economic and health crisis and it is alarming that some people spread misinformation at a time when everyone should be collaborating and saving lives. Furthermore, Suzman emphasized that the best things people can do in order to stop the proliferation of fatal COVID-19 are to spread facts. 

Fortunately, there is only a slight chance for the Italian government to arrest Gates. This is primarily because he resides in Washington state. However, the backlash that he faces is a reflection of the possibility that people will refuse to get vaccinated once a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. In fact, 10 percent to 22 percent of individuals living across Europe did not believe that vaccines were safe even before the coronavirus pandemic. 

Coronavirus Pandemic Turns Bill Gates into a Fake Villain

Paranoia Drives YouTube Views

The paranoia and conspiracy theories building around the former CEO of Microsoft has been existing for months. Believers and skeptics alike are living on Facebook pages as well as the comment sections of Youtube. This is proof that conspiracy theorists, ignorant, and panicked individuals who can access technology platforms are the culprit behind the spread of hoaxes that turned Gates the villain during these tough times. 

Furthermore, a tabloid in Ghana is the root of the most famous version of the Gates conspiracy theories.

Back in 2010, a former staffer said that a Gates Foundation-funded government health initiative in Ghana had tested Depo-Provera– a type of contraceptive– on the unsuspecting Navrongo villagers as a part of a population experiment. 

The staffer who made the accusation was Mame-Yaa Bosumtwi– a Ghanian-born and US-educated citizen. She was the communications officer for a different initiative funded by Gates Foundation by the Ghanian government and Columbia University. The said program utilized cellphones in order to improve the access of children and women who live in rural communities to health care.

YouTube Views Confuse Bill Gates Supporters

Bosumtwi and another team member named James Philips had a clash back then. Phillips worked at Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University as a demographer. When they did not renew Bosumtwi’s contract, she took her grievance over Phillips to the Ghanian press. She then filed a million-dollar lawsuit against Columbia. However, the lawsuit she filed was dismissed.

After losing the case, Bosumtwi went back to the press carrying an even more shocking claim. According to her, the project that Phillips was running in the rural areas of Ghana conducted an experiment with Depo-Provera on unknowing women. She claimed that the experiment was a test for a broader campaign for population control. Bosumtwi said that patients have been abused and some even died. However, Bosumtwi presented no evidence to prove these accusations.

But despite the lack of evidence, Phillips’s face was displayed in wanted posters across the country. A lot of people also protested outside the Navrogo-based Columbian research center. Phillip’s team received death threats, causing them to evacuate to Burkina Faso. 

Coronavirus Pandemic Turns Bill Gates into a Fake Villain


The allegations spread even outside Ghana. In 2011, the Rebecca Project for Human Rights– a women’s rights group in the United States published a report supporting Bosumtwi’s Gates-funded genocide claims. The report was titled Non-Consensual Research in Africa: The Outsourcing of Tuskegee. It claimed without any evidence that unethical medical experiments were done on African women. Furthermore, the report focused on Phillips. 

The 2011 report was written by Rebecca Project’s chief financial officer and policy editor Kwame Fosu. He was a Ghanian born in Italy. Furthermore, Fosu claimed that he was the father of Bosumtwi’s child, which can be considered as a keynote why he wrote the report.

The Gates-funded genocide conspiracy theory has been forgotten over the years. However, a lot of Bill Gates conspiracy theories stemmed from it. 

Date: June 8, 2020 / Categories: News, / Author: Joy P


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