Newest YouTube Sensations: Malaysian Couple Who Do Cooking Videos Now has Over 165k Subscribers

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In January this year, a Malaysian husband and wife started uploading their cooking videos on the video-sharing platform YouTube. But what never occurred to them when they shared their videos is the fact that it will become a major hit among Malaysians from different backgrounds and ages. 

The YouTube channel called Sugu Pavithra features a couple who cooks various dishes while fluently speaking Malay. 

The famous wife in the videos is S. Pavithra, a 28-year-old housewife who is sometimes assisted in cooking by her husband M.Sugu, a 29-year-old estate worker.

The two were surprised when they found out that their channel has already had 165,000 subscribers even if they have just started a few months ago. From living in estate quarters, the couple is now a YouTube sensation who receives a monthly salary in US dollars. Earn instant YouTube success by buying views reviews.

YouTube and Its Contribution to Some People’s Popularity

It is no longer a secret that YouTube is the largest search engine in the entire internet. It sits just next to Google, its parent company. Because the said platform is very easy to use, a lot of people were attracted to try making their own channel and share their own videos to the public. What is even more compelling is the fact that anyone can apply to YouTube’s monetization as long as they have a decent number of followers. Meaning, YouTubers who have a large following can make a living through YouTube. 

Newest YouTube Sensations: Malaysian Couple Who Do Cooking Videos Now has Over 165k Subscribers

Apart from that, YouTube is where you can attract any type of audience you want. For this reason, it is no longer difficult to build a community where you can market the videos you create and upload

The Start of Sugu Pavithra

According to the soft-spoken Pavithra, she decided to upload her cooking videos on YouTube because her friend, who is also a YouTuber, suggested her to do so.

The first video she uploaded was a video where she made grilled tilapia while explaining the cooking process in Malay. In only a span of four days, she was able to have 5,000 subscribers. The increase in her number of subscribers prompted YouTube to invite her to become their partner. 

Pavithra, a mother of two, is a resident of Buntong, Ipoh. According to her, she and her husband never thought that a lot of people will watch their videos nor subscribe to their YouTube channel. Still, she admitted that the popularity they got is what motivates them to create more videos. 

When asked why she speaks Malay in her videos, Pavithra said that it was because not every audience will understand her if she speaks Tamil. By speaking Malay, more Malaysian audiences will understand her. 

YouTube Views for Recipies

She also said that the most motivating and interesting part of uploading videos on their channel is when many audiences leave positive comments and ask them to continue doing cooking videos. Some viewers even asked Pavithra to make Indian dishes, which according to her, excites her. 

The new YouTube sensation is also trilled whenever she sees that some celebrities followed their channel. But what is more thrilling is when these celebrities try following her recipes and upload their cooking videos online, saying that they were inspired by Sugu Pavithra.

Newest YouTube Sensations: Malaysian Couple Who Do Cooking Videos Now has Over 165k Subscribers

Among the celebrities who followed Sugu Pavithra and tried their recipes are bodybuilder Sazali Samad and IChang RM, a Japanese YouTuber. Both of them tried Pavithra’s chicken curry recipe.

The humble lady shared her journey in YouTube and said she and her husband decided that they would share simple recipes such as stir-fried water spinach, kuih ketayp, and stir-fried eggplant with shrimp paste, as well as other dishes that use regular items found in most homes so that more people could benefit from what they upload.

YouTube Accounts and YouTube Subscribers for Food

She also emphasized that having only one spatula, a wok, and two pots including her rice cooker did not stop her from cooking. On top of that, Pavithra does not have a tripod where she can mount her phone when cooking. Instead, she uses a cup as her phone stand and puts it on a stable surface. When it is time to cook, Pavithra is assisted by her husband in taking a video of the dish while it is cooking and vice versa. 

She usually edits her videos after their meal or when her children are already asleep at night.

But despite all the popularity that the two are gaining, the couple never considers themselves as celebrities. As of now, they are experimenting with new dishes and recipes that they can share with their YouTube subscribers.

Imposter Accounts

Along with the couple’s popularity are a number of imposter accounts that try to deceive the public that they are genuinely the owners of Sugu Pavithra. 

Pavithra denied that she and her husband have an Instagram account bearing the same name as their YouTube channel. She also asked the public to help them report the accounts to the authorities because she was worried that the poses make irresponsible action and take advantage of people who believes them. 

On the other hand, Pavithra is proud to have received a congratulatory message from Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin. She was also sent with some gifts which serve as a motivation for the husband and wife to continue making videos. 

May individuals, as well as companies, contacted Pavithra and showed intentions of sending her food, cooking essentials, as well as electrical appliances. 

Newest YouTube Sensations: Malaysian Couple Who Do Cooking Videos Now has Over 165k Subscribers


Pavithra, however, admitted that she already had more than enough. According to her, after the first interview she and her husband have done, she received many calls every single day, some of which came from radio stations in India that want to have an interview with her. Pavithra and her family’s lives had a complete turnover that she even had to prepare a book where she organizes her meetings and visits. 

In addition, the couple admitted that they could not upload videos as frequently as before, following the increase in calls. The reason for this is because they are afraid that the calls might interrupt their recording.

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