How Your YouTube Videos Could Generate Subscribers, Views, and Sales

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One of the best social networking platforms for eCommerce businesses is YouTube. This video-sharing platform has more than two billion active users monthly. These users watch approximately five billion videos per day. 

Moreover, 90 percent of people find out about new brands on YouTube. In addition,  65 percent of them look for reviews on the platform first before finally purchasing a product or service. So, if you can create content that has high quality and caters to the needs of specific people, you will be able to target the right audience. Combine high-quality content with a strategic marketing plan and you’ll generate traffic and sales.

How Your YouTube Videos Could Generate Subscribers, Views, and Sales

Here is a list of how you can create YouTube videos that will boost your brand’s visibility and sales:

Utilize A Plan For Your YouTube Marketing Funnel

Some brands focus on generating revenue from YouTube ads. If you are one of those brands, you can do such by creating high-quality videos. In addition, make sure that they get as many views as they can. Your channel must also have a decent number of subscribers. 

However, if you want to generate sales and promote your eCommerce store, then you need to utilize proper eCommerce sales funnel. This funnel needs to generate YouTube views and sales and then convert them into sales. 

For this reason, work on your products and lead magnets in order to work out a funnel. This should begin with a video that can attract your target audience. In addition, your video must have a call to action that will lead viewers to your product landing page. After that, the conversion of traffic to sales will be all up to the landing page. 

How Your YouTube Videos Could Generate Subscribers, Views, and Sales

However, it is important that your product landing page as well as your products blend well with the video. If not, your conversion rates will decrease.

When you are setting up your YouTube eCommerce funnel, the best place to start is at the back end of the funnel. This should include content and product landing pages, lead magnets, email series, and thank you pages.

Search For Content Ideas

Once the backend funnel is set up, you can start thinking of video ideas. There are two ways that you can do such.

First is through keyword research. If you have not noticed it yet, YouTube is a combination of a social media and search engine. Most people who visit this platform search for videos. For this reason, look for different keywords that are related to your niche. This will help you find out the types of videos that your competitors create. Apart from that, it will also show you what videos are getting the highest views and engagement. 

If you found videos related to your niche that get significantly high views, then you should create videos similar to those. However, note that yours must be better than the ones you got your idea from. 

The next method of searching for video content is through campaign analysis. Here, you need to find out what types of videos perform well on YouTube. You can do such by analyzing the most successful video campaigns with the help of an analytics tool. 

Look for a good analytics tool online. This will help you create assessments for marketing campaign performance and see which videos work well on the platform. The tool you will use should also help you check other metrics so you could predict which content will do well. 

Once you have gathered all the necessary data, you can start thinking of topics that people like to watch on the video-sharing platform.

Create and Publish High-quality Videos

After gathering a good list of content topics, then you can begin with creating videos. 

Look for a good video editor that you are comfortable using. If you have experience in video editing, you can use high-performance video editing tools. There are also easy to use video editors for those who are still beginners when it comes to such a thing. 

Create content depending on the products you offer. If you offer body-building supplements, then your videos must be related to fitness and workout routines.

Once you have already nurtured your audience, then you can start publishing videos that focus on selling your products. In your video, tell your viewers the benefits of the product that you are offering the. However, it is important that you remain interesting so you could keep the attention of your audience until the end of your video.

How Your YouTube Videos Could Generate Subscribers, Views, and Sales

Moreover, you can also try creating both educational and sales videos combined. This can either be webinar plays, case studies, and many others. 

In addition, you can create how-to videos where you demonstrate how the product you are selling is used. For instance, if you are selling baking ingredients, you can create a cooking video where you show people how to use your products to create delicious pastries.

Prompt Your Audience Into Your Products’ Landing Page

Every time that you upload content on your business’s YouTube channel, make sure that you promote your landing page. For instance, if you are promoting a product, you can include the link to your landing page to let people know where they can buy the product. 

Your landing page link can be added to the description box of your YouTube end card.

Promote Your Content In Other Social Media Platforms

Of course, you need to tell people about your videos if you want them to watch them. You can share your YouTube videos’ links into your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. This way, you can tell people outside YouTube about your channel’s existence. In addition, come up with good captions that will attract their attention. 

On the other hand, you can also use paid advertisements. But you need to make sure that you track the figures meticulously. This is to ensure that your budget will not be put to waste. Also, it is not enough that your paid method is attracting views. Your viewers must also be converted into customers.

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