A Simpler Way to Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music

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Google owns the largest video-sharing platform YouTube. In addition, the giant search engine also owns Google Play Music. 

Google Play Music was very popular back then. However, because of the emergence of music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud, Google Play Music slowly lost its users. All music needs marketing, and the goal of marketing is to drive plays or views to the music! This is no surprise that the most people on social media buy themselves views on your YouTube account.

The migration of people from Google Play Music to music streaming platforms has caused it to slowly lose its popularity. To save the music platform from death, Google decided to make is a default application to new mobile phones. However, that did not stop users from migrating to Spotify, SoundCloud, and all the other music streaming platforms out there. 

A Simpler Way to Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Music Growth from Buying YouTube Views

After a number of attempts, Google finally decided that it is time to take down Google Play Music. This decision gave way to the birth of YouTube Music.

Over the past few years, Google has taken some steps to enhance YouTube Music. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive listening experience. In addition, the company added features to make Google Play Music users feel at home once they migrate to YouTube Music. 

Now, Google has already started to invite Google Play Music listeners to transfer their music libraries and playlists to YouTube Music easily. Furthermore, this new subscription platform will serve as their new home where they could discover and listen to good music.

As of now, users are allowed to access both services. This is because Google wants to make sure that every user will have enough time to transfer their songs as well as get used to the new music platform. For this reason, Google has also provided a number of notices ahead that users will no longer have access to Google Play Music later this year. 

Easy and Hassle-Free Transfer from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Google is aware that users have spent a lot of time when they created their playlists and podcast libraries in Google Play Music. For this reason, the company has made it simple and easy to move their songs to their new homes. Soon, all the users of Google Play Music will receive an email containing the detailed instructions on how they could migrate from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

Moreover, users will be able to begin transferring their music library to their new home through a number of simple steps. 

1. Download the YouTube Music app 

The app is available for both Android and iOS. 

2. Begin transferring your music

Once you have successfully downloaded the application, click on the transfer button in YouTube Music. This will allow you to move over all your uploads, purchases, songs, albums, personal and subscribed playlists, liked and disliked songs, personal taste preferences, and curated stations.

A Simpler Way to Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music

3. Wait for a notification

Immediately after transferring your tracks, your updated recommendations will appear on the home screen of YouTube Music. Once the library transfer is done, you will receive a notification via email saying that your transfer is complete and that your music is in the Library tab.

If you are a podcast listener, you can check out this link to easily transfer your episode progress as well as your subscriptions to Google Podcasts with just a single click. Notably, Google Podcasts is Google’s dedicated podcast player that users can download for free on both Android and iOS. It is also accessible from Google Search, Google Assistant, Google Home, and more. 

Youtube Music: The New Home for Google Play Music Users

Now, if you are still new and unfamiliar with YouTube Music, this music streaming service is your personal guide to the world of music. Think of it as a map that is organized in a web and app player.

Below is a bit more of what YouTube Music has to offer:


YouTube Music offers more than 50 million official albums, tracks, and high-quality audio. It also offers deep cuts, live performances, B-sides, as well as remixes that you will not be able to find anywhere else. 

Listen everywhere and anytime

YouTube Music has an audio-first music app, desktop, and smart speaker experience that you can explore. IT also has a recommendation feature that allows you to discover new tracks through YouTube Music’s personalized mixes and home screen recommendations. The said personalized mixes are My Mix, New Release Mix, and Discovery Mix. 

Furthermore, YouTube will recommend you music depending on your taste, location, Play Music preferences, as well as the time of the day. 

Official playlists

The official playlists feature of YouTube Music allows you to listen to thousands of official playlists from both Google Play Music and YouTube Music.

Furthermore, Google noted that it listened to the feedback of Google Play Music users in the past. For this reason, it introduced a new feature accessible through YouTube Music that fans can enjoy. 

Creation of playlists

On Google Play Music, users can only add 1,000 songs to the playlist they create. But with YouTube Music, they will be able to add 5,000 songs. Now, users will have more room for their favorite tracks and artists. 


After your transfer,  you will be able to immediately listen to your uploaded and purchased tracks from Google Play Music. In addition, you can add up to 200,000 personal tracks to your YouTube Music library. This means 50,000 more tracks as Google Play Music only allowed 50,000 songs to be uploaded back then. 

Listen offline

Users who are paying for a subscription to YouTube Music can download any playlist, song, music video, or let smart downloads do the job for you so you’ll have something to listen to anywhere, anytime, and even when you are out of service. 

A Simpler Way to Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music


The lyrics feature provides users with highly visible access to follow along on every track.

Explore tab

YouTube Music’s new Explore tab offers one go-to location where users can discover new music as well as the platform’s vast catalog of playlists through Moods & Genres and New Released sections.

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