Youtube Shorts Fund and Plans For The Future

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Watching videos is one of the people’s most common pastimes. Whether they are movies, animated films, game shows, or true-to-life videos like vlogs, we find joy in seeing how the story unfolds. 

Youtube, a social media network dedicated to video streaming, has always been the go-to platform for watching videos. There is an endless list of content on Youtube, and you can watch most of them for free. That is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

But, the biggest reason why people love Youtube is its support for content creators. YouTube has helped an entire generation of creators and artists turn their creativity into a livelihood. In fact, it paid more than $30 billion to creators, artists, and media companies over the last three years.

Youtube Shorts Fund and Plans For The Future

By meeting the minimum requirements, creators can apply to the Youtube Partner Program. Once accepted, their videos that are at least ten minutes long will generate money for them. 

However, monetization applies only to long-form videos. That format has been the focus of Youtube for a very long time, so it only makes sense. But, the rise of TikTok has stirred things up. It has highlighted the demand for short-form videos and creators. As a response, Youtube launched Youtube Shorts. It is a side of Youtube that focuses on videos that are less than one minute long. Since Youtube is known for its content monetization, creators are looking forward to making a living on the platform. 

The Rise Of Short-Form Videos

TikTok has shone the spotlight on bite-sized videos. Compared to long-form videos, they are easier to make and consume. In a world where we are almost always busy, that is much appreciated. 

Moreover, mobile phones seem to be the rage these days. Even the gaming industry recognizes this, as seen from them releasing mobile versions of their popular games. Perhaps, the charm comes from accessibility. No matter where people go, they can bring and use their mobile phones. Therefore, with the use of these devices, creators can quickly take a video for content. Then apps like TikTok allow them to edit and upload these creations just as easily. Pretty convenient. 

Of course, Youtube does not intend to give up its title as the world’s leading video platform. So, it has also opened opportunities for short-form video creators to thrive on the platform. 

Youtube Shorts, like Instagram Reels, is a TikTok copy. But with the addition of their own twists and features. It is still in the Beta phase and released only in India and the US, and it already looks promising. 

Youtube Shorts $100 Million Fund

Youtube is dedicated to helping content creators grow. So, it is always on the lookout for things that can support them in any way. As such, they announced the $100 M fund for Youtube Shorts. It will be distributed to Youtube Shorts creators over the course of 2021-2022. 

Each month, Youtube will reach out to thousands of Shorts creators whose work received the most engagement and views. These people will be awarded a small amount of cash as thanks for their contributions. Anyone who makes Shorts is eligible to participate. They would not need to be in the Youtube Partner Program. For as long as they adhere to the guidelines, they will get a chance to receive the reward. Also, their content should be original. 

Now, what is considered original content? Short-form content relies on existing trends to get noticed. From that, we can assume the original here does not necessarily pertain to not having any similar videos. Instead, we can reference Youtube’s statements when Youtube Shorts was launched. It has made it clear that it does not intend to be a place where TikTok videos can be re-uploaded. So, we can draw that “original” here means that the video should be seen first on Youtube Shorts. 

Youtube Shorts Fund and Plans For The Future

Youtube is still looking for a more permanent and reliable way to monetize Shorts. In the meantime, this will do. 

Youtube promised to release additional details as we get closer to launching the fund in the coming months. 

What Lies In The Future Of Shorts

As Youtube’s ream said, the Shorts Fund is their first step at developing a monetization model for Shorts on YouTube. Admittedly, it will take a long time before they can finalize the model. But, the process could be sped up by gathering feedback from the community. So, make sure to participate and tell them what you think if you are looking forward to that.

Aside from the monetization model, Youtube is looking for ways to improve Shorts. Specifically, it is searching for new features that will help spark creativity among creators. These will let both creators and viewers have more fun in Youtube Shorts. 

Last time, they previewed a feature that would allow creators to remix audio from existing videos on Youtube. It connects Shorts to the larger side of Youtube. Shorts hope to “defeat” TikTok through the utilization of this arsenal. There are so many resources on Youtube that Shorts creators would be able to use. For sure, it will lead to outstanding, imaginative, and creative works. Youtube Shorts’ team is excited to see that come to life. 

Can You Buy YouTube Views On YouTube Shorts?

Youtube Shorts also revealed that it is planning to add a feature that automatically adds captions. This has been helpful in long-form videos, allowing a better understanding of what is being said. This makes it easier to buy YouTube views on YouTube shorts as well.

Youtube Shorts Fund and Plans For The Future

They are also developing a feature that allows merging videos in the phone’s gallery with the one taken via the Shorts camera. On top of that, Shorts will be adding basic filters. The feature will help to color correct your Shorts, with more effects to come in the future.

Youtube Shorts still has a long way to catch up to TikTok. But, it is taking the necessary steps to do so. It also has the privilege of being connected to an already successful platform, so it has staying powers. But, even as it is right now, Shorts is one of TikTok’s most formidable competitors. Give it more time, and it may be able to surpass TikTok, a challenge many have tried and failed. 

Date: July 20, 2021 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Joy P


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