YouTube VS TikTok Fights Match Results

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Since there are many social media networks right now, it is not surprising to see them overlap. Two or more could have the same content as its core or focus. For example, YouTube and TikTok operations are based on video content creation. Albeit they have differences – one focused more on long-form content while the other is on short-form content- they see each other as a rival. That is especially true now that YouTube has launched Shorts, a feature dedicated to taking on TikTok. 

So, one of them is the world’s second most visited website. The other is the fastest-growing social media network. It leaves both users and social media experts wondering, who would win between the two? Will Youtube retain its crown as the king of video content on the internet? Or could the newcomer TikTok finally end its reign?

YouTube VS TikTok Fights Match Results

Someone decided to take this rivalry to another level. They made the stars from both platforms fight, literally, each other. 

“Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms”

LiveXLive Media (Nasdaq: LIVX) is a platform for Livestream and on-demand audio, video, and podcast or vodcast content. Alongside social media visionary and elite Hollywood playmaker Paul Cazers, it produced and distributed the “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms.” In this event, YouTubers and TikTokers face each other in a series of boxing matches. The monumental boxing and entertainment live event aired in June 2021. 

Aside from the boxing matches, there were also musical acts from some well-known performers.

Paul Cazers is also responsible for helping to organize the first social media pay-per-view event Logan Paul VS KSI. He says that that match inspired the creation of the “Battle of the Platforms.” It showed us that the fan bases of these stars could drive more audience and sales than traditional legacy professional athletic events. He describes the event as a “perfect storm of celebrity, social media, technology, digital marketing, pop culture, and Hollywood 101 industry magic.

Robert Ellin, CEO, and Chairman of LivexLive, shares Paul’s excitement. He says they are proud of their partnership with Paul on Social Gloves, the biggest boxing event between TikTok and YouTube stars. He loves how “Battle of the Platforms” combined sports and music into a new franchise for a series of mega entertainment events. It allowed Robert’s platform to promote across their flywheel — listen, watch, attend, engage and transact. Robert adds we are finally at a point where the advancement of technology and acceptance of brands and talent come together. Social Gloves proves that.  

The last event was only the first in a series of major upcoming Social Gloves events planned in the partnership. 

Main Event

In the main event, YouTube vlogging channel ACE Family founder Austin McBroom faced off against TikTok superstar Bryce Hall. 

The former, with his wife, posts videos of their daily lives on YouTube. Their channel has over 18 million subscribers. Together, they are one of the most successful and highest-earning YouTubers

YouTube VS TikTok Fights Match Results

On the other side, Bryce Hall is a social media veteran. He went from YouNow to Vine and now found his place on TikTok. The 21-year old is known for his pranks, challenges, and dance videos.

Of course, these influencers would not join if they will get nothing from it. Hall revealed he is set to earn $5 million from the fight. On top of that, he will earn 4% of pay-per-view sales. McBroom confirmed this statement. 

Meanwhile, McBroom did not reveal exactly how much he’ll get from the fight. But, he said he is willing to make less than Hall if that is necessary to make the fight happen. However, we can expect he made not much less than his opponent with the way he was talking.

As if those are not enough, the two stars made a bet. They agreed to pay the victor a bonus of $1 million should the match end in a knockout. 

The Match Results – The YouTube Views Have Grown

There were a total of seven bouts on the YouTube VS TikTok boxing card. Here are the highlights of the event, outside of the record-breaking growth of the match’s YouTube Views:

McBroom Wins Against Hall Via TKO

Austin McBroom showed a dominating performance against his TikTok star opponent. He landed some strong punches in Rounds 1 & 2 and ended the match in Round 3. McBroom sent a flurry of solid punches directly at Hall’s head the referee had to stop him. It was declared a Technical Knockout (TKO). 

The final stats showed that 29 of McBroom’s punches – 23 of which are power punches – connected. On the other hand, Hall only landed 10.

Now, it is unclear if Bryce Hall paid Austin McBroom $1 Million since it was a TKO. Either way, he earned a lot of money from that fight.

AnEsonGib vs. Tayler Holder Ends in Majority Draw

The co-main event was a fight between English -Saudi Arabian YouTuber AnEsonGib and TikTok celeb Tayler Holder. It ended in a questionable draw. 

Throughout the fight, AnEsonGib threw punches non-stop. His opponent, on the other hand, did not show much aggression. The three judges scored the fight 49-46, 49-46, and 50-46, favoring the YouTuber. Furthermore, the final numbers showed AnEsongib had landed 47 total punches, wherein 38 were considered power punches. 

So, even the referee was shocked when they announced it was a draw. The match was so controversial, “ROBBED” immediately went trending on Twitter. 

YouTube VS TikTok Fights Match Results

TikTok’s Only Victory

The whole night, YouTubers dominated the TikTokers. Faze Jarvis knocked out Michael Le. Likewise, Austin McBroom’s brother Landon knocked out Ben Azelart in Round 2. Ryan Johnston also knocked out his opponent Cale Saurage at Round 5 of their bout. Last, DDG defeated Nate Wyatt via unanimous decision. 

Fortunately, Vennie Hacker was there to raise the flag of the short-form video platform. In his match against Deji, the YouTuber landed two more punches than Hacker. But, that did not stop Hacker from winning the bout. He dominated his opponent right from the start of Round 3. Things were not looking good for Deji, so the referee stepped up and stopped the fight. Hacker won44 seconds into round 3. 

Still, it cannot be denied that YouTube won overall, with a score of 6-1.

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