How Entrepreneurs can Start a Successful YouTube Channel

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Each day, users of the video platform YouTube watch more than one billion hours of videos. But despite this fantastic demographic, only 9 percent of small businesses are utilizing this platform for their benefit. And as YouTube continues to grow and develop, the opportunity it provides to companies is getting bigger.

If you have a small business and you want to use YouTube to reach more audiences, then you came to the right place. In this article, we will be sharing how you can set up an entirely optimized YouTube channel for your business. We will also be sharing how you can make compelling and attention-grabbing videos to attract new customers and engage your current ones. 

YouTube Business Channel: How Entrepreneurs can Start a Successful YouTube Channel

Moreover, a basic YouTube marketing strategy will help you in building up the identity of your brand. It will also allow you to showcase your products to potential customers and connect with your audience in a new and exciting way.

A Step by Step Guide to Starting Your YouTube Channel

Learning how to create a YouTube channel for your business is not as difficult as it seems. To help you, below is a step by step guide to starting your YouTube business channel:

Step #1: Create a YouTube channel

The first thing you should do to set up a YouTube channel for your business is to log into you a Google account that you want to use to manage your channel. To help you scale down the line more efficiently,  having a brand account to run your channel is the best thing to do. This is because a brand account will allow you to add other users who can help you manage the channel using their own Google logins. This means that you do not have to share your personal email password information. 

To set up a YouTube business channel, go to YouTube while logged into the account you want to manage your channel. Next, go to the YouTube Channel Switcher. Once you click on “Create a new channel,” you will be navigated to a screen where you can create a new brand account. There, add your business channel name and click “Create.”

Step #2: Make your channel art

Now that you already have a YouTube business channel, the next thing to do is set it up to be at its absolute best. To do that, you need a channel icon.

When you start a YouTube channel from scratch, your channel icon will be the same as your brand account’s profile photo. Moreover, YouTube will direct you to update your brand account. Clicking edit will prompt you directly to your brand account’s “Upload photo” screen. 

It is recommended that the photo you will use is either a JPG, PNG, BMP, or non-animated GIF file at 800 x 800 pixels. In addition, you should make sure that it will display well in both a circle or a square crop and in smaller sizes. 

Step #3: Fill in the details of your profile

To make the necessary changes in your YouTube business channel’s details, you need to click the gear icon located just below your channel art. Doing this will prompt the pop-up titled “Channel Settings” to appear. There, look for the “Customize the layout of your channel” option, enable it, and then click Save. Doing this will allow you to access a wider range of options sorted into five categories: Videos, Home, Channels, Playlists, and the About page.

To edit the details of your store, you need to navigate to the About tab. There, you will see the Description where you can provide your visitors with a brief outline of your brand, products, as well as your mission. Notably, it is imperative that you embed relevant keywords in your description. This will help people find your channel when they search on YouTube using the keywords that you used. 

YouTube Business Channel: How Entrepreneurs can Start a Successful YouTube Channel

Step #4: Plan out your content

Your channel is now ready to go. So, it is time for you to start thinking about the videos you will upload. It’s also time to plan out which videos you will buy YouTube views on to boost their views count.

Moreover, videos are an integral part of your content marketing tactic. It is an excellent way to give your customers informative, high-quality, and entertaining content that would keep them coming back to your channel for more.

Additionally, YouTube is the second largest search engine next to its mother company Google. For this reason, if you optimize your videos to appear on searches, this video-sharing platform can be an excellent place where you can connect with new customers who are looking for the products or services that you offer.

Moreover, it is important that your content is relevant to your niche. If you sell products that you think are a little complex to use, you can create a video explaining to your viewers the proper way of using that product. Or, if you offer services, you can explain the benefits that people can get from paying for your services in your video. 

Step #5: Create a channel trailer for new page visitors

When creating your channel trailer, you need to come up with a compelling and attention-grabbing one. This is because apart from your channel ar and icon, the channel trailer is most likely the next thing that your channel’s visitors will see when they check you out.

YouTube Business Channel: How Entrepreneurs can Start a Successful YouTube Channel

Moreover, your channel trailer is like a movie trailer. It is made to provide people with an idea of what you can offer. So, make sure that your channel trailer will make them stay or come back for more. 

When done the proper way, your channel trailer will help you convert your YouTube business channel visitors into subscribers. 

Date: September 21, 2021 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Joy P


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