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For a long time now, Youtube has stayed as the world’s leading video platform. Even when against heavy contenders like Twitch and TikTok, it still manages to stay on top. Perhaps, its size and versatility contribute to its charm. 

Youtube is the world’s second-largest website, losing first place to Google. It has so much content that it can be used as an alternative to the search engine. Whatever comes to your mind, whether you need information or answers to questions, you can find it on the platform. 

But, of course, that would not be possible without creators. Youtube is a platform that allows users to upload their videos on the site. They could be films, documentaries, tutorials, or vlogs. The main goal of content creators is to get noticed by the public. They want people to see and appreciate their works. If they managed to do well, their videos could even get monetized. That will provide them with additional financial support. 

Mitigating Support for Purchasing More YouTube Views from Unlisted Links

However, not all users want to get famous. Not everyone wants to buy YouTube views to start their celebrity career. Few people realize this, but Youtube can be used as a “storage” for video content. Think of it as a cloud, but exclusive for videos. By uploading them to the platform, you can save storage from your devices. Furthermore, those who want to watch the video you saved or created would not need to borrow your device or ask for a copy. All they would need to do is search for them on Youtube. For instance, it will make footage of family reunions always available to all of your relatives. Pretty convenient, right?

Youtube Is Updating Unlisted Links

The thing is, when you upload a video on Youtube, everyone will be able to see it. Of course, not everyone would like that. Thankfully, Youtube knows about this. So, it introduced different privacy settings so you can set who can view your videos.

Private Videos

By default, the privacy setting set on videos you upload on Youtube is set to “Public.” That means that everyone with an internet connection, regardless of whether they do or don’t have an account, can see it. The videos will also appear from search results. 

If you do not want that, you can change the privacy to “Private.” With that, searches will no longer lead to the video. It will not even appear on your channel list.

But “private” in this sense does not necessarily mean the video is only available to you. Instead, you can select who is only allowed to see it. To be more specific, you can add up to 50 usernames on the whitelist. Obviously, the video will never be available to people who do not have an account.

You can send the link of the video to the people on your allowlist to share it. Should it be set to people not included, they will not be able to connect to it. 

Unlisted Videos

As great as it may sound, setting a video to “private” has complications. The most obvious one is the limit to only fifty accounts. Also, if those accounts are inactive, it could pose a problem. Like, if the people using them have moved on to new accounts, you would need to do some updating. Keeping tabs would be a tedious task, and let’s face it, something you would not do unless they ask. 

Thankfully, Youtube added a third privacy setting in 2010. It is called “Unlisted.” Unlisted videos are somewhere in between public and private videos. 

Like private videos, Unlisted ones do not appear on the browse section, search results, and channel lists. The difference is, as the name suggests, there is no need for an allowlist. Instead, anyone who can get their hands on the URL can view the videos. That also means even those who do not have a Youtube account can view the videos. That is a big plus. 

Another advantage of using the Unlisted setting is that you can embed these videos on your blogs and websites.

Updates To Unlisted Links

In 2017, Youtube rolled out a security update that generated new links for Unlisted videos. It aims to make these videos more difficult to find if they do not have a direct link. The update sought to clarify a loophole in YouTube’s system, which had seen some unlisted content appearing in search. Clearly, that is not as intended by the system. The 2017 update fixed that issue, ensuring that the videos remain exclusively privately shareable. 

Youtube Is Updating Unlisted Links

However, the security update was only applied to the videos that were posted after Youtube had it implemented. Now, Youtube plans to make changes to videos uploaded before that update takes place.

The changes will be rolled out on July 23. When that day arrives, all Unlisted videos uploaded before January 1, 2017, will be made Private. That means the links you sent will no longer work unless you grant their accounts access through the whitelist. Note that the comments posted when it was Unlisted will also be hidden when the video is set to Private.

Youtube announced this early to let users who have videos that will be impacted by this change take necessary actions. If they have one, Youtube will let them know. 

The actions users can take are as follows:

Do Nothing

Since the videos will be set to private, you would need to create an allowlist. If this does not bother you so much, you would not need to do anything.

Make Them Public

If you want to save yourself from creating a list, you can set the videos to Public. Though, keep in mind that it means they will be visible to anyone. 


Youtube is letting users opt out of this update. This action is recommended for those who have their videos embedded on third-party websites. That will ensure that the links will continue to work as they do today. However, that means the videos will not enjoy the benefits of the security update.

Youtube Is Updating Unlisted Links

 Reupload As A New Unlisted Video

If you want the video to remain Unlisted, you can download them and reupload them as Unlisted in the new system. Note that the likes, views, and comments from the previous one would not be transferred if you do this. Also, you will have to resend or update the links on websites to point them to the new one.

This update seems bothersome. But Youtube is doing it for the sake of its users. So, let us be understanding and show our support.

Date: September 15, 2021 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Joy P


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