Top 5 Best YouTube Competitors and Alternatives of 2021

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Social media has undeniably become a part of people’s daily lives. Almost everyone spends at least an hour scrolling through their news feeds. And who can blame them? You can now find nearly everything on social media. 

If you want to be updated on the latest news, you can open your social media account and find about the latest happenings there. Need to do some research? There’s plenty of educational content posted on these platforms. Is there an item you need to buy? No need to commute to the nearest mall or search for the nearest store. With the rise of social commerce, you can shop in the comforts of your home. Do you want to connect with friends? Social media is the best tool for that. You can chat with them or interact with them through posts where you can comment on. Social media also grants people access to other people they have yet to meet in person. Thus, they are great for expanding your social circle.

5 Social Media Platforms You Need To Try

That said, it is clear why many people are addicted to social platforms.

When you check app stores, you will see there’s a large pool of social media platforms available. Every social networking platform is unique. Yes, some are clones of existing ones, but they still offer features that can’t be found elsewhere.

Some of these platforms are now picking up steam. If you are getting bored of the ones you are using, you might want to check these new ones. They offer unique and creative ways to connect with others which for sure, you will love. 

This article lists five social media platforms you should watch in 2021 and 2022. They are the new places you would want to be in. 

1. Clubhouse

Stephanie Morgan – social media expert and founder of Social Lock- says the hottest trend now is audio-based social networking. That explains the popularity of Clubhouse now.

In Clubhouse, users can create or join audio chat rooms and have discussions about different topics. The way these discussions are done is podcast-style but better. A speaker, usually the creator of the chatroom, is in charge of the conversation. The listeners can occasionally chime in, allowing them to have input on the discussion. If you love participating in healthy discussions, this may be the perfect app for you.

Clubhouse rivals Snapchat in producing FOMO-inducing content. One can only listen to live conversations as Clubhouse does not save any playback. If you want to be up to speed with everything you are interested in, it would be best to install this app now. 

2. Vero

Many people say Instagram “was” great. Instagram now is different from the one people knew. There’s even an announcement that it will focus less on photo-sharing as it shifts towards becoming a short-form video content platform. It has been losing its identity. 

If you miss the old Instagram, you can try Vero. This is an ad-free photo-sharing platform. Users of Vero can upload photos and choose who can see them. Furthermore, they can sort their connections to acquaintances, friends, or close friends. It is perhaps the best social platform for privacy-conscious people. Infinitely better than Instagram – owned by Facebook, which faces lots of controversies. 

5 Social Media Platforms You Need To Try

Aside from that, in Vero, posts are displayed in chronological order – a thing people love about Twitter. It does not use an algorithm that ranks posts.

Now, since Vero does not rely on ads, it needs other ways to get revenues. Thus, the subscription model. You have to pay to use it. But at least you know there’s no threat to your privacy.

3. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a social app whose growth was accelerated by the pandemic. The concept is simple. It is a social media app, except it is hyperlocal. In Nextdoor, one can only see updates from their neighbors.

Nextdoor offers a fantastic way for people who live next to each other to stay connected amid the pandemic. It also has lots of handy features. People can use Nextdoor to publish events, find nearby restaurants, report lost pets, or even alert neighbors of imminent threats.

Facebook has introduced its Neighborhood feature because it saw the success of Nextdoor. That’s just proof that it is an app that you should try using.

4. Bunch

How do you spend quality time with family or friends? A lot of people do it by playing games together. But that is quite difficult to do now because of the ongoing pandemic. However, thanks to social media platforms, it is possible.

Unfortunately, the leading app for that – Houseparty – has been shut down by its owner, Epic Games, to build its metaverse. Thankfully, there are alternatives. Bunch is among the best ones.

Like Houseparty, people can do group video chats on Bunch. It can also be used while playing Minecraft, Roblox, PUBG, and Brawl Stars. That is an advantage it has over Houseparty, which supports only Fortnite. Aside from support for those games, Bunch has in-app games like Trivia, a multiplayer version of Flappy Bird, and Mars dash – essentially Mario Kart but on Mars. 

If you are among what the Bunch cofounder Selcuk Atli described as a “social gamer,” this is an app for you.

5 Social Media Platforms You Need To Try

5. Parler

Parler is Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit put together in a blender. A user must choose the topics and people they wish to follow on the Discover tab. Their feeds will be filled with posts – “Parleys,” as they are natively called – from those people or posts related to those topics. Users can create Parleys, upvote (like), or echo (share, retweet) other posts.

Parler is free-speech driven. That was a two-edged sword. It was why the platform gained momentum when right-wing activists were banned from other social networks. But because they were the platform’s primary users, Parler has been kicked out from app stores.

But that is in the past. The platform is now staging a comeback. Since it already has a vast user base, it is something you should keep an eye on. While waiting for its official re-release, you can try the other apps on this list.

Elon Musk Goes Live on Clubhouse

Elon Musk, the man who founded Tesla, SpaceX, and plenty of other companies, is already a pro when it comes to using Twitter to gain fans. He also uses the platform as a tool to promote himself and his interest to the broadest audience possible. 

Recently, Musk made a debut on a newer platform — Clubhouse.

Elon Musk Goes Live on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the hottest startup in Silicon Valley right now. It lets people join rooms where they can listen to conversations between hosts and guests. 

The Tesla founder fielded a series of mostly football questions. He utilized the session to talk to his followers about space travel, crypto, colonies on Mars, COVID-19 vaccines, and artificial intelligence. 

In addition, Musk was able to clarify a few myths about his alternative positions on several subjects. There are times when these myths sound far more complex than his mem-propelled and trolling Twitter feed. For instance, contrary to previous expositions about the viability of living on Mars, the Tesla founder did not paint a picture-perfect vision in his conversation. Instead, he noted that the exploration of Mars is a worthwhile effort that would keep humankind alive. Despite that, life on another planet will be difficult. 

In the last quarter of the interview, Tesla introduced Vlad Tenev, the CEO of Robinhood. Tesla suddenly became the interviewer and had the Robinhood CEO tell what happened with the Wall Street Bets in the past week. 

Moreover, some people see the Clubhouse room as a massive PR stunt by Andreessen Horowitz, a VC firm. The said firm is a prominent investor in Clubhouse and Robinhood. In addition, it backs startups that are working with the companies owned by Musk. 

During the interview, the Clubhouse room had more than 5,000 people. This broke Clubhouse’s previously maintained limits. In addition, the discussion had hundreds of journalists watching as well as live streams on YouTube. Clubhouse provided a glimpse of the new media efforts of A16Z and how these efforts might work. Notably, these media efforts are looking to disintermediate journalists in the public discourse focused on technology.

A16Z Seeks to Fill the Gap That It Saw in the Mainstream Tech Coverage Market

According to Ben Thompson, the mainstream tech coverage in recent years has been dominated by rational skeptics. A16Z spotted a gap in the said market, prompting it to fill it with rational optimism. It will serve that audience by creating its own media empire through blog posts and podcasts. These media materials are already performing very well under Sonal Chokshi’s leadership. Yet, it can also serve the said audience by funding and promoting services, such as Clubhouse. This will enable optimists to create their miniature properties. In addition, they can “go direct” to an audience eager to listen to a friendly version with the heroes of capitalism. 

Elon Musk Goes Live on Clubhouse

This Was Our Top 5 Best YouTube Competitors and Alternatives of 2021

The term “backdoor pilot” is prominent in the television industry. Such is a kind of proof of concept of an entire series. It is an episode of an existing show where a character is introduced and eventually performs their performance. There are several ways that one can think about Clubhouse. However, we can say that it is notable. It will also be consequential that one of the very first successful uses of Clubhouse was to build a backdoor pilot for the end run of a venture capital firm around the mainstream media.

However, such is still not the most exciting way of thinking about Clubhouse.

Back in 2016, a startup named Anchor released a product that its founders hoped would be able to “democratize radio.” Anchor offered some dead-simple creation tools that people can use for recording audio and a room to host the audio they recorded. It even provided many social features that allow users to find and follow other creators.

Can You Buy Views on These Platforms Like You Can On YouTube?

The people behind Anchor faced a hard time finding product-market fit. At one point, they even thought that maybe the recordings should feel more like the ones heard in Snapchat stories. Still, between Anchor, Clubhouse, and YouTube – only YouTube champions the ability for you to buy YouTube views at scale.

Still, a few hit podcasts emerged from the said platform. In the end, Spotify bought Anchor for $150 million.

Fast-forward to 2021, Musk’s appearance on Clubhouse highlighted that the platform has uncertainty that makes it compelling. The most exciting part of his show was not the first half-hour onwards. Instead, it was when Vlad Tenv appeared on the stage.

During the talk, Musk asked Teneve, “Everyone wants to know, did something shady go down there?” As a response, Tenev explained how regulators required his company to increase its deposit to cover the risks that are connected with market volatility. Essentially speaking, Robinhood enabled a mob who could not afford its trades.

Moreover, such was not precisely Musk’s investigative journalism. Robinhood also posted a variation of this explanation on a blog. As mentioned, A16Z is a significant investor in both Robinhood and Clubhouse. This gives the entire thing the feel of a stunt. As Eric Newcomer said in a tweet, “So undisclosed future a16z partner hosts event with a16z partner where a16z portfolio company does crisis PR, but it’s billed as this big organic thing with Elon Musk?”

Elon Musk Goes Live on Clubhouse


Such is a fair point. However, it also skips over the absolute novelty where one of the richest men in the world is lightly interrogating the CEO of the week’s most controversial company during a live and free broadcast. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch, streaming video tools have been available for years already. However, we have not seen them used quite like how they are on Clubhouse. 

Furthermore, it is interesting to see how this new live broadcast tool will develop in the coming years. 

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