Guide To Producing Video Content For Marketing On YouTube

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Brands must connect with their consumers. This lets them inform them of their new products or provide customer service. Connecting with the public also allows brands to gain the knowledge they can use to develop new products. There’s a lot of benefits. Thus, brands that try to connect to their consumers have a higher chance of succeeding than those that don’t. 

Guide To Producing Video Content For Marketing On YouTube

So, how can you effectively reach out to your consumers? There are many ways. But the most “in” right now is to market through social media platforms. These platforms have millions if not billions of users. On them, the increase in your visibility is sealed. That is as long as you chose the right platform and did effective tactics. This might be tricky, especially if you are just starting at social marketing. Thankfully, you can always find help on the internet. 

Let this guide walk you through one of the most effective social media marketing tactics. 

Video Content Is The Best For Marketing

A 2017 State of Inbound Marketing Report cited video content as the top disruptor in the marketing world. In 2021, a similar report says that video content is still the ultimate content marketing strategy used by brands. That proves how reliable this type of content is.

For statistical evidence, 54% of marketers worldwide say that video content is the type of content with the best R.O.I. 

With that said, if you have not been producing video content, the chances are high that you are far behind your competitors. It would be best to start doing this now.

You must know that social media is ranked as the top marketing channel if you plan to do so. And among these platforms, there is one focused on video content that stands out. It is the second-largest search engine in the world – YouTube.

YouTube is acknowledged by many as the king of video content. Research points out that T.V. is still more popular than the social media giant. But, YouTube goes head to head with T.V. Besides, another analysis found that television viewing declined. This is why so much entertainment relies on buying YouTube views to not fall behind.

Furthermore, YouTube is more accessible. Small businesses can only dream of having the commercials they made airing on T.V. But, they can always make a YouTube video. The best thing is, the benefits are the same. 

After hearing all of these, for sure, you are excited to start your YouTube marketing journey. So without further ado, here are the things you need to do to market on YouTube effectively.

Guide To Producing Video Content For Marketing On YouTube

Do Your Research

Would you pilot a plane without knowing how to fly it? Of course, you don’t. The same goes for producing video content for YouTube. Going in blindly is ill-advised.

When developing your YouTube marketing strategy, it would be best to look at your competitors’ actions. Observe what kind of video content they are producing. Also, discern which of them are succeeding and which aren’t. Try to identify why they are giving positive or not-so-positive results. Then, build your own video content based on your research. This will allow you to quickly catch up to those on YouTube longer than you are.

Be Creative And Keep Content Useful

Video content will let you showcase your new products to your audience. But, that is not the only thing you can do.

You must remember why people love consuming video content. Why do they prefer it over ebooks, written ads, or even blogs? It is because of the entertainment value of video content. Moreover, its conversational format adds to its charms. 

Guide To Producing Video Content For Marketing On YouTube

It would be best to keep your content exciting and engaging. Make sure the video would not bore the users to death. One thing you can do is have an enthusiastic speaker for your video tutorials, as drones will push viewers away. Also, you must keep on publishing something new. Besides product showcases, you can put out video tutorials, live video Q&A, or interviews with someone who used your products. You can choose from a variety of topics and formats. Just ensure that your audience will get something valuable from the videos.

Get the creative juices flowing, and you will be bound to succeed.

Tap Into YouTubers and Influencer Networks

For T.V. commercials, mega-corporations hire T.V. and movie celebrities for endorsing. You can do the same on YouTube, but with less cost. 

YouTube has its list of celebrities – the YouTubers. Many of them have millions or even billions of viewers. Partnering with them is a surefire way to increase your visibility and reach. 

Perhaps the most known YouTubers are those whose content is about makeup, fashion, or video games. But they are not the only people on the platform. There are also interior designers, mechanics, and even doctors on YouTube. Also, there are “booktubers” and people whose content is about good parenting. There will be a star on YouTube that can help you gain followers in whatever field you are in. Take some time to find them and reach out. 

Add C.T.A.s And Links To Your Website

Do not ever forget why you came to YouTube. It is to increase your visibility and attract new consumers. Now, not everything about your brand can be said in one or two videos. So, it would be wise to add a link that will transport your viewers to your website. That will help them understand your brand better. Also, it will increase traffic to your website, which in turn would improve its ranking. 

It would also be best not to forgo the call-to-actions. At the end of your videos, you can ask viewers to like and subscribe to your channel if they haven’t subscribed yet. You can also ask them to share your channel with their friends. That will help a lot. 

Consistency Is The Key

Do not expect to see positive results if you are doing this halfheartedly. It would help if you were committed. Yes, a YouTube channel is more difficult to maintain than a blog page. Producing a video consumes a lot of both time and money. But, the payoff is worth it. It would be best to be all in and remain consistent. 

Being consistent does not end on regularly uploading. You must also ensure that all your videos are of high quality. They should be well-written, well-produced, and well-thought-out. As long as they stay like that, you can expect good results. 

Real-World Example: YouTube Views on New Year’s Eve Celebration

YouTube Originals celebrated 2021 with an uplifting and monumental global celebration. To do this, it chased midnight worldwide with a virtual New Year’s Eve event called” Hello 2021.” The event brought together the most influential people, YouTube creators, and music artists of 2020. 

Moreover, YouTube Original’s Hello 2021 is a five-part special premiered on Thursday, New Year’s Eve in the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Korea, and India. Of course, the premier was only accessible through YouTube. 

Five Things That People Looked Forward to in the New Year’s Eve Celebration

The event kept the viewers across the globe enjoying live musical performances, inspiring speeches, dance parties, comedic moments, and more. These performances lasted until the countdown to midnight. In addition, the video-sharing giant Youtube provided viewers around the globe with localized and unique celebrations. This allowed viewers from home to join the New Year’s party without leaving their homes.

More of YouTube’s Hello 2021

Hello 2021: Japan

With more than 20 million subscribers, many top Japanese content creators competed against one another in a quiz show with the theme 2020 trends. QuizKnock produced this never-before-seen special edition quiz. It tested the knowledge of the competitors about 2020 YouTube trivia and quizzes. 

Some of the artists on Hello 2021 Japan were Puritto Channel, Tokai On Air, Emirin, Skypeace, Paparapys, Vamyun, Hanaodengan, Dekakin, and M.S.S. Project. The hosts were Mochizuki Rie and Orutana Channel on YouTube Japan Spotlight Channel. 

Hello 2021: Korea

South Korea’s top and rising artists and content creators have joined an intercommunity roadshow. They share traditional rice cakes called tteok as a way of recognition and appreciation to artists and creators. The reason is that these creators helped audiences in Korea to stay healthy and happy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

At exactly;y 11 PM KST during New Year’s Eve, YouTube YouTube content creators and artists in South Korea gathered together for a fantastic show. They joined the hosts Jesung Hwang and Sechan Yang in an intimate celebration. Some artists included top and rising content creators and artists, such as Tester Hoon, GGIGGIL Market, Balming Tiger, and many more. 

Hello 2021: India

Tiger Shroff, a Bollywood star, performed the finale dance sequence. He featured the biggest hits at the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj or C.S.T. railway station in Mumbai. In addition, Kings United, a critically-acclaimed hip-hop dance act, joined Shroff in his performance.

Hello 2021 India featured Thaikkudan Bridge Aastha Gill, Akasa, and many more. For this reason, people who were at home during the New Year’s countdown were able to join the virtual party. Comedian Zakir Khan hosted the event. It started at 11 PM IST on New Year’s eve. 

The lineup also included some of the biggest names in India, such as Badshah, Jonita Gandhi, and Benny Dayal.

After the disastrous year that everyone has faced, having something that could bring even a bit of joy is very much needed. 

Hello 2021: United Kingdom

The event would not be complete without the United Kingdom’s one of the most famous British tunes. Aitch & AJ Tracey, a popular British rap act, performed “Rain.”

Hello 2021 U.K. have also included Big Narstie, Behzinga, Katherine Ryan, Kurupt FM, Michaela Coel. WillNE, Yammy, Natashia Demetriou, Holly H, and many others. In addition, the event was jam-packed with the most significant artists of 2020. Anne-Marie, Dua Lipa, and MNEK w/ Joel Corry performed live to get the party started. 

Hello 2021: Americas

Superstar Demi Lovato lifted the energy of the viewers from the last hours of 2020 until midnight. She took the audience into 2021 with the help of her very own guided meditation.

Five Things That People Looked Forward to in the New Year’s Eve Celebration

In addition, Hello 2021: Americas also featured appearances by Naomi Campbell, Jimmy Fallon, Yungblud, Ne-Yo, and David Blaine. Finneas, Hunter Hayes, James Blunt, Zara Larsson, and many other musical figures also performed during the event.

When the viewers got hungry during the party, Chipotle treated fans to 21,000 free burritos that they claimed using a unique text to win code that appeared on the screen. Until January 1, 2021, Chipotle waived its delivery fee on all orders of $10 or more. However, the orders must be made via or the Chipotle app. 

Moreover, the Americas virtual event was hosted by Storm Reid and Juanpa Zurita. The event brought together the biggest stars, public figures, and musical performances from YG, Dua Lipa, J Balvin, Kane Brown, and Karol G. 

More About YouTube Originals

YouTube Originals can be described as a creative and engaging series and films, both scripted and unscripted. The topics range from music, personalities, and learning for fans all around the globe. In addition, they are award-winning and provide an experience that only YouTube can provide. 

By tapping into YouTube’s global community and innovative content, YouTube Originals is genuinely for everybody. 

In addition to that, fans can experience YouTube Original content via an ad-supported YouTube and YouTube Premium. Such is a subscription service that offers access to YouTube Originals movies and series. It also allows access to a streaming music platform and an ad-free, uninterrupted experience all over YouTube. 

Furthermore, YouTube Originals are accessible in nearly 80 countries across the world.

Five Things That People Looked Forward to in the New Year’s Eve Celebration

Final Takeaway

Hello 2021 strived to bring the commitment of YouTube to bring exceptional entertainment, information, and timely content to fans all over the world. It includes “David Blaine Ascension,” who once again refined magic just when the world as a whole needed a distraction. “This is Paris” is a documentary exploring that untold true story that formed the woman and iconic character that she created. 

Apart from that, other documentaries showcase YouTube’s commitment to catering to high-quality content.

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