YouTube Views for Music: A New Way to Expand Your Music Experience

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YouTube is a significantly colossal platform for video-sharing. But now, it is already offering a music streaming platform for everyone’s benefit. 

A playlist is where people discover new music, share their favorite songs with friends, and create personal libraries of their most liked songs.  Each song that people listen to captures a mood or moment in time. This allows you to have the perfect soundtrack for your everyday life. YouTube is aware of this importance. For this reason, the video-sharing giant is working hard to enhance the way that people engage with playlists on YouTube.

YouTube Music: A New Way to Expand Your Music Experience

There isn’t such a thing as a perfect playlist. So, YouTube is taking steps to improve people’s music experience within its platform. People who are new to YouTube Music will benefit from this unique music experience. In addition, music discovery veterans and seasoned playlist makers will be able to make the most of playlists on YouTube Music. 

YouTube’s New Product Features Features For Creating Playlists

Assistive playlists

There are times when you have a great playlist idea in mind. However, you do not know what songs you should add. But this will change, thanks to the new assistive playlist feature. 

The new feature will suggest relevant songs based on signals like the playlist’s name, the songs it already has, and the user listening history. You will find up to seven suggestions when you are editing a playlist. If you want to have additional tips, you can tap on the Refresh button to get more. This feature applies to playlists that already have tracks as well as those that are newly created. 

Collaborative playlists

Building a playlist with your friends is a great experience. YouTube knows this fact, so it added a collaborative feature to YouTube Music. 

This feature lets you build a playlist and share it with other YouTube Music users. Just like YouTube’s collaboration experience, all the collaborators of a particular playlist can quickly sort, share, add, and edit the list. 

Adding collaborators to your playlist is pretty straightforward. First, tap on the pencil icon to edit the playlist. Next, select Collaborate, and then the Collaborators can add songs and videos options. Lastly, invite collaborators to your playlist by sharing the link with them. 

YouTube Music’s Profile Page Playlists

This feature is also for people who are looking for inspiration from other fans of music. Now, people can easily browse the public music playlists of other listeners, along with their uploaded music videos. This lets you further browse music collections from people who have similar music tastes to yours. 

Looking for a sure’s profile page is easy. All you need to do is to click on the creator’s username on the playlist page. 

Personalized Playlists for People Who Do Not Like Making Their Own

YouTube Music has a Mixed for You section. There, you can access the fantastic playlists that YouTube created for everyone. 

Looking at your listening history, the tracks on these playlists are not only official audio tracks. There are also remixes and deep cuts of your favorite songs. 

Moreover, here are the included features in the Mixed for You section:

New Release Mix

The new release mix features the most unique and most recent releases from your favorite artists and other similar musicians. 

YouTube Music: A New Way to Expand Your Music Experience

Discover Mix

This feature shows new artists or songs that YouTube Music thinks you will love. The platform updates its content weekly, so you can expect to find your next favorite artist on the playlist. 

Your Mix

This one is updated continuously and is the fastest way to begin listening to your favorite music. In addition, the Your Mix section offers fun recommendations based on your listening habits.

Liked Songs

This allows you to see all the songs that you liked. 

Youtube Music’s Mood & Genre Playlists

You will find thousands of programmed playlists when you navigate to the Explore tab. All tracks in this section match almost every mood. From Focus to Chill, programmed playlists gather music from across the expansive catalog of YouTube to provide listeners with the right music for their current mood.

In addition, YouTube Music offers branded genre playlists. Such playlists feature some of the most favorite artists all over YouTube.

These are some of Youtube Music’s latest and most excellent genre playlists:

The Hit List

As the name suggests, The Hit List is the playlist for the biggest hits of today.


This playlist is home to the hottest and newest tracks of the week, which is refreshed every Friday.

On Everything

This houses the most recent and most popular Hip Hop tracks.

Al Millon

The playlist for the weekly top tracks in Latin music.  

Country Hotlist

If you are a fan of Country hits, then this particular playlist is perfect for you. The Country Hotlist playlist is the home of the biggest country hits today. 

YouTube Music: A New Way to Expand Your Music Experience

There is a surge in the popularity of music streaming services. Apps like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and SoundCloud have become more popular than ever. For this reason, the competition among the said platforms has increased as well.

Final Takeaway

YouTube is well aware of this competition. In order to keep up, it took the game to a whole new level and created a music streaming platform that people could subscribe to. Furthermore, YouTube Music was born. 

For $9.99 per month, you will be able to enjoy all the great music and features that YouTube Music has to offer. 

Back then, YouTube was only a simple platform for videos. But people loved YouTube, causing it to become the largest video-sharing platform in the world. It has billions of active users every month and millions of hours of videos uploaded y users every day. Needless to say, there is no end to YouTube’s popularity.

But now that the video-sharing giant has taken another step to a whole new endeavor, it is for people to witness whether or not it will succeed.

YouTube is Celebrating Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” Hitting One Billion Views

“Bad Guy,” a chart-topping Billie Eilish hit, just achieved buying one billion views on YouTube. This is her first music video that received such a monumental milestone. The song was released in 2019. For this reason, thousands of Billie Eilish fans from across the world have already uploaded their versions of the music on YouTube. 

The fan covers of the song span almost every language, genre, and country. People who covered Bad Guy range from amateur to professional and from ridiculous to sublime. But one thing is for sure. These song covers reveal the breadth and diversity of the creator community on YouTube. In addition, it shines a light on the passionate fans of Billie Eilish.

YouTube is Celebrating Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” Hitting One Billion Views, Bringing Together Thousands of Fan Covers for An Infinite Music Video

So, to celebrate the billion views milestone of Bad Guy, as well as its title as one of the most covered songs on YouTube, the video-sharing giant and Google Creative Lab built “Infinite Bad Guy,” an infinite music video.

The aforementioned project is a unique AI experiment that uses machine learning in bringing thousands of covers together. This AI technology aligns covers seamlessly in endless combinations. As a result, the final output is a different music video every time a viewer watches it. 

Bringing Billie Eilish’s Global Fan Base Together

Infinite Bad Guy brings music fans and content creators from all over the world together. This move celebrates the impact and global reach of music on the video-sharing platform. From Japanese rubber chickens to French autoharpists, each of the 15,000 song covers of Bad Guy could not be more different. With an estimated 10.5 million seconds and still counting fan love for Billie Eilish, every play of the Infinite Bad Guy makes a never-before-seen combination of song covers performed by her talented fans from around the globe. Notably, the variety of videos can never be seen again after a viewer has already watched it. 

Mathematically speaking, those combinations of videos means 1.46 x 10^100 years of videos. So basically, no one would see the exact sequence twice, from now until the end of the universe.

To create this endless music video experience, Google Creative Lab had to align the audio from the thousands of song covers with different instruments, styles, and keys perfectly. Conventional algorithms could not do this job alone. For this reason, Google Creative Lab chose to utilize machine learning. For videos that differ from the original song, such as Cappella and acoustic versions, the creators built a neural network to predict matches between covers and the original track. Using this data, Google Creative Lab was able to line up all kinds of different song covers and switch seamlessly between each of them. 

Additionally, the creators used the Google Knowledge Graph to navigate through all of these covers and find patterns. It helped them identify the various musical styles, props, instruments, and other things that make up the critical moments of each video. This lets fans explore covers that look or sound alike or sample a little bit of everything. 

With all of these elements, they were able to bring Infinite Bad Guy to life.

Where to Find and How to Play Infinite Bad Guy

Fans will have the chance to play Infinite Bad Guy by going to It begins with Billie Eilish’s original music video. After a couple of seconds, you can use listeners can now start exploring covers. There is also a place where scrolling hashtags show up. You can use these scrolling hashtags to discover various instruments, genres, and more. Alternatively, you can hit the autoplay button, sit and relax, and immerse yourself through a journey through randomly selected and inspiring covers. 

YouTube is Celebrating Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” Hitting One Billion Views, Bringing Together Thousands of Fan Covers for An Infinite Music Video

In addition, you can hit pause, and you will see all the videos you have watched and get data about your unique viewing experience. You can also click through any creator’s YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button to support them. Now, without skipping any beat, the song will begin all over again with another never-before-seen mix of videos. 

Needless to say, the idea and the way that Infinite Bad Guy was brought to life is something out of this world. It shows how brilliant the minds of the people behind Google Creative Lab are. In addition, it also shows that YouTube values the talent of the content creators thriving on the platform. With that being said, Infinite Bad Guy is indeed a celebration not only of Billie Eilish and Bad Guy’s one billion view milestone. Instead, it is also an appreciation to her fans who use YouTube to show Billie their support. 

Celebrating Billie Eilish and Music Fans Across the World

This year alone, Billie Eilish was able to earn more than four billion global views on her official YouTube channel. Notably, her channel already has more than 35 million subscribers. This made her gain a spot among the top 15 most subscribed artists on the video-sharing platform. 

Moreover, Bad Guy is her first track to reach the one billion view milestone. In addition to that, the track also appeared on more than 50 of YouTube’s Top Songs Charts around the globe.

YouTube is Celebrating Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” Hitting One Billion Views, Bringing Together Thousands of Fan Covers for An Infinite Music Video

Furthermore, the video-sharing giant YouTube encourages people to celebrate Billie Eilish’s one billion view milestone. It also wants to extend its gratitude to the thousands of music fanatics who made Infinite Bad Guy possible. The infinite music video is one of a kind experiment that will allow viewers to see and hear what Billie Eilish and 15,000 content creators from all over the world can make together. YouTube has the power to make the impossible possible. Now, Billie Eilish fans can watch a single music video multiple times without seeing the same mix of videos in it twice.

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